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Child Health

7. Child Health


Immunization is considered as one of the most cost-effective health intervention. Immunization has not only reduced the burden of vaccine preventable diseases, but has contributed to achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG4) on child mortality reduction. Currently, the Government of Nepal provides vaccination against TB (BCG), diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus-hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza (DPT-HepB-HiB), poliomyelitis (OPV) and measles throughout the country and JE (Japanese encephalitis) vaccine in high risk districts through routine immunization. The routine immunization services are provided through health facilities (fixed clinics), private clinics, NGO or INGO clinics, urban clinics, outreach session and mobile teams in geographically inaccessible areas. All vaccines under NIP are provided free of cost.

Despite the strong routine immunization program in Nepal, sthe drop-out rate has remained as a challenge to immunize every children at proper time. Due to multiple doses of vaccinations, mothers or care givers sometimes easily forget to visit health facility to vaccinate their children at the right time. There is also lack of record tracking system to remind and manage the routine immunization schedule for children.


Due to the increasing coverage of mobile phone across all age groups in Nepal, there is a huge opportunity to use mobile technology to track vaccination schedule and provide detailed information of various vaccines for mothers or care givers.

We expect to have a mobile or computer-based application showing a tailored schedule of vaccination and effect of vaccines for the children with a reminder alarm. If mothers, primary care givers, or health workers provide date of birth information of a child, the application may automatically pull up show vaccination schedule with record-keeping function. Also, detailed description of the effects and importance of the vaccine may be provided, so that all children are not dropped out from routine immunization schedule and also mothers and care givers can make an informed decision on vaccination.

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