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Project Name - Care Health

Aakesh Kunwar(Kathmandu Bernhardt College)


The concept is to gather the information about the hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in Kathmandu valley like where is this hospital or clinic or pharmacy located, its contact number, its ambulance service number, Schedule of the doctors, health events of the organizations, free medical plans of the hospitals, its charges (bed charge, OPD charge etc.), list of the specialists, online consulting with doctors with extra money, taking online appointment with the doctor. It will also include top news stories, press release and articles related to health.


Using this app one can not only gets all the information related to hospitals , clinics, pharmacies and doctors but also some of the events going to be happen like free eye checkup, blood donation programs etc. The online appointment with the doctors will save the time.  Some of the important health tips from the doctors will help us to live our life more healthily. The map of the hospitals and clinics will make users easy to find that hospital or clinics.  


Target Audiences

This application will target all the people of the city who uses smart phones. Everyone needs to know the information about Hospitals, pharmacies, available Doctors, frequent plans related to health like free medical checkup, blood donation programs etc .

Early Feedback

          When I explain my concept to few of my teachers, seniors and friends I got very positive responses and also came to know that they are expecting me to add some features like map of the hospitals and pharmacies which I have decided to add in my application after their advices. Their advice to keep the telephone number of each and every doctors might not be possible but if I got appropriate information related to that I will definitely work on that too.



          This project is aimed to make people informative about the Hospitals , private clinic and pharmacies (with map) along with the treatment facilities and cost of hospitals and private clinics. Not only this but also it will aware the people about diseases as well as the health events that is going to be held. I don’t know whether there is such type of application available or not but I can surely say that there is no online appointment and online consulting with the Doctors which is the powerful factor of my application. Moreover I will be adding new features according to the feedback.

            The other facto of this app is that it will include different news , articles related to health,  hospitals & clinics and also consist some health tips from Doctors which is very much essential for our day to day life.



          Every person needs to know which hospitals provide what kind of treatment facilities. They also need to know about their Doctors. If emergency then they need to call the ambulance service which will be included in my application. There are many pharmacies in our city so s/he can search a nearby pharmacies through this app to buy medicine.

            Every person sometimes have to visit hospital just to take appointment. Using this app, they can take online appointment which will save their valuable time.

Top User Stories

1.Manish Shrestha-

            Manish is a student. Once his father has Heart attack and there was nobody at home except manish  and his father. Manish didn’t know the number of ambulance so he try to search the number but couldn’t find it. He ran fast to his neighbor and ask for help. He with the help of neighbor rush his father to the hospital in taxi.

            Now manish use CARE HEALTH app and he feel relief that if he undergoes in such situation again then he can immediately call to the ambulance.

2.Deepesh Ghimire-

            Deepesh is new to our city and he doesn’t know much about the city. Once he suffer from cough and cold and he wants to buy Benedril but unfortunately he didn’t know about the nearby pharmacy and had to go long way to buy benedril which took long time.

            Now he use CARE HEALTH app and he knows about the nearby pharmacies and there opening and closing time along with phone number for urgent need.

3.Krishna Kumari Shrestha and her son Deepak-

            Krishna kumari is an unhealthy woman and she suffers from different diseases time and again. Whenever she suffers she ask her son Deepak to go to hospital and to take ticket/number for OPD and her son Deepak has to go to hospital, sits in a long queue and take a ticket.

            But now Deepak use CARE HEALTH app and whenever his mother is sick, he just take out his phone open app and take an appointment.


4.Avista Rijal-

            Avista is a healthy person. His life is running smoothly. But when he downloaded  CARE HEALTH app, he came to know about different health programs of different organizations like free eye checkup , blood donating programs and many more. He learn many healthy tips from different doctors that has helped him to be more healthier. He has now started participating in blood donation programs once in a 3 months, start doing exercises, wake up early in the morning and much more.


5.Prakash Pokhrel-

            Prakash works in a health organisation and his team is going  to conduct a free eye checkup program. Before he use our app CARE HEALTH , he used to conducts programs by informing people through advertisement in newspapers but now he just inform people through our application. Not only this but also whenever there is any health events that is going to be conduct by his team, he just uses CARE HEALTH app for spreading information.


Business Model

          From a business point of view, this app can be use for making profit through various activities such as:

1. Membership-

            We can make members to any people at some cost. The members will have following facilities:

·         Discount while taking appointment with doctors.

·         Discount in medicines.

·         Personal notifications of Health events to members.


2. Advertisement-

·         Events-

Many INGOs or NGOs might conduct health programs like blood donation programs or eye check up programs. So we can earn through the advertisement of the programs.


·         Private Clinics-

Many Doctors have their own private clinic and we can earn through the advertisement of their clinic.


·         Online Consultancy-

Many persons might want consult online with doctors so we can earn through the charges that they pay for the online consult with the doctors.


·         Pharmaceutical company-

We can also advertise many pharmaceutical companies product after the approval of the doctors from which we can be profitable.


Core Technologies

·       Windows phone platform (Visual Studio)

·         C#

·         HTML 5

·         RSS Feed

·         Expression Blend

·         Social networking sites.



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