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Project Name: Nepal Loadshedding schedule

Bikesh Maharjan (Kathmandu BernHardt College)


Focusing the city like Kathmandu and most of the places of Nepal, Its very much the same problem, Loadshedding. People are under this problem and they are living with it. So there should be app. Informing people about time of light off/on. So they can make plans about doing things done and strategies to do the right job at time. Most of the peoples don’t know about the time the light is about to go off, so even when they are about to do something, a question arises, what if light goes off? And my work halts! , so to make a right decision this app is important.

There are a lot of people working somewhere else than their hometown. These people include workers, business persons and other people who work out.  These people need to know the loadshedding time of a place they are in and they might not have idea of the group they are currently in. So there should be a app which will show the right loadshedding time of the place they are in without them having idea about which group they are in. And this app has this feature.


1)      GPS showing loadsheding status of the place a device is.

2)      Facility to see the loadshedding status of hometown.

3)      Switching between groups to see loadshedding status of each group.

4)      Auto updates

5)      Notifications (vibration, LED bulb)

6)      Time showing duration of light on/off.

7)      Switching to the theme they like (couples of theme)

For this functioning of the app,

·         User taps on the app

·         Using GPS of the device, device will give the current location of the device and then using the location it will then show the loadshedding time of the current place device is.

IF YOU HAVE THIS APP- You can go from

Target audience:

Targeted audience is the common people, us. All who are facing the problem of loadshedding. But most for the people who have to travel one place to other to work, study or any of the other reasons and want to know loadshedding time of the place they currently are in. beside this app is useful for everyone, students who study, workers who work, housewife’s, any company or organization and every other persons who needs to know about loadshedding time of the place they currently are in and about their own home group. So audience they are all the local people of cities who are facing problem of loadshedding.


Early feedback:

I talked about this app with some people who had developed apps on windows and android platform. And their feedbacks were positive. They commented as: it would be of great use if it could be successfully developed and could be extended to various other platforms, devices with location tracker like GPS installed on them. And for the devices with no such hardware, a system can be developed which will share the data on the request through SMS.


Well there are a lot of apps which are developed for giving information about the loadshedding in each of the areas but most of them have static data, late updates and most of all they are not GPS enabled. So they are not effective one.

But this app can make a difference,

            Why a Smart loadshedding schedule App???

·         One can travel to his office or may be at his work place or home or may be some other place and he need to know about the loadshedding status of that place not only the place he lives.

·         Its time consuming and cumbersome to tap on each group he/she currently is in to know about loadshedding status

·         Users even get bored doing this again and again So GPS activation can reduce this, app installed in the device will use the activated GPS of Windows device and show the loadshedding status of the place that device is currently positioned in.

Further there are options to switch to know about the loadshedding schedule of hometown. And other groups as well. So it won’t be defective if one want to know about loadshedding status of any other place than he currently is in.

For the fast updates,

·         Either we can have a contract with NEC so their data could be used at the time they make a new schedule or we can make a bot or something to copy the data for their directory to our app directory.

·         Or place someone to make updates as soon as possible once the new updates are made in loadshedding schedules.


Since it’s a smart loadshedding app, so the people getting benefits at most are the students, businessmen’s, workers and every of those people who work or have to go somewhere to do something, this loadshedding app will be a great help in their works.

One businessman daily have to travel from his home to his office for his work and even have to stay in other areas for meetings and all. He constantly has to look at the loadshedding schedule for his online works. And for this he has to keep knowledge of the group he is in which he thinks is sometimes too much cumbersome as he is a busy man but he has to do it anyway. He has to tap on the schedule of the group he wants to know about.

So this app “smart loadshedding app” can overcome his problem and develop a new phase in this field.

-          He won’t have to know about every group he will visit, this app will automatically show him loadshedding schedule of the place he is in using GPS

-          He won’t have to tap on group he has to know about, it will be all done by the app.

-          Further if he wants to know about loadshedding status of hometown all he got to do is one tap on “Hometown” button.

So I think, this app is going to be a great help for him and all other person like him.

Top User Stories:

I talked about the idea of the app with some people and tried to get their response. And most of the comments were positive. Some of the responses are:

A worker who had to come to another place in his office to work had commented as: “Excited!!”

“I think it’s a great idea. In my own case, it can be very useful. I stay in one place and have to come to my office which is in another place and when I have to work on my computer or do some other jobs that require electricity I have to check loadshedding schedule. I have to manually select my groups when I am at home and when I am at office which is a kind of time consuming because I have to think which group I am in. so if this app works then I just will have to tap on the app and rest will be done by the app itself for me. So this sounds great and I am looking forward this app”

The response from a businessman: “can work great!!!”

“You know people like me can’t just stay in one place and work. I have to travel almost most of the areas of Nepal to flourish my business. So I can’t for sure know loadshedding schedule of every place I visit. If this app is successful then I will be the first to use it on my device because I can know about loadshedding time anywhere I go. I don’t have to ask anyone everywhere, I can do my jobs at the right time. So it’s a great app in my view. Make it work”

And this is a response from one of the student I talked:

“I don’t really have great knowledge about apps because I am a biology student. But loadshedding is a problem for me and all of us. And a loadshedding app to inform about time for light on and off, it can be great. Because I can manage my time for study because you know it’s really very difficult to study when there is no light. And you are talking about a smart loadshedding app that’s going to be great because I can know about time for light on or off at my college and at my home or any place I go so I think its great.”

Business Model

Core technologies:

This app will be more useful for the mobile users. So basically its going to be a phone app. And later it could be developed for web as well. I don’t have good idea about technologies to be used, so I can’t explain it.


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