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Project Name - : Public Vehicle Location Tracker

Chandan Gupta Bhagat (IOE, Pulchowk Campus)



Well it is true that we all are passenger, and the thing is that we need to be on time. But Most of the passengers suffer from the delay due to the unidentified arrival of time. The thing is that, once it was us to reach on the presentation on time and it was very urgent to attend that presentation. We kept waiting and waiting for the bus to arrive. By the time we reached, the presentation was almost over. And then we thought that if we are victim due to delay, there is obvious reason that there are lot of people who suffer this situation. Moreover, if someone has to reach on time, he or she must have to make the decision. But on the basis of which factor? Well, if we could track the location of the vehicle, we could surely make the decision to reach faster and on time, so that one cannot miss their golden opportunities.  Hence we thought to make the system which could track the public vehicle.

Our project as based on the vehicle tracking system which needs a transmitter to transmit the location. Well, there are lot of tracking system that tracks the location. We have had 2 options for that. One is the mobile device and other is the dedicated hardware for it. After a lot of research and looking at the related works, it was more efficient to use the dedicated hardware for the consistent data rather than the mobile devices.

The basic functionality of the system is the vehicle sends their current location sent by the GPS to our main server through the GPRS. And our server manipulates all the data using one of the NMEA protocol and decodes it. After the decoding of the one of the standard of it, we send the data to our database server through the API. And all the apps can have the data which can be properly designed in the UI for the user that would show the current location of that vehicle.

Target Audience

Our audience is the general public who travels by the public means of transportation. Focus on the problem of city, our project holds almost large number of audience, as we can see that there are more number of people who travels daily. So we might have the large number of audience. This system can be launched anywhere within Nepal. There are no any geographical limitations. But the thing is that, the vehicle must have this dedicated hardware system. Well the number of audience cannot be estimated out, because we can see that there are more number of people who travels by the public transportation means.

Early Feedback

Well on pitching the ideas to some of the expertise, we got some more information how to make it more effective. As being the real time system they only see the problem about the dedicated hardware for this purpose. They all suggested rather than using dedicated hardware for this purpose, we could use the cellphones as the source of data. We were able to convince them that using dedicated hardware for this purpose will help us getting much accurate result consistently. They also gave us some valuable suggestions on the power source if we are going to use the dedicated hardware.


Well there are many companies that recently launched this system. Well for the public welfare, the system is not yet implemented. Using the GPS transmitter, embedded on the public vehicle itself, will give us the accurate location of the bus. Rather than using the mobile devices as the source of data, we have designed the dedicated hardware that performs the single function. As we know that using mobile devices, the system won’t be able to track the accurate location as there is high chances of misplacing the mobile devices. So for the real time system, the dedicated hardware should be needed so that most of the people in the cities can get the proper benefits from the service that we provide. The main thing about this system is we will be able to get the consistent data.


Our system is based on tracking the vehicle, which might be helpful for the people who travels by the public vehicle. This might include the personas like students, job holders, and all type of people who hate to waste the time waiting for the public vehicle to arrive late. We are making the productive system that would be able to provide the information to our user who would make better decision based on the data provided by our system.

Top User Stories

Talking about this project as we have already dealt with the problem above, we queried some of the people of different categories. We had a small survey on 25 peoples. We just asked the small question. “Will it be helpful to you if this system gets implemented?” And 22 out of 25 people gave the positive response for it.

We talked to one of the students, well here is his saying:

“Well, the thing is we often leave for the college on time. But due to the traffic we are often late as we stuck for hours in bus stop waiting for the bus or microbus or tempo to arrive. Sometimes the vehicle is on time but most of the time for the students who attend the day college we wait for hours to get on the vehicle. If this system is implemented, we could make the decision to get to college by walking to some extent and getting to another bus. Well, if you guys could make this system we, on behalf of student will be very happy. We are looking forward to get this system implemented.”

We got the suggestion from a job holder person too.

“It’s kind of interesting project. For the people like us whose performance in office is calculated from punctuality, it would be helpful for them. Waiting for the vehicle to arrive kills a lot of time in the bus stop. But if we could know where the current location of the bus is that would help us in making the decision. And we could reach our office on time. हाकिमको गाली खानु पर्दैन होला ।

Business Model

As this idea is based on the public service, the business model for this project can be done by the help of advertisements. We are building the apps for all the smartphone and also including the web app. As we know that the main source of revenue is advertisements. The revenue can be generated from the advertisement of the various things. Concerning the local market, the advertisement sections could be created, in which we could feed the advertisements data for our own Nepali products. This would help our local market to grow faster. For the smartphone users, the revenue can be generated from that source. As most of the people are still using old phones which may not support the apps, the business model for those system can be generated through the SMS.  This will be the revenue generating scheme for our project.

Core Technologies

Basically the technology on this system we are about to design is Web API. The data is inserted into the database which is hosted on our server through the API. We get the result in the JSON format through the same API. The hardware device sends the data to the server after going through an authentication layer. Our web service parse that NMEA data format into the format we require. Then the controller feeds that data into the database. Well the good thing is that we have defined the request data in the JSON format, in which the data can be extracted for the various purpose. We have designed the web API in such a way that the data can be further used for the application on various platform. We are planning to build the application for different platform like web portal, android, windows phone, windows 8, IOS and rest other. It is clear that once the data is on the web, we could make it available to all other platform. So what about the people who doesn’t use the smart phones. Well, the idea is to setup the SMS server for those who don’t use smartphones. This will help them querying the request through the SMS to our SMS system.


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