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Project Name - EduInfo
Bibek Poudel(Xavier International College)


In a busy city like Kathmandu, there are many colleges, universities and schools. Students from all over the country come here for better education. However, Students and Parents often feel difficult to find appropriate academic institution appropriate for them. Facilities, Courses Offered, Subject Choices, and Fee Structure differs from an institution to institution. It is also difficult to find a college or a school in a busy city like Kathmandu. Our app address all these problems.
We have added the following features for addressing the problem:
·  MAP: Our app consists of Bing Map with Location. This will provide the location of the particular institution and also the direction to it from your current location
·  DIRECTORY: There will be individual directory of Universities, Colleges and Schools with information like- Facilities, Fee Structure, Courses Offered and Subject Choices.
·  RATING: Users can rate the institution.
· COMPARE: User can use COMPARE function to compare two or more institutions on the basis of Facility, Fee Structure, Rating and Scholarships.

·     INSTITUTION OF THE WEEK: Highest rated institution every week will be selected and information about the college will be displayed in first page of College Directory or School Directory or University Directory.
·     BUS STOPS: This will show the Bus Stops of the respective Institutions.

Target Audiences

Our app is targeted to Students, Teachers and Parents inside or outside valley. Many students are compelled to waste most of their time in search of good academic institutions.  Many Students are in search of scholarship. With the help of this app, information of an institution is in your hand in less than a minute.  Now, Students can easily search for the scholarships available. Moreover, Parents no longer have to worry searching for best institutions for their child. Teachers may also want to know about the colleges in which they are applying for Teacher. This app will surely help teachers also.

Early Feedback

We told about our plan to some Parents and Students, and asked them for some feedback.

Here are the feedback we got:
-          App should have easy user interface so that a person with little knowledge of technology can use the app.
-          App should contain true information about institution.
-          Count Down for entrance date of institutions may be more interactive.
-          App should be light and fast



There are not many computer applications related to education in the market. However, there are several e-portals related to education on the Internet with information about colleges and schools. So, we need to compete with these websites for our audience. Though there are several sites, they show the false information about the institutions and most of them are outdated.

Recently, I learnt about a course in Microsoft Innovation Centre, Nepal homepage. So I had go there to apply for a Course. I didn’t know the exact location and building of Microsoft Innovation Centre.  I searched through the internet, but the location was not accurate. I searched for phone number and I found the phone number in MIC Nepal Website but it was out dated. I had no choice and I had to roam around New Road Area for 2 hours searching for it.

Therefore, our app aims to provide Valid and Updated Information. We have also decided to add an option, through which if users find the information invalid or outdated he/she can rate it invalid. This will help us to make our app updated. Moreover, our project will use light graphics which consumes less size and runs faster.


Mr. Ramprasad Gurgain from the district of Taplejung came to Kathmandu for admission of his son in a college in Kathmandu. His son got 87.7% in SLC examination. His toil in searching a good college for Kathmandu couldn’t become successful. So, he returned to his home with his son and got his son enrolled in local government college without much resources.

Miss Nirmala Pandit from Parsa gave money for admission for a course to some people who claimed to be a university officials. She came to Kathmandu, and found out that the University to which she paid money never really existed. She lost her money and a year of study.

Our app is dedicated to solve these kinds of problems so that thousands of such Mr Guragain and Miss Pandit would not waste their precious time and money.

Top User Stories

As a parent, I want my children to enroll in good education. For this I would require proper information about different schools and colleges. Even though I am not educated, I want to give my children proper knowledge. I think Edu Info would be able to do this for me.

-          Mrs. Bhawani Khatri, Thali

With different schools sprouting like weeds in Kathmandu, I want to enroll in a good college. I do not want to be betrayed later on by some fake college. So, I want proper information. I think Edu Info is my only dependable choice.

-          Master Rishav Sedain, Small Heaven School, Chitwan

As a teacher, I would like to know about the latest education system, new schedules, new plans and policies and new courses that could be adopted in our college. For this I know, from deep within my heart, my favored help is Edu Info.

-          Mr. Gopal Bhandari,Principal, Xavier International College, Kalopul

Business Model

Our app runs by donation from different colleges but for users, it is a free app. It is run alongside the users themselves, who help to provide us with the latest information regarding new registered schools and colleges. This app will be in partnership of three people contributing equally, money and hard work.  New possible information can be provided about different schools, colleges and Universities to include in database from parents, students, and teachers – in short all our dear users.


Core Technologies

We are using:

- Visual Basic .Net for writing codes and Blend for designing app

- MySQL for database management

- Bing Map SDK for maps and location


Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal
Unlimited Technology P Ltd
Unlimited Building, PO Box 956, Khichapokhari, Opp Pashupati Plaza, Kathmandu
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Fax: +977 1 4255454

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