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Project Name - Security & Traffic Management
Biswash Koirala(Advanced College of Engineering Management)


I want to make the best use of public security cameras by monitoring the contents that is being captured through the CC camera. Recently, the government has installed Closed Circuit (CC) cameras in several parts of country, particularly in Kathmandu city and other major cities. The usability of CC cameras have only limited to watch the past events. These cameras, mostly in busy streets are just being used to monitor the current traffic and record them. Then they are referred only in case of accidents or only to see the movement of public people in some cases. But this is not just the limit of use of these CC cameras. They can be more important and useful for several other purposes by monitoring the contents in the video stream by an advanced analyzing system. Some of the tasks we can do are:
·         Detecting Most Wanted Criminals (and missing people too) using facial recognition
·         Tracking drunken drivers and unusual behaviors (theft, terrorism)
·         Tracking Traffic Rule breakers
·         Automatically assigning the stop/go time for vehicles and pedestrians

These all activities are done by my system and alerts are sent to respective bodies whenever required.


1.        Detecting Most wanted Criminals: These cameras can be great tool to protect citizens from crime and criminals. The live videos being streamed from different places are being recorded in different places now. Using facial recognition technology, we can monitor people in the screen. We will build a database of most wanted criminals (not only them but also missing people). These will be loaded to the system and it will analyze all these live videos all the time. Once it finds a match, we can set it up to show notifications and send alert to respective security personnel and also to the nearest security service (police station). Though the criminals can put on make ups and appear to have different face, advanced recognition technologies will surely be able to cope with it.

2.        Tracking drunken drivers and unusual behaviors (terrorism): We can detect a pattern of action and get alerts on such actions. The drunken drivers do not drive in normal pattern. So, we can stop drinking and driving cases. Most of the crimes in public places can be prevented by detecting them in early stages. We can prevent theft, robbery, and other terror activities by monitoring people in public places. If a person or a group of people hover around an area for a long time or show some suspicious behaviors, we can give extra care to find the reason and prevent criminal activities. Terrorism acts can be curbed by the same procedure of regular monitoring.

3.        Tracking Traffic Rule breakers: Most of the time, people break traffic rules and try to run away from traffic police and traffic police have to perform high speed pursuit to arrest them for the offences. These are too risky and use lots of manpower and resources. Instead we can set up our system to notify traffic rule breaking cases and give notifications to nearest traffic police stations about status and location of such vehicles. Police can calmly handle the situation without affecting other public people. Such system can also analyze the speed of vehicles and alert the traffic personnel and the driver if possible.

4.        Automatically assigning stop/go time for all: This is the most useful application for our system. Most of the time, traffic personnel have to stand in middle of road, giving directions to vehicles to stop and move and also to the pedestrians. This can be completely stopped and simplified in new way with our system. Our system will analyze the traffic density in the busy junctions and automatically assign the movement time for vehicles and public people. The traffic lights will then lit up accordingly. This will be best to manage the traffic during busy and office hours.

Thus the system will function by analyzing the live video and performing suitable actions in each case.


Target Audience
I want to target all the cities from small to most developed cities. This system will be equally be useful for cities of all sizes. All cities have security issues and traffic management issues. It will address them all. Traffic management and security issues are challenging in Kathmandu city and other cities in our country. According to the census conducted in 2011, the estimated population in Kathmandu city is about 975000 with population density 19250 people per km². This city has ring-road of 27.2 km. To have sufficient and skilled manpower for management of security and traffic is really challenging. In this scenario, this system will be best suited for Kathmandu.

Early Feedback

I had shown this project details to my programming lecturer Er. Tej Prashad Dhamala. He explained me some scenarios that may be encountered during coding this software. He suggested some techniques to make this program more fast and accurate. He found this program useful and necessary for cities like Kathmandu and even for big cities.

Mr. Dipen Jamkatel from Nepal Police, security body in Nepal liked the concept of the project. He focused on less use of manpower and automation in different cases. He liked the way used to track different targets. He believes that this system will be really helpful in his police organization.

I was more focused to making the program more reliable and fast as well as with more features to meet the demanding security challenges from these feedback.


There are some products from CC Camera manufacturers for security and surveillance system like Video Tec, Axis Communications, Cisco, etc. These are either focused on home surveillance or purely for traffic (vehicles) in highways. They can monitor people or vehicles and some specific areas like perimeter of buildings.We will have to come with more added feature like advanced detection of objects, proper handling situations with alert and alarm systems. If possible, we can apply some protection measures and defense (under legal provisions). We want to focus on monitoring on maximum number of contents available on the video stream. We basically focus surveillance in public and busy areas for the safety of public. Our area of focus is different from the existing services.



1.        Nepal Government, Metropolitan Police Division: This organization will be our primary target. As our project’s main focus on analyzing large amount of video data, this organization can adopt our system for management of traffic and security management in the city. Using this system, they will have more control and law enforcement in the city. Less manpower will be used on such management activities and they can focus on other preventive measures for security. Traffic management will be heavily modernized with this system, removing the need of traffic police personnel on road. Sometimes criminals move in public places in disguise and our system will detect them and alert security personnel. This will help them to work more effectively by adopting new technologies.


2.        Choudhary Group, Business Group: Though we are focusing to getting data from public places, we can also apply the same system for management of large companies. They have branches in different parts of country including many production and sales units. Such organizations can adopt this system to have real time information about productions, sales, and security of such places by deploying our system for perimeter surveillance. We can customize some features of our system as per the need.


Top User Stories

1.        Metropolitan Police Division:

This organization has adopted our system for public surveillance. They do not have to place traffic police in streets to manage traffic. The rule breakers are automatically detected and the nearby traffic police station is automatically notified by the system via text and automated voice. The use of this system for traffic lights has made movement of vehicles and pedestrians easier and more effective. The organization has been able to apprehend a criminal recently. The fugitive was walking in disguise when the monitoring system detected it and the nearest police unit were notified and they made the arrest.

2.        Pokhara Municipality:

This beautiful tourist city had been facing problem of theft on tourists. Sometimes even some tourists used to drink and make noise during night. Street shopkeepers used to disturb tourists by asking them to buy different things. Then the municipal office adopted our system. Now police have arrested a gang of thieves by analysis of videos and report generated by the system. Security personnel can get quick status and reports about security status any time. Thus this system has been proved to very useful for them.

3.        Jyoti Group:

This group operates four production units and several stores across Nepal. They used to get problems when they had to co-ordinate with different production units. They could have conversation by voice but it was not somehow less effective. But we provided a revised version of our system especially customized for them. Now they can have real time information about inventory and plan accordingly. They can also monitor the activities across all sites easily. The CC cameras in the perimeter provide status around the offices. We added a special feature for production houses, that is to detect fire. Recently they were able to control fire in their one of the production house due to the timely alert from our monitoring system for fire.Business Model

This project is especially targeted for government agencies and large business groups. Installation of our system in such places in large scale will surely help us to generate good revenue. We can get best value for our system from such organizations. The market for security solutions is in quick rising trend. The market value for surveillance system is expected to rise from $2.4 billion in 2013 to more than $18 billion by 2020, according to a report from Allied Marketing Research. We will focus in quality rather than quantity.


Core Technologies

We will have to use several techniques. We will primarily develop for latest Windows platform as most of the large organizations run windows. Targeting for latest version of windows will help us maintain proper security of our system and it will also help such organizations to switch to latest version of windows rather than to stick to an old version like Windows XP.

We will need best facial recognition software. We can develop our own algorithms, software and define methods for this purpose. We can use several programming languages like C# for this program and developer tools like Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

















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