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Project Name - Garbage Collection Schedule
Elisha Thapa(Orchid International College)

We all are familiar with the term pollution. In fact it's one of the major problems in our Kathmandu city. The Kathmandu city of Nepal has been suffering from garbage problem for last 20 years, when the city turned into a crowded bunch of people. So the management of garbage in the capital city is becoming a headache.
The garbage is thrown here and there. Actually the public are the cause of pollution themselves and the victims too. We don't have any certain place to throw garbage. We don't know when the garbage collector is coming to collect the garbage. So, as a result we are compelled to throw them recklessly. And who is responsible for this?

Unlike in other cities of the developed countries where wastes are managed scientifically, the garbage here is left to rot emitting stink and also posing a health hazards to the city dwellers. Moreover, the disposal of garbage in landfill sites has proved to be problematic, and it is often disrupted by local people and others causing piles of wastes in road belts also. This also has termed our capital city as full of garbage contributing a bad and negative image among foreigners and visitors which must be looked upon considerably. We live a tough life. We are dealing with our life problems already and the pollution is adding some more of them. Even, walking on the streets is a big challenge today. We tend to bump into the garbage sometimes.

We all live in an advanced society. We are all aware how technology can work wonders. So, why not use technology to eliminate the problem of pollution? So, I have come up with an idea to make an application that can help this garbage collecting process to run in a systematic order. The features of this application are:

·         Division of groups:
Different areas of Kathmandu City will be assigned a group. There might be 10-15 groups or even less depending upon the number of areas a single garbage collecting vehicle can cover. User can select their default group according to their area.

·         Time Schedule:

Time schedule will be implemented so that the public will know when the vehicle is going to arrive in their area. It might be twice or three times a week.

·         Notification:
The public can specify a notification alert of certain time like 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins or even 1 day so they can be aware that it’s the day to throw the garbage. This can be a great help to people living a busy life. Also the notification can help so that the people don't miss the vehicle.
There will be proper schedule for every group. So, it will be programmed for every group to notify the alert message for every user via apps. As the other apps, this app will pop up its alert message at the user’s screen and will also be listed in notification area.


·         GPS system:

Ø  GPS system will be implemented to know the schedule of any places as per the requirement. This way the people who migrate often can be benefited.

Ø  Vehicle Real-time Tracker System Device will be implemented in each garbage collecting vehicles. Sometimes, the vehicle might arrive late because of traffic jam and other issues. Through this system, people can know where their vehicle has arrived using the Bing maps.

Users can directly log into this application where they can see the locations of all the vehicles that collect the garbage.

·         Auto update:
Update feature for new schedule release. SAAS (Software As A Service) will be used to instantly update the schedule so that if the schedule is changed then also user won’t face trouble. There will be an alert message whenever the schedule has been is changed so that it will suggest the user to be updated.

·         Offline use:
The app can be run even without the internet connection once its downloaded. Once the schedule is updated, it can be viewed even in offline mode.
This software won’t only be useful while the user will be online rather it will benefit user when they are offline too. There will be a separate block for 3 R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where there will be enough information for user to make the natural fertilizer with recycling the degradable waste products as well as it will address the proper use of non-degradable waste products to make some decorative. This way we can reduce the garbage in the city. Sample video tutorials will also be provided to recycle waste products if the user is online.

Target Audience
Target audience isn't just one or two people. This application targets people of Kathmandu city as a whole. People haven't been provided with better service for garbage management. Sometimes, people miss the garbage collector and most of the times; the garbage collector misses the people. There are still many places in Kathmandu City where people. As a result, the piles of garbage in the road belts, public places, rivers have increased.
In today's scenario, most of the people here in Kathmandu City use modern gadgets like Smartphone, laptops and computers and being the very first application for garbage management, it is likely to draw attention of the public. This can be a great help to people living a busy life. People need not worry about the unmanaged garbage that stinks in their house because this application will take care of it.


Early Feedback
When I shared the concept of this project with my friends, they gave me a positive response. One of my friends, Suman Bhandari residing in Dhumbarhi said, "My mom says the garbage collector is irregular in our place. This project can be of much help to people like my mother who are having problems disposing the household garbage." So, as long as the public is provided with better service through the proper implementation of this project, it might be of great help.

Being the very first application for garbage management, currently, there are no competitors. This application will certainly be the best chosen application of the public.


·         Sabitri Parajuli: Mrs. Sabitri is a resident of Satdobato, Lalitpur. She is a housewife. She has been facing garbage management problem for the last 2 years. There is no certain schedule of the garbage collection. Therefore, we tend to miss the vehicle at times and the garbage stays at home for long.

·         Bijay Rai: Bijay is a student residing in Bhimshengola, Kathmandu. In his area, they have a system of keeping the garbage outside the house and the collector is supposed to collect it. But, the garbage collector doesn't come on time to pick that garbage. Sometimes, they have piles stacked up outside the house.

·         Lok Bahadur Basnet: Mr. Lok Bahadur is a resident of Jadibuti. His house is near Manohara River. The garbage management is not properly done. Locals in his area used to throw garbage recklessly in the riverside. Now, that some locals have implemented compensation system, people are haphazardly dumping garbage to any empty places they find. This has led to environment pollution.


Top User Stories

·         No more garbage piled in my house..
Rakshya Shahi:
After the installation of this app, the garbage management system has run systematically. I can view the schedule offline too and I get smart notification alert on my phone on the particular day. My house seems clean now.

·         AWESOME!
Smriti K.C:
I am in the Eco Club Society of my College. We conduct Cleanliness program every year and clean the public places. This year, I can see the difference after people have installed this application in their smart phones. Roads, public places are clean now. This app has really contributed for a Clean, Green and Healthy environment.

·         Informative and useful..
Sanjay Jaiswal:
The 3R's block of this app is really useful. My mom now separates the organic wastes and creates natural fertilizers. Even my neighbors are doing so. This has helped a lot.

·         No need to postpone plans..
Kamana Pokharel:
Through the Bing maps, I can know the location of the garbage collecting vehicle allocated to my area. This way I don't have to worry that the vehicle isn't coming and make plans accordingly.

Business model
Urban waste management has become a big challenge today. Being the very first app to provide the garbage collection schedule, lots of people will download this app for sure. Once the app gets popularity, we can give away the limited version of this app for free and sell the enhanced version of this app. We can also collect decent amount of revenue through in-app advertising. Once we get our application installed on many devices, we can also have people pay to remove in-app advertisements. The routines can also be made available to the non-smart phone users through SMS service. This can also help in generating revenue.

Core Technologies
For this application, we will be using the following core technologies:

§  C#

§  Visual Studio

§  Bing maps

§  GPS tracking system

§  SMS server



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