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Project Name - Panacea Health
Harshith Shrestha(KCMIT)


As they say, health is better than wealth, it is true. When one has health he/she can earn his life’s wealth.

Health being a major issue in Nepal as doctor to person ratio in Nepal is too less. Most of the population is far from the touch of doctors. People wait several hours to get medical help. It’s far worse outside metropolitan city as centralized government only focuses on capital.  The condition is not better in Capital Kathmandu itself. The death toll has increased, the increased hospital and beds also aren’t able to provide immediate proper solutions to help patients. In attempting to raise the number of health workers in the country, it is important to keep in mind the problem of retention. Most doctors and nurses either migrate or go abroad. Away from rural areas, there is better pay and facilities to attract doctors who have to repay the huge investments they made in financing their medical education. According to a study by the Kathmandu-based Nick Simons Institute (NSI) published in the British Medical Journal, among 436 graduates of Kathmandu’s Institute of Medicine between 1983 and 2004, only 27 percent of the graduates worked outside Kathmandu while 37 percent practiced medicine in Kathmandu and 36 percent went abroad. As the capital holds the most of the population there is still shortage of doctors and matching of patients to doctors.

Here technology can play a major role in providing solutions, an app and a website that could guide our ways through. We can provide the solutions to the health related problems at their home if self if the doctors could be linked with patients directly through hotlines and helplines. This will change the whole concept of medication system. If small health solutions to be given and small diagnosis could be provided, this could prevent major disasters. The problem is people don’t know what to do and what not to do in the context. Here, panacea health can be and will be a savior.

The working process of the system is:

  1. An app to provide solutions that consists of problem specific solutions, Q&As and common health problem details.
  2. There would a profile for the user to login and user can access past health records.  A database that records all the activates as the user analyses his/her solutions
  3. First aid trainings. For small immediate solution there are several video as well as audio tutorials that link to analyze and provide the problem specific solutions.
  4. The symptoms, causes, prevention and cure and doctor’s advice are to be attached to the app.
  5. For hotline and helpline, the specialist doctors who are free at that time period could be contacted for immediate help and thus providing solutions through Skype audio and video conferencing.
Target Audience

The app can be global as all the people can make use of it, from developed countries to developing ones, from urban to rural areas. It can be useful to the cities like Kathmandu because the use of smart phones has gradually increased. The stats show that several thousand sets are sold daily and all the people are getting in reach with the smart phones and the use of internet. Everyone needs this kind of technology to solve health related problems and know oneself better.

Early Feedback

We had presented this idea to many entrepreneurs and doctors and large masses of audience at college, schools and communities as well. Positive feedbacks have come and many new features are added as the app should be people centered.


As this product can be global and the usefulness can be huge, its competition may soon increase as this is a new idea. It may decrease some unnecessary doctor visit but manages the total output of the hospitality management.

It is providing solution to the problems what usually wasn’t done in a proper way, that’s why it does not have many/ any competitors now. But the competition can increase as the market has huge to offer.


Nepal has records of death toll where lots of people have died of same disease which is so common that it is eradicated in the face of earth in the developed countries. There are recent records of jajarkot cholera epidemic attack where citizens died with the lack of knowledge, information and medicine. Recently we were involved in awareness program with some NGO where we taught people about the diseases and the to-dos when you get some attack and gave the idea about us building an app to help people on, Mr. Khanal was pretty confident this could work and could be implemented in Nepal scenario as lot of carry cell phones and have access to internet.

Top User Stories

Title: Immediate help

Mr. Durga Bahadur Rai is a resident of upper mustang and shared his experience of lack of doctors and no immediate solution in the time of need, he had to walk 2 days to get help for his wife who had jaundice and to see a doctor to get a solution what to do and what not to. Those were his dreadful times and the unavailability of doctors in his area. He also shared with us that his whole village had zero doctors and health solutions and everyone were helpless in times of need.

People often get sick at those places as when one gets sick, it easily gets transferred as no safety precautions are used and thus another problem. This also motivated us to do what we were to start a health solution.    


Title: a good possible future

Mr. Amit Chuke, manager at VFS Global shared his views on how things get worse when u do not get medicine and medical help in time. His story on he went shey-phoksundo for trekking and saved a person’s life on knowing what right treatment to be done. He further shared, knowledge is power. It takes a lot for us to learn but we do not see how these small things have helped us in life. A new place for investment and a good possible future

Title: innovation

Mr. Rohan Kapoor a finance manager at Dabur Nepal with his 7 years experience in the related field speaks of his trouble at capital itself when his wife was pregnant and she started with the pain, and he had no idea what to do. He had wished there could be such technology to know what’s going on that stage and what should be done for the mother and child to be safe. A doctor’s advice could have done the magic. He had to rush her all the way to the hospital but in that time the pain had gone and it was just the stress coming out.  He just wished he knew these things or could learn at this at as an app.

Business Model

As we always say be what’s next, this app is made for applying to be the next big thing. It is built to provide solutions and idea about health problem and queries. From normal cuts to small diagnosis of diseases, it can help people provide solutions. Users can create database where entries about the previous records are made which can help doctors track medicine. Doctors, medicine and technology can be charged for, for the app to on work.

Core Technologies

The project mainly is built on visual studio platform that makes phone app and desktop app as well. A mere .net website also can be provided for proper detailed knowledge. For video conferencing we need Skype technologies and SQL database for the user profile and user information to be stored.


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