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Climate & Disaster Awareness

5. Climate & Disaster Awareness


Children and youth constitute a significant proportion of the population in Nepal. For instance, children make up 43% and 55% of the 27 million people are under 25 years old (UNICEF 2011). The impacts of climate change which are largely intergenerational, will affect children more than adults. However, there is lack of meaningful participation in climate and disaster risk management since communities perceive children largely as passive recipients of services. Consequently, children are rarely involved in disaster preparedness, response and measures to mitigate climate and disaster risks. Where children have been engaged, the focus has been largely on upper primary students with a significant gap on interventions targeting lower primary students and those learning in early childhood development centres. Consequently, knowledge and awareness on disaster preparedness is very low amongst young children. For instance, less than 18% of children have the correct knowledge and understanding of climate change and its impacts (Plan 2012).


In order to create knowledge and risk awareness amongst students necessary to build a culture of safety and resilience, there is need to develop age specific and appropriate learning tools and materials. Such tools and materials should be child friendly, easy to use and able to convey appropriate messages on risk awareness and disaster preparedness. Some examples of Applications or games can include the following:

a)      Applications for earthquake risk assessment at family and school level

               The App should help the children to assess their family or school readiness or preparedness to disaster risk  such as earthquake, floods and landslide.

Target Audience: Adolescents and youth with access to mobile phones

b)      Games for young children to teach them how to prevent hazards such as fire, floods, earthquake and landslides

Target Audience: Early childhood development and primary school children

The games can be designed for each hard or a combination of two.

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