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Project Name - : Clean Kathmandu

Yogesh Ojha (Kathmandu BernHardt College)


We live in the world surrounded by technology. Technology touches every part of our life. So can the technology be used in solving the urban problems? Can we Code for better Kathmandu? Yes, really we can. Before I move on my topic let me tell about the main problem of Kathmandu. So what I think about the main problem of Kathmandu is Environmental Pollution. Wherever your turn round the Kathmandu valley, you see the dumps and ditches everywhere. Everywhere people are seen closing their noses and moving on. And the main thing is almost every citizen in Kathmandu Valley have access to daily life technologies. That’s why we can use the technology that we use in our daily life in solving the environmental pollution such as smartphone technologies, web based applications, etc.

Description of the Project

This project is based on the android, iOS and web based technology. This application basically works like this:

·         You are walking around Kathmandu Valley. You see the pollution. You want it to be cleaned and want that thing to be reached up to concerned authority like Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. You need to do nothing but just grab your smartphone and take the snapshot of it using the app and click submit button. Your GPS co-ordinates and location are determined automatically.

·         After you submit, your query will be sent to the governing bodies. The server then processes the image and is sent to web application automatically where the images are mapped according to their GPS co-ordinates and location.

·         The web application then automatically counts the approximate amount of pollution in every area of Kathmandu Valley.

·         After all when the values are reached up to maximum level then it notifies the governmental bodies concerned with the environment and pollution, Youth Clubs, NGO’s, INGO’s and users registered around the location by SMS or email or both stating that “There has been a huge amount of pollution in your locality and needs to take urgent action.” So that they can form a group in organizing the cleanliness program. Every user from the locality receives the invitation SMS where they attend and clean their community.

·         Finally when the attendees are recorded by the ADMIN, the attendees will be rewarded with the points. For example when a user attends the program S/He will be awarded 10 points, organizing the program will be given 50 points, doing afforestation program provides 100 points, etc. After all government can provide reward to the users such as money or may be something else due to which every one will be excited in cleaning environment.

·         Finally cheers!!! “CLEAN AND GREEN KATHMANDU!!!”

Target Audience

The main targeted audiences of this app are especially people of Kathmandu who are willing to make Clean and Green Kathmandu. Every single citizen can participate in such program, it is because still most of the people don’t have access to Internet and smartphones. So in that case they can be invited via SMS which is accessible to almost all of the citizens.


The project is aimed to have much more social responsibility. So rather than competing it covers every citizens and social organization in cleanliness program. It will also help government to track the pollution and determine where to take immediate action.
But in my view, there will be tough competition between its users if government could give rewards according to the points accumulated. Due to which most of the citizens will take part in such programs and would be easy for them to conduct the cleanliness program.


1.       Samiksha: Samiksha is a member of Balkhu Youth club and wants to clean her community. She notifies every citizen either by inviting them door to door or with the help of pamphlets. But the participation is not as expected because :

a.       Either people are not at home when she goes to invite them door to door.

b.      They are not attracted towards such program because there is no any provision of rewards.

Afterall when she knows about “Clean Kathmandu” , then she use it and notifies it to the concerned authority and gets her Balkhu area cleaned.

2.       Prabin: Prabin lives in Sitapaila. There is a huge amount of pollution in front of his house. He would have cleaned himself but it is in huge amount. So he want every people in that community to be participated but no one concerns about his problem. But when he uses the “Clean Kathmandu” then government takes immediate action and gets rewarded.


3.       Sharada: Sharada is a local women. She participates in each and every cleanliness program of her community. She have accumulated a huge point through it. At the end of the months she got rewarded by the Government of Nepal. Being inspired form Sharada, now Roshni, Neema, Sarita, etc. local women take part in every cleanliness programs.

Top User stories

1.       KumariClub Youth Club:

We wanted to clean our community but no one used to participated on such programs. We also used to do door to door campaigns too. But still the people’s participaton was very much low. They thought that participating in such programs is a waste of time. That’s why we started using “Clean Kathmandu”. Whenever we wanted to clean our community we just tracked the amount of pollution in our community and created the event. Afterall every citizen were invited via SMS and email. And Wahhhh!! The participation was exactly doubled. We were amazed to see such participation. Also NGO and INGO also helped us in conducting our program. They sent volunteers and also helped in managing fund. At the end of program we rewarded point to the participants. At the end of month the person with highest point was awarded by Government of Nepal and several other NGO’s and INGO’s. being inspired from the top user, now every people participates in such program. Now we don’t need to do door to door campaigns andspend our money in printing pamphlets and advertisements.

Thanks to developer of “Clean Kathmandu”.

2.       Sharada:

I am a local women  and I always wanted my community be cleaned. But no one used to concentrate in such things. When I knew about “Clean Kathmandu”, I notified to concerned authorities. Estimating the severity of pollution in our community, many INGO’s and NGO’s and several social organizations helped us in cleaning. The peoples participation was unimaginable. And at the end of month I was awarded and being inspired from me most of the people now take part in such program.

Core technologies

Following are the core technologies/ platforms to be used:

a.       Android, iOS and Windows Phones for Submitting the pollution

b.      PHP or may be Python for web app, that will estimate the severity of pollution

c.       SMS API for invitation.


Here I have developed the sample app. And its screenshots are included:

    1. Details of the pollution in the map

    2. Sample Android App


    3. SMS Invitation (Nexmo api)


    4. Events in Web App

5. Details of Events





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