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Project Name - GET RENTED
Ajaya Bajracharya(Orchid International College)


Cities are getting crowded nowadays. A lot many people are migrating inside the cities almost every day. Some of them are here to visit whereas some are looking at their objectives. These people now do need a place to stay. So where do they go, how do they search a appropriate place to live. They now need a render to rent them a room.

Not just people who just migrate inside the cities. But also those who are already living as Tenant are looking for a nice place to live in, because of the problems they are facing in current living place.

Where Tenant is not finding a nice place or even a place, Render are looking for appropriate Tender to rent their rooms. They are their precious rooms empty due to lack of an appropriate Tender.

So, what if someone or something manages the meet between the Tenant and the Render? Think about the saving that a Tenant can make and satisfaction both the parties can acquire? It is great Idea.

What I am purposing is the development of such an App which we help both below parties:

1.        Tenant

2.        Render

Where a Render can advertise (for free or on least cost) their rooms with description of rooms, its location their contact information and a Tenant, S/he wants. Tenant or user can just click on apps type his desire location, room types, his/her requirement and find variety of options.

This is a concept of a app with not only city wide, but global use.



Basic flow of GET RENTED


Target Audience

Lots of people in cities are for higher Education, business, jobs, tour, and official work. So, most of them live in rented houses and works and continues their business at rented shops. And lot many people are Smartphones users.

-          College students who have shifted to cities for higher education.

-          People with café, shops, restaurant, hotels.

-          For office, organization establishments etc.

Early Feedback

The Idea actually arose when some of my friends of my class were talking to other class friend about information on a room to be rented. They have few needs like water supply, electricity back up and internet access, whereas my neighbor is looking for a tenant who is married and stable and won’t cause much problem.

I didn’t get much feedback, what I did was just simply asked these respective personal about availability of their required need. Their reply was –“It is something that we have to go places, call persons, and find out ourselves, but if a mediator exist then it’s a nice service.”


I don’t know any other app providing these services or any specific group that does attend this kind of jobs. All I see is information passing through someone they know.

However Apps might face high level competition when introduced to International Market.


My friend Biplab Baniya-“I am a college student, need to attend college on such I don’t like render and room with no facilities. But to find a room you desire is hard to find. So, I guess if you make such apps, it will be helpful for such like us.”

My neighbor Shyam Sundar Shakya” I don’t know if it is possible, but it will be helpful for time being at least. Its far more better than having unwanted visitors unqualified for my room ringing your door bell.”

Top User Stories

1. Render on your smartphone…

“An Apps to find you a Render. It’ll be nice”    -Bhim Kumar Thami

2. Does it provide sending messages? Ha Ha Ha….

“Sounds like Facebook, like two people chatting, but actually they are doing business and helping each other.”    -Satish Shakya

3. Sound like a useful app…

“I can read description of room, find out its location, its cost and facility it provide and all that on my palm. Sound like a useful app to me.”    -Alina Maharjan


Business Model

As a business model:

1.       From Render: We can make renders to pay very small but specific price for advertising their flat, rooms, stall etc.

2.       From Tenant:  We can provide available number places as tenant require and access of information only after membership. I.e. Free Access of photo, Room description, rent-amount and Facilities, Member access for Location, contact number.

3.       From Advertisement: We can advertise different business sectors that have our membership to our user at tenant and render side.

Note: Paid Id will discourage fake ID’s. However we can minimize it through paid registration to the least value and Identification using social apps like Facebook, twitter and different mailing services.

Core Technologies

Platform: Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows Phone and if possible other smartphones as this app can prove to be very helpful.

App might have need to a data base for information storage where Windows Azure is the best solution.

Windows Store is best for publicity.




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