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Project Name - Education Platform
Dipendra K. Shrestha(Orchid International College)


In present situation, colleges and institutes are opening more likely for a business rather than providing education. They publish false advertisement and announce discount offer in which students gets trapped. Nowadays, the general problem for a student is finding a correct educational platform. After completing secondary level or after completing higher secondary level student gets confused on what to do now. A one can’t find the appropriate solution for his/her problem. They get confused to choose their destination and can’t decide the faculty or subject to choose. Student after completing their secondary and higher secondary level education, they can’t decide what to read now and where to be admitted. They search for here and there for further study, they don’t know which subject is better to read and which college to choose. Due to lack suggestion and consult they chose wrong college and wrong subject.

The idea is about a making application or web page through which every interested student get the information about the colleges and the subjects. I want to put a consulting group to consult the lost student. This can also help for the students thinking for aboard study also get information. Firstly for the application or web page, data from research should be collected. After the collection of real and true data and information it should be stored as a database. While storing the data and information following things can be added through research or collection:

·        Aboard study

·        College / Institute on city location

·        Environment around the compound

·        Education carrier of that college

·        Teachers detail

·        Detail of fee structure and infrastructure of college

·        Hostel facilities

·        Extra facilities

·        Completion year

·        Subject offered by that institute

·        Future scope of that subject etc.

On the same app or web page there should be a suggestion and consulting part. The students who are confused about their further study can go to that option and through the professional consulting team; they get consulted and suggested which might help them from choosing the wrong subject and wrong college.

Then the student, if searched from any place can review the fact of every college. For example; a student wants to read science in the area of Balaju who is out of valley, s/he should get the all information about the colleges or institutes around that area with providing good hostel facility. Students should not be lost in the city searching for the colleges. And the main thing that create problem for student is the future scope of that subjects, they don’t know what will be they become in future, they get lost within their thoughts and aim. They get confused on choosing the subject, what that course will lead them to and what will be the scope of that subjects.

The site or app is useful for every student searching for college / institute for higher secondary level or bachelor level.          After getting the correct information about the further education and its scope on future, students are able to choose correct subjects and better colleges.

Web Site will be more appropriate for this problem but link of web site to applications can also be very helpful through the easy access.


Target Audience

Student searching for high level educational place, they get tricked with false advertisement and get admitted in wrong college. Living in modernized city, makes everything complex. There are so many colleges and educational institute in the city, some of them provides excellence education but most of them are for business. The colleges which are opened for business, they provide low quality of education with less experience teachers but say to provide a lot of discount offer and to give better education. Already the method of teaching of our country is so devastating then such type of colleges’ makes student to fall in wrong future. The one who wants to read the subject of his/her interest either that rates high or couldn’t match the qualification of that institute. Some of students are also from out of valley; they don’t know the trick of those low quality provider colleges and fall into their tricks.

Basic problem for students to decide the subjects and correct educational platform is in the completion after the secondary level and after completion of higher secondary level. As in our country, S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate), completion of secondary level, students get ready for higher education places. They can’t decide the subject which to read but still search for colleges. +2 colleges are opening so many in our city, so every student who completed their S.L.C, gets confused where to read. They don’t get any consult and suggestion so they can’t even chose the subjects. Then they get involved in the college and that faculty forcefully or with no idea about it. Then they regret due to their mistake of choosing the subject and college. Likewise after completion of higher secondary level (+2) they now search for college for further study. And still they get confused and don’t find better college. To study bachelor level, they can’t decide which subject has brighter scope in future and also can’t find the better college for that. This problem is more difficult for students who come from out of valley for better education in city. They can’t decide the place, college, subject and also don’t get good hostel facility in colleges.


Early Feedback

This concept was developed in my mind due to my own struggle for correct educational place and subject. Every student of present days suffers this situation, search here and there for better education place with good facilities, gets confused what subject to choose. While I talked about this idea with my friends and senior person, I had got good reaction. They complemented for my idea. Since my friends are also students and they also had faced same problems, they said this is good idea to get solution of that type of problem which the new student faces.


My idea is focused on that confused student, who can’t decide anything at the moment, so they should be consulted and make their path easy for further study. My idea is about to create a database to store the every information about colleges or institutes so I may face trouble and difficulties while collecting the correct information and the group to consult the student. My competition is with the false advertisement of those business purpose educational places. There might be sites about educational place so my competitors are them.

Since the website will work on database of all accurate data and information, the web site needs to be well updated, every information should be accurate, data must be up to date so to process all these it will be bit difficult but not impossible.

Following list can mention my idea’s competition and challenges:

·        Other educational detail sites

·        False advertisement of business purpose educational places

·        Professional consulting person

·        Researchers and collectors of accurate data’s

·        To update the site



Sailesh Bhattarai

Sailesh is a student who had just passed out the higher secondary level. He didn’t knew what to join, he tried on IOE for engineering but couldn’t make it through then after his brother suggestion he is now reading the subjects not of his choice and interest.


Nabin Karki

Nabin is a secondary level student who is about to pass out. He doesn’t know what to choose on higher secondary level and college he should join. He is confused about his further education so he needs consult and suggestion about correct educational platform.


Top User Stories

My own

I struggled for choosing the subject and the right college. I didn’t know which college should be good to join and didn’t know the detail about the subject and its scope. I faced this trouble on after completing secondary and higher secondary level. I couldn’t get the proper solution for so may be other student also might get troubled as me.

My brother & sisters

Every secondary level passed out student face this type of problem in searching for higher secondary (+2) colleges/institutes. They search here and there for choosing the subject and college. A lot of junior brother and sister of mine who had passed out S.L.C, ask me what to read, where to read, they can’t find the perfect solution.

My friends

After passing out from higher secondary level my friends are now getting stuck on choosing the college and proper field of their subjects. Either the college rates high or the offered subject don’t have fix scope. So they again start to search for solution of degree colleges. Some of them headed aboard and some of them are just leaving study.


Business Model

Main objective of my project is not to make money, it is about to help and consult the lost and troubled students. But my project can make money by help of advertisement or we can ask for donation. People who are benefitted with my idea will surely help me on this.

The college, government and some well known person may help on money for giving solution for a troubled student. Or I can put up advertisement of other sites on my website.

Core Technologies

For technology usages and key platform, use of web page designing and coding software, programming languages, animation and application software, web site and web browser will be appropriate.


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