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Project Name - Collaborative Marketing
Ganesh Regmi(Deerwalk Inc.)


We have lots of mobile/web application available in the market,and now social media like Facebook, Twitter has created lots of peoples attention. Those applications creates platform to connect with the people we know and sharing different ideas. But those site lacks the another power that a social media should have, that is Connecting with the people we need. So the basic idea of this application is to create a framework that can make people who need each other(staying in same area and different area) come together.


Main Application Concept


Collective Marketing

As we all know a very interesting theory of marketing “Economy of Scale”. If the production scale is more or               bought in larger quantity then the price decreases dramatically and even became more negotiable. So I   thought an application that can brought together people having same interest of buying and selling products            and present themselves as individual to the vendor/buyer.

Collaborative Work

This application would be groundbreaking in the field of collaborative work and managing it. People with     similar     interest could come together to work for the common task they want to do. This area also covers the   collective and collaborative business and even for the social causes.

Target Audience

Everyone in the city with different fields and interest.Early Feedback

As I have explain this concept to our executive director he was keen to go through the development process. Even my colleges are excited about the concept.


Currently I think there are no one to compete in my particular city. This seems to be very new concept for my city. But some social networking sites may employ the same concept but is very different to come in the picture.Application framework

  1. Seeker can creates or join with the events of their interest.

  2. Provider can also join to the events created by seeker and provide the best possible deal

  3. Seeker can negotiate with the dealer through comments, talks on the application..

 4. If there is conflicting between the seeker for the deal they are getting they can create another branch and start dealing




Seeker: Seeker is person that creates events to invite people to join in it. That could be vendor/organization who announce an offer for the quantity of deal or some individual who wants a collection of people having the same interest.

Provider: Provider is the organization that can offer the collection of people with their required deal. Or it may be the sponsor

Top User Stories


Sachin kushwaha

my colleges in my company want to settle down. He needs furnitures for his room but he founds that the market price is very high as compare to his affording amount so he will create an event through the application and want other person to join the group so that he could get the best deal from the vendor.Hikmat Singh Dhami

my college fiend want to organize a social welfare event. So he would like to invite other person in the city to join and even the sponsors. .Business Model

1. Application subscription charges for providers

2. Interest wise banner advertisement (like in facebook)

3. special categorical advertisement


Core Technologies

PhoneGap for mobile application development. Groovy n Grails for web service Devel


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