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Project Name - Your Direction
Dipendra K. Shrestha(Orchid International College)


Nowadays, every one of has a busy daily life. So we need everything to be done quickly. As living in modernize city, people needs transportation and vehicles to travel. And in our city, Kathmandu, every one of us is hurry to travel. Everybody is having difficulties with traffic. People don’t want get stuck on those problems and be late on their busy schedule. Sometimes people have to get stuck in jam for 3 or 4 hours. Due to negligence of traffic officer, small mistake and negligence of drivers/riders and accidents causes the problems or make the way jammed for more than hour. Traffic problems make difficulties on reaching in our destination.

For example: if a person wants to reach Baneshwor from Kalanki, s/he doesn’t know the traffic update of that path or route and s/he isn’t sure how much time it will take to reach her/his destination.



My idea/project can’t solve the traffic jam but it can surely help about traffic update and route for destination. My idea is about to create application having a traffic update, suggestion and solution. Application should be connected in web or connected with traffic control center, when users use it. Everyone says GPS system will help on traffic problems but it is not going to be implemented now so this project can help and can do works which GPS can do.

Working concept:
·        Making an application or software about traffic news and update.
·        Traffic control center, which will provide correct and updated information about the route.
·        Users who are stuck in jam or know anything about traffic problem will post.
·        Information of directions.
·        Application should contain a following section:
o   Starting destination and ending destination dialogue box
o   Display section to show the information about
§  The route, either there is a blockage/ jam in that route or not.
§  Showing the user how long it will take to reach destination.
§  Showing alternative route for that.
o   A portion to update the news or complain for users and traffic controllers.
o   Updated news and problem display section.

Target Audience

Explain who your audience is. Consider targeted platforms, geography, and demographics. If you can estimate the size of your target audience please do so and cite your source for the estimated data.

Every normal inhabitants of Kathmandu city, who suffers traffic problems daily, are the main target. Simple persons, who always get out for reaching their destination but get stuck in traffic jams and problems. This project of making application on traffic news and update can help local drivers, students and businessman and anyone who needs to travel in their daily routine.

In our city, the GPS system will take much time and will be difficult to implement and costs high. So GPS system is not going to applicable for present situation so it will be better to use this application to help the all people, suffering from daily traffic jams.

Early Feedback

Pitch your core concept to a few people who would be in your audience or who have expertise in the kind of project you are making. Note here what you learned from them.

I talked about my concept to few peoples who face this type of problem daily. I told my concept to elder and senior persons who travel daily but always find difficulties on traffic so they praised my concept and said this can’t stop the traffic problems but it can surely help people who are in hurry and need direction, it can be applied easily more than GPS system.


What products, companies, or services will you directly compete with for your audience? How do you expect to differentiate your project from your competitors?

My completion is with the concept of GPS system. My project can work and can be implemented easily but needs the information from traffic controllers. My challenge is to collect information of traffic updates and get connected with traffic controllers. Competitor of my project is the application developer of GPS system.                


Sumit Gautam

Sumit is a student who has to travel long distance for his college so he always stuck in traffic jams and get late every time. Due to the problem of traffic neither he can get college in time nor he get home in time.

Aashish Acharya

Aashish is teacher and a job holder person so he needs to travel here and there for his works daily. So sometimes he stuck in traffic such a long time, which waste his time. He has to travel fast so he is always thinking not stuck in traffic.

Top User Stories

In present day, everyone uses a mobile phone so they can be updated of traffic information through the mobile service.

Public vehicles driver

Public vehicles driver, whose job is to travel and drive from one place to another so they need to drop their passengers in time, as fast as possible. They need to be updated about their route, direction and traffic situation of that route. Whole day they have to drive so they need to be updated of their route.

Busy scheduled person

Kathmandu city is full of busy life people. So they are always in hurry to travel but they don’t get proper information of traffic problem where they are heading, then they get stuck in jams and have to waste their time. When they get out traveling, they should get information of their route where they are heading.


For a businessman every single second is valuable. So they have to travel quicker as fast as possible but they also don’t get information so have to face similar traffic problems. They have to waste their time on traffic and don’t have solution except that.

Business Model

Since my project is to help people so it is not necessary to earn money from this project. But my project can make money from donation or can make with the help of government organizations and non-government organizations.

Or my project will make money from charges, when user uses my application s/he will charge little. Not big amount of money will charges for using the application and I believe charging this little amount in giving this type of solution to their busy daily life will be praise worthy. Users won’t hesitate or get embarrassed if we charge them little amount of money. And as we know little drop of water makes an ocean so little charge will make a lot of money for my project.

Core Technologies

Any technology, software, programming language to create a database, connecting the users and traffic controllers can be implemented. Since my project is to make application for mobile phones and create a website, key platform can be any tool to make application for mobiles and web designing can be done from different designing platforms.


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