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Project Name - My City
EasySoft Team(National College of Engineering)


Despite we have been living in the era of modern technologies, we still lack behind when it comes to ease the lifestyle of human beings. When it comes to comparison of other nation, we lack behind in each and every sector. The major issue behind it is the lack of communication. The people are compelled to compromise with even the basic necessities. We are pretty familiar with the degrading environment of our city. If we can convey some sorts of information and develop a good communication among the local livings in this place, this can certainly decrease the effect to some extent. In the present context, smart phone is an easy approach to every individual. Hence we can develop a software application via mobile phones or any other electronic media that would act as a catalyst in solving the problems of city. Healing the physical problems through the help of an app might sound unrealistic but if approached in proper manner, this thing can certainly be given life. Some of the major problems addressed are Load-Shedding, Waste Management, Health Issues, Drinking Water Problem, Unusual Fare Rates etc. The major reason behind this problem is our negligence. Many a times, we don’t unplug our charger although it’s fully charged, we don’t care to close our tap properly, dispose the wastage in road-side, etc. These problems are the outcome of our own negligence. So before initiating a change amongst huge mass, we must first bring a change in ourselves. A famous quote states, “Need change? Start from yourself.” So small changes has to be made right from today in order to achieve a larger one.


Load-shedding is the major problem in Nepal. Electricity is only the main source what runs many machines as we don’t have any other good source of chemical or nuclear energy to generate electricity. Many factories are shut down because of the scarcity of electricity what result in unemployment, loss of domestic products, compulsion of importing goods from other countries for what we are losing domestic income etc. The small but very important aid can be done thru my application is like awareness message on mobile phones and social networks of saving electricity which are being used unnecessarily on several sectors. Dropping the schedules of power cut so that the task are to be done are completed on time, displaying awareness message of saving electricity like “Use CFL, Save Electricity!!” on their mobile phones daily or on social network or via text or multimedia messages in mobile phones. Such awareness messages will make a positive impact on them and ultimately can save electricity in some extend.

Water scarcity is also the big problem in the city. People are in dilemma if they get water supply according to the schedule of Nepal water supply cooperation more than that we see huge queue of people in telecom office to pay their telephone bill more than in the office of any water supply offices to pay their bills this is why because of very dissatisfactory service of water supply cooperation. And so far we know Nepal is one of the country which has larger water resource in the world if we could bring them on use then we guess we could do something at least to minimize this drinking water problem. Our small brain now thinking how could we make that possible? If we find some useful ways to make such resources the productive one then yes there is no doubt that water problem could be minimized a lot. How? Digging well around such place where there is rich source of water like river, forest and supply those water to a single village or community. Our apps what we’re thinking to prepare is like sending the awareness message to all smart phone users on creating and saving water resources every day, the different awareness messages with advantage of saving water then yes somehow we could make it possible. Regarding this problems, we are including a water schedule in our app which provides general awareness messages which makes a little change on their mind and hence they are motivated towards saving drinking water.

Many people still don’t know about the proper management of the wastage products from their home. They are unknown about the benefits of the good waste management. If we can manage the wastes in a proper way, we don’t have to face the polluted environment and bad smell as well as lack of fresh oxygen around the city. Many problems are attached with it. Like talking about tourism, tourist don’t want to see such a messy and polluted environment. This hampers in tourism industry which is the main source of national income. If similar other problems goes on increasing, our city Kathmandu won’t be called the place of World heritages. Keeping on mind, we came to a conclusion that developing a small app which provides awareness messages to the public on waste management. We can start from household community to national level to minimize the garbage disaster in the city.

Fare Rates and Bus Available at Different Routes: There are many tourists visiting our nation every year. We Nepalese have been known for our hospitality but sometimes these tourists get cheated by some of the drivers leaving a bad impression of our nation in their mind. Also even the local travelers frequently get cheated or are forced to pay a high amount because they are unknown about the charges. Many people are in a state of confusion while travelling from one place to another place because they are uncertain about the bus routes and the bus available on those routes.

Complete flow diagram of our project is shown below:


Fig: Flow Diagram of our app

Fig: Descriptions of different blocks

Target Audiences

There are people that have been facing these problems despite having a smart phone in their hand. We aim to ease the lifestyle of all the local residents of City as well the tourists visiting our city. Our app can be a great help to students and businessman whose life has been greatly affected by load-shedding. We can assure that this app will prove out to be a boon for all the city residents who has been going through major city problems. Hence all the local residents, businessman, students, national and international tourists can be said as our target audience.

Early Feedback

After we designed this project, we gazed for the related personality who we can approach with our ideas and vision with. Then we discovered Software Engineer Mr. Mohan Maharjan, Mrs. Prativa Phaiju and other seniors. We briefly explained them about our project of sustainable management that includes major issues of our cities that has been affecting our life in some ways. They agreed to us and believed that this app could solve the major problems of drinking water, electricity, and waste management. Changing the entire city with the help of a single app could definitely take time but this can be an initiative towards the building of a beautiful city.



There are several huge ongoing projects such as Kulekhani hydropower projects, Clean Energy, Clean Bagmati Abhiyan, Melamchi Water Project, etc. who are investing millions of dollars to solve the problems like mentioned above. But every project is limited to certain task only. Compared to these huge projects, our project is a low budget project but can definitely generate the outcomes that can be a great help to other huge projects. The other projects are focused to certain tasks, but with our app we provide a flexibility to do different tasks.


Ocin Shrestha: She is a student from Chitwan. “I keep on travelling to different places in course of my studies and find a lot of difficulties when I have to visit a hospital over there. Now I have no problem at all. I can use the Health Facility function of this app” said Ocin.

Johnson Lee: He is a foreigner from Australia who frequently visits Nepal. “I keep on travelling to Nepal on every of my holidays as this place fills me with peace. The only thing I hate about this place is the way how foreigners get cheated by the drivers and also the messy and polluted environment. But now I don’t need to worry about the unusual fare rates, as I can use the Fare Rate function of this app”. Mr. Lee shared his story.

Top User Stories

Raju Kumar Yadav is studying at National College of Engineering. He is a student of Computer Engineering and is into his final year. He needs to submit his final year project for which he had to develop a software. He had been going pretty well with his project until load-shedding hit his life. The schedule would change every alternative week and it was getting difficult for him to update himself with it at regular basis. As a result he could not plan his daily works properly that started affecting his projects to a great extent. Though he tried hard, he could not find an app in windows phone that could keep him updated with the schedule. So this app can help him stay updated with the schedules and he can plan everything as per it that will ultimately complete his project in time. As a feedback, he said “This app has eased my life to a great extent”.

Deepika Pradhan is a social worker from Balkhu, Kathmandu. She requested the locals from her community to separate the degradable and non-degradable house wastes and manage them accordingly. But nobody cared and the garbage piled up day by day deteriorating the environment of community. The people began suffering from air-borne diseases but people were not concerned. But the launch of this app proved to be a step-stone to a campaign that Deepika had initiated. People got idea about the degradable and non-degradable wastes and started disposing them accordingly. Now the community has been a beautiful place to live in. Deepika Pradhan stated “This app has changed the face of this community”.

Mr. Steve Smith is a retired banker from USA and is in a vacation to Nepal. He took a taxi from Patan to Basantapur and had to pay Rs.1000 as a taxi fare. He was forced to pay it because he had no idea about the fare rates and there was no one to help him. This has been a common to almost every international tourist visiting our country. Usually they get cheated and they are too lame to help themselves. But with our app, they can easily get an easy access to every travel route from one place to another along with available means of transportation and the fare rates. Now Steve Smith says “This app has really helped the tourists to travel from one place to another”.

Sajeena Shrestha is a house wife living in Koteswor. She recently had her leg fractured and it almost took her 3 hours to reach a hospital because she could not find the nearest hospital and the way to reach there. This could have really caused her a major problem. Like Sajeena, many people in our city are still unknown about the different hospitals and the service they provide. So in our app, once the health problem has been mentioned, it will automatically address the location of individual and provide them with location of nearest concerned hospitals along with the services they provide and the ways to reach there. Sajeena Shrestha said “This app can be a boon to everyone having health problems”.

Business Model

If the app we prepared is sensible and effective enough, then we can approach Nepal Electricity Authority asking them to sponsor so that our app would reach to a larger mass, electronic medias like mobile phone, computer internet and this can be an effective way to save electricity. Let’s assume there are 10 million electronic media users or smart phone users in Nepal. If only 50% would take our message seriously and implement it on their daily life, then every day we could save about 1,000 Watts of electricity, in assumption of 1 Watt unnecessarily consumption by a single user. If we count that on a monthly basis, then we could save about 30,000 Watts in a month and 366,000 Watts in a year through which is sufficient enough to light our city for a month. Let’s just imagine if we convert that into 100%, it is definitely possible to lighten all Nepal throughout the year. We can also approach to several INGOs with the project of “Lets Light Nepal” and destroy darkness. There are several advantages if we get lights in the country throughout the year. Simply let’s say a student can study anytime they want, the business companies can perform their task in a proper way that would yield better products resulting in high export rate of nation.

Similarly, we can approach “Kathmandu Upatyaka KhanepaniLimited” and ask them to sponsor our app so that everyone will get to know about the everyday schedule of water supply.

This can be repeated with the waste management as well. We can approach “Kathmandu Municipality” for the proper optimization of our app so that every people will be aware about the proper management of waste products, dumping of non-disposable and disposal wastes in a suitable place, and can also be made aware about the ways of preparing compost manure that can be used for agricultural purposes.

                                                             Fig: Business Model of our app

Core Technologies

This application is basically targeted for Windows Phone 8 users but can be developed for other platforms too as demanded. We can also develop this app on Windows 8 Store apps as well as Android phones. We’ll be using Visual Studio platform to develop this app. We’ll be using C# programming language, HTML5, and Bing Maps API to complete our app.


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