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Project Name - :Food hub

Janak Shrestha (Himalaya College Of Engineering (HCOE)


Kathmandu the busiest city of the Country, here time and work are most valued than other. People already managed their schedule before they start a day. And due to their busyness they are compromising on food and health. In office hour they got only 1 hour for lunch so they are unable to search good place due to location problem of such places and limited time, even if any found they are full and have to wait on long queue but time will not wait them which results eating on low quality food on street side and some even didn’t get chance to eat. So people are facing different problems like

·        Degradation of health due to low quality food.

·         Loss of time on searching for café.

·        Get mental tension which can hamper on their daily work etc.

So, how it would be if you can order quality food from your place through phone or computer? How easy and grateful if your food is being prepare before you reach to restaurant? Obviously, it will be really cool. My idea is to make an App which helps to solve these above problems and app name as “Food hub” which will have two types of users:

*    Normal user

*    Café, Restaurant owner

 Where café/restaurant owners can register their places by paying few dollars and can update their places details by uploading photos of their places, Food menu and price details, Ordering and Online paying requirements and location. There will be rating features for every registered restaurant. Windows phone and desktop app store are becoming one so owner can use desktop to their app. Normal users can search such places; in return they get the list of different cafés/restaurants which are online at that time around them with distance away and required time to reach that place from their location. They can select any café/restaurant and view their places environment, can check their Food Menu, price, rating and reviews before requesting for order. If owner accept that order request then user can select food items and can add to their plate (as like cart), pay through online (with esewa, Hello paisa etc.) and place order. In return user will get Bill and required time to prepare that order, if user know their location can directly go to that places else can see location snapshots provided by owners or can request for location which will show shortest direction to reach that place then user can go after some time and by showing their payment bill they can get their order and enjoy. They can rate restaurant on the basis of provided food, places environment etc. and customers will depend on the rating of place so café owners will focus on quality food, good hospitality etc. for high rating.

 So, People can see different hidden restaurant around them which reduce their time for searching, can view environment of that places, check food menu and price before they go or order which will save their time, issues of health degradation will solve and self-satisfaction too. This will make life easier on Kathmandu valley.

Overview of above words:

Users searching for restaurant through food hub and getting the list of restaurants which are online on 1 Km radius.

Basic functionality of my app:

Target audience:

Lots of people are here in Kathmandu for business, higher education, job, tour, official work. So, most of them have face the above mention problems and we can see maximum people are using smartphone these so, almost every people can take benefit from this app

·        Normal users like College students, office persons, business persons, tourists, any normal people etc. can search nearby place for launch, snacks, dinner.

·        Café/Restaurant owners can follow this method instead of advertising on television so people nearby will find them where there will be high probability of getting customers.

Café/Restaurant owners will focus on increasing their rating so they provide more quality food, making friendly environment on their places which will help them to increase their rating. Higher rating gets more customers and it will be insanely great that every person can get benefit from this app.


Early feedback:

When this idea is playing in my mind I want to know the view of people that what will they think about my concept so I select my target audience and did small survey. Here is the summarize view of audience.

·        College students:

I describe the above problems and ask how you guys are affected from this? They answered, “Yes we face that problem most of the time at canteen always same items no new taste and at outside we can’t search good place to eat due to limited time so we have to end up with eating low quality food from low class cafes on the road side”. Then i told about my idea and they really like it. “It will be really helpful for searching good food and time saving and we can use it anywhere at any time.” said by another student. They give some suggestion for accurate location too.

·        Office employees:

Again I describe same problems and ask how much they are affected? They also answered like college students “We didn’t get more time to search good place in lunch break if any found also they are full. So we have to eat on any noisy restaurant on road side with knowingly that they are serving us low quality food”. Then I told about my app idea they like it. One employee says “It will be great if we can order our food in good restaurant from our phone and it will really awesome if our food is ready before we reach that place and I love that rating parts so they will provide better food to earn rating”. In suggestion they said, “You should make strong policies and agreement with hotel owners so that you can solve any big matter easily if any arises”.

·        Café/Restaurant owners :

I search few good restaurants but really less people are there so I ask reason of this to the owner. They answered, “we are little inside from main road may be of location only few people are here”. Again I ask, “why did you choose this location if you can’t run your business properly?” all of them have same answer “In road side we have to face lots of problem like degrading food quality by dust and smoke, noisy environment for eating but this location is more better than road side not much dust, smoke and  less noisy”. Then I told them about my app idea and they smile and answer, “Is it possible?” I answered, “Of course it will be”.Then it will be great we don’t have to face problem due to location but we may face problem on using it for first time”, said by one of the owner and I answer, “If we make this product we will make video in Nepali describing how to use them then you can try it before taking your business online”. It looks like they are eagerly waiting to take their business online. 

So, from small survey I conclude that people are positive about my app idea.  I can say that it will be really helpful to solve their problem and more people will be benefit from this app eventually it helps to make Kathmandu a better place than now.



On the problems of audience, our app can compete with different companies, service providers like advertisement companies (for T.V, Radio), Food on Call (FOC) services etc.

Restaurant owners are investing lots of money on advertising their business on television and radio but they are becoming useless for their business, people have not time to see or listen there ads and main factor is that in Kathmandu restaurant is found in one minute of interval. According to the scenario of Kathmandu it will not effective if people of kalanki are watching the restaurant ads of bhaktapur, probability of getting customer of kalanki from bhaktapur is very low but if they can advertise it locally, probability will be high. Our strategy is to give first priority for local people from where rise of business is started. In our app any users around café or restaurant of any location will find them in their search list if they are online at that time where probability of getting these local customers is very high. In FOC service, people call for food and service providers will do home deliver but people are unknown on the quality of that food they just have to eat because of not having any clue for searching good restaurant around them. Though it has become easy way but chances of ruining health is high.

 So by viewing these cases our app will be totally new and more reliable method for restaurant owner to grow their business and normal people to choose their choice of restaurant and quality food. By paying just few dollars and getting high rate of customers is obviously great than investing lots of money for few.


Mainly two types of people will benefit from our app and good part is that almost every person of Kathmandu will fall on one of those types.

 Restaurant owner Mr. Shyam Baral of Maharajgunj was very excited about our concept he said that “it will be really new idea for doing business and I think it will help for our business growth and normal people to find good place to eat”. He added, “I also like business concept of your app that to give first priority for local people in place like Kathmandu as well as that rating part so people can trust for the restaurant”. On this small survey, every café/restaurant owner like and support our concept it seems like they are eagerly waiting for this app.

Mr. Sumit Shrestha employee of Standard Chartered bank said, “your concept is cool it will be really helpful for us. We are really facing problems in case of finding good place for lunch. Finding better restaurant which are less than 1 km from our position can view menu, ordering and even paying online and getting bill that will be really awesome and saves our time and it will be easier to choose places on basis of their ratings”.

So we can say that those words are representing the voice of almost every person of Kathmandu.

Top User Stories:

Now let’s see the some of our top user stories taken from our latest survey report whose life and businesses are being easier by “Foodhub”.

1. Nice app for our business…

I have been using this app since two months though it is just starting now I get more than 20 customers in a day it’s really nice. I update cafe view, menu and price on every week and sort of discount in every weekend. Now we are focusing on providing quality food and better hospitality for customer who helps to increase our rating rather than taking tension to find customer. I think every café/restaurant owner is fully satisfied from this app. Let’s share it more so both normal people and we will be benefit. Thank you Food hub.

Mr. Nirmal Rai, Restaurant owner

2. My food is ready when I reach restaurant and that’s awesome…

It is really helpful i don’t have to take tension to find good restaurant of nearby it saves our time and most importantly health. On one tap nearby restaurant/café will be listed in our phone I can view their rating and reviews, can check menu and price, do online order, paying bill and getting receipt and my food is ready when I reach restaurant that’s awesome. Thanks  Food hub.”

Mr. Suman Shrestha, Ncell employee

3. We can check menu and price from phone before ordering, for student like us that’s really helpful.

We students can’t pay high price for food and it will be little awkward to return from restaurant after checking their menu if we can’t afford their food. But now we can check all menus and price from our phone so if we can afford them we can order it or we can go directly there and for me best part is that we can view their rating which really helps us to choose better place for eat. So I think every people who are using Foodhub are really satisfied. Thank you Food hub.”

Ms. Zasmik Shrestha, Student

4. Our customer depends on our rating… we are completely focused on it…

Food hub is really great for business person like us now I am not doing any advertising on any T.V or radio since our customer depends on our rating we are completely focus on it. Instead of taking tension of getting customer now we are focusing on quality food, making our places better etc. I hope every people are taking advantage of Foodhub. Thank you Food hub.”

Mrs. Sumitra Maharjan, Café owner

Food hub business model

From business point of view, Foodhub can stand strong on its own. We divide revenue generating sources in two basic types which are:

 1. Primary source:

Restaurant owners have to pay certain amounts to register their places and to take their business online and also have to pay monthly for keeping their account alive.

2. Secondary source:

We can do advertisements through this app like ads of star-rated hotels, restaurants etc. in a better way that user will not get disappointed from those ads, which can be taken as another source for revenue.

Since we are having rating features for places, owners will try their best for getting good rates which means they are planning to take their business for long term which is also a good part for business. Food hub have different source of revenue so we can say that it can provide continuous service for their users. If we see it globally also, we can say Food hub can do really good business which is another strong part to say that, it will be self-sustainable.

Problems like misusing of apps by creating fake accounts of cafes which make difficulties for users to get right place will be solve too because they have to pay for place registration, have to mention every details of restaurant so they will ignore to create fake account and Food hub will be like real hub for food.

“Value has only value if its value is valued.”

Core technologies:

We want to introduce Foodhub in windows platform because of having enough resources & services that we need before and after development of app. Almost every people of Kathmandu are using computer having windows operating system and also rapid market coverage done by windows phone & tablets. Also there are various reasons behind choosing this platform which are mention below:

1.     They are providing different powerful tools for development (like Visual studio, powerful SDKs, Server, Maps etc.).

2.      Providing services like SQL server for big data analysis, windows azure for running business, active developer community and great marketplace for business.

3.     Both windows 8/8.1 and windows phone app store are merging in one so both user groups can use the same app in different devices. Restaurant owner have not to do any compromise on choosing device they can use it on phone or tablet or PC.

4.     For extending globally in future this platform is better than other. Due to higher user rate of windows devices and one app store for all devices, their marketplace is perfect for business growth.


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