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Project Name - Where’s  My Ride?

Bijesh Niroula(Himalaya College Of Engineering)


As we know about the transportation mishap and the lack of proper scheduling of the transportation system and the increasing population that demands more transportation in the Kathmandu valley, I thought of an app that gives the street map of the Kathmandu valley overall and also provides the information of the bus routes from all the venue to their distinctive destinations. This app must provide the user the option to know the places of the vehicle that runs from specific location that he wants to travel. Not only that if so the app must have the option to call the drivers of the buses or vehicle and know about their location or whereabouts. If this app runs  than that can help a lot of people or the android users in Nepal who might be having the traffic problem or the transportation problem. Especially the foreigners.        


Target Audiences

The  app mainly focuses the day to day bus passengers and the newly  entered foreigners. This app must be quickly installed on every windows or android phones who take their step in Nepal ,so that they may not have the trouble of transportation facility in Nepal. This app can mainly targets the windows phone users who go on their daily work on foot or who doesn’t have the full knowledge of the streets of Kathmandu.

Early Feedback

My idea hasn’t been told to many but some of them gave good feedbacks as I told. But this was just a solo idea or try, so no many feedbacks.


There are many apps that provides the idea of the streets and the maps of any place and the bus routes, but Kathmandu city really needs such app as the quantity of the smartphone users is hazardously increasing per day. This app maybe quite different than others on the basis that it allows you to know the exact location of the buses or transport that runs around your locality as well as points out the exact location of the vehicle running  on the routes as well as allows to phone to the respective person(drivers) directly.


Top User Stories

The top most story is of my own. Because day to day I have to travel from one place to next. And someday I may have to go some unknown place inside the Kathmandu valley. In such cases I may not know the location as well as the transport that runs through those routes. so this app will come handy.


Business Model

After the completition of this app different companies maybe interested if it is made with the full advertising purpose and if it comes to be rather useful.   


Core Technologies

·  The key platform will be windows and the smartphones as this is focused to all the windows users and the android users


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