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Water Testing

2. Water Testing  


While 85% of households in Nepal have access to safe drinking water (Nepal MDG – Progress Report), there is little control of the quality of water delivered. A survey conducted by the Environment and Public Health Organization in 2010 of water quality found that 65.5% of urban and 93.7% of rural sources of piped drinking water, usually considered the safest source of water, were contaminated by faecal coliform bacteria (Environmental and Public Health Organization).

The need to better control water quality in Nepal is constrained by two principal factors. Firstly, there is lack of trained professionals that have the equipment and are able to conduct basic water quality tests (turbidity, ph. levels, temperature and faecal coliform bacteria presence), and secondly there is the absence of a central database to store and collect these water quality tests. Finally, there is no way to translate water quality information into actionable data to pro-actively respond to water quality crises and potential outbreaks. The biggest issue in data collection is a regular monitoring and timely information dissemination.


New application could be used to collect data of water quality in real time monitoring and identify potential poor water quality outbreaks.

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