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Father’s involvement in Early Childhood Development

Father’s involvement in Early Childhood Development


Children whose fathers have been involved in their upbringing from the beginning perform better academically, and show better social and emotional development. The parents of Nepal have tremendous knowledge about child rearing, but early stimulation of children is not practiced throughout all families. Traditionally caring for children is seen as the mother’s task in rural areas and parents in the urban context often face the challenge of having to earn a living with strict working hours and high levels of demand, so that spending time with their small children to play and cuddle can be forgotten. Generally fathers tend to understand playing with the young ones as the mother’s role only.


A supporting tool for fathers would be useful, which either gives them the chance to spend time with their children through a common play or raises their awareness on their role in bringing up their children to become happy and successful adults. This tool should provide opportunities to discuss existing practices and finding possible alternatives and address some insecurities that men might face in taking care (bathing, dressing, bringing to bed etc.) and playing with their small children.

The tool should creatively suggest ways how to increase father’s involvement from the start so that both parents can share the care work and show love and affection to the child in a same manner.

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