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Project Name - CityScope – The City Microscope
Kamal Khanal(Kathmandu Engineering College)


We are the people of twenty first century, there’s no denying that. We are technologically sound and we literally do carry the whole world in our pockets. We are intelligent, but inpatient and busy. Whenever we want to do things or know about things, the first thing we do is Google it, or Bing it or Wiki it, we seek information from the search engine we love the most. But the thing here is we are at 27o 41’46.3” N 85o16’42.6” E, at an attitude of 1267m and the information is about some place at let’s say 11o11’11.1” N 70o07’07.7” E, at sea level, how are we supposed to use that information?

I did come across this a lot of time. There were times when I wanted to eat sea food in Kathmandu and the search engine suggested me some ultra-premium hotel in the Caribbean. So, I thought about a search engine that at first draws a circle of radius 1km in the map that it uses, and searches the inside of the circle first, and if there’s no such thing in that circle, it’ll suggest the nearest one, and the queries can be as detailed as possible, say a budget Tuna restaurant or authentic Japanese sushi restaurant at Durbarmarg, or an Ophthalmologist at Kalanki. When it comes to places, it will search the micro-est possible and for the best match. It will not suggest you a Chinese restaurant at Tripureshor when all you want to do is have some coffee at Koteshwor. And when it comes to information, it will first search the local servers for the information and if it is not available, it will fetch data from the internet and translate it to the local language, using a translator powered by Bing. There will also be facilities to add the local level business, howsoever small it is to the map, so as to improve their business and here is how this app is supposed to work.



Fig: The working of the engine

Target Audience

This app targets everyone, from students to tourists to housewives and entrepreneurs who need really very local and very accurate information, like the nearest Big Mart or the nearest QFX with a couple of sits in the back row for the evening show of some Vin Diesel movie. Tourists could also use this to find the information about places they visit and the hotel they want to stay in.

Early Feedback

My roommate is a food crazy guy, who has to eat what he wants at the exact time he wants or else he’ll go crazy, crazy like a drunk guy and swear on literally everything he can think of. One day all he wanted to eat was some Mexican food that he saw in the TV and immediately liked it, he searched for some time and I could hear him swear on Google and Bing for being crap of search engine. As he works as a web programmer, I told him about the concept and he almost kissed me.  He was overwhelmed by it and is probably doing some research and coding too, you can never know a geek unless you can access his computer, and in his case he is the only guy who sees the display of his laptop.

 I did talk to a few friends in the college and the reactions were always positive. People have always said “Think Global, act Local” and somehow managed to do this, but some out of the box Think Local and Act Local concept has always been missing. When talked about in a workshop, there were suggestions to integrate more and more things in the app, and those suggestions will definitely be cared of.


There are a lot of mapping servers, which we too are going to use and some apps that are said to be localized search engines that give us a stiff competition and face a stiffer competition from us. Our standout is going to be an in-cloud translation service that translates the whole data to the local or the preferred language and the radius concept will also be a cherry on the top of a perfect cake.


1.      Mr. Saurabh Regmi is an engineering student, studying in KEC, Kalimati. His family lives in Butwal and he’s been away from home for four years now. In those four years he’s become addicted to coffee. Once in a while when he goes to visit his family, he really misses the aroma of freshly ground organic coffee that his best café served. He walked all across Butwal to find a café, but failed. Had he had the app he could have precisely located the café, which is in an inner road but does serves some great coffee.

2.      Mrs. Jayashwori Rijal is a housewife living in outskirts of Kathmandu. She owns a smartphone and has some knowledge about web search and internet stuff, but she cannot really understand English. She wants to learn new recipes and surprise her husband and children, but as her English is weak, she has to let go of it and cook same stuff every day, that is boring indeed. Had she had this app she could type in in her native language and get results in her native language. This could make her family happier.

Top User Stories

The Scott’s Say

Mr. Kenneth Green is a student from Glasgow, Scotland. He is in Nepal for his thesis on the education standards of developing countries. He got this app as soon as he landed in Nepal. He used it to find him a Hotel that suits his budget requirements. One morning he woke up in his hotel in Thamel, asked the app to show him some good place for coffee, grabbed a coffee at Thamel and left to Basantapur taking the directions from the app. He then searched for a pizzeria, he was quite surprised to see Pizza Hut in Nepal. He did have a pizza at Pizza Hut and as the day grew he searched for some Nepali cuisines in the app, and went on to eat some MoMo, and he loved it. He loved the app too and recommended it to his friends.

The Mover

Mrs. Dilkumari Gurung recently moved to Kathmandu from Pokhara. She had a tough time to find groceries and furniture to set her house. When she talked to her friend, she recommended her to use CityScope. She did download the app and use it. She’s one happy and intelligent woman now. She can query the app for whatsoever she wants and get to know the nearest location she can get it.

The Romantic Story

Mr. Bikash Jung Kunwar is a student of MBA and he has a girlfriend, sssssh this is a secret. Once in a while he goes to movies with his girlfriend but finding the right place for the couple to enjoy has really been some disappointing job to do. As the name sounded awesome to him, he downloaded the app. Now before going to the movie, he can search for the nearest QFX that has a couple of vacant seats in the back row, book them online and enjoy the romantic movie with his girlfriend. He is in love with the application as he can also search microscopic details about everything that exists in the city.

Business Model

This app after it is out in the market, is probably going to be a very popular app because of the certain standouts mentioned above. For sustaining the app, we can charge the user some money to download the app and also charge the organizations some more to optimize their position and preference in the search.

Core Technologies

The core technologies required to make this app come true are great coding abilities that can code a search spider, immediately translate the data to the preferred language and amazing map control abilities to keep the information as local as possible.


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