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Project Name - Park Here
Lekhnath Khadka(Orchid International College)


Today Kathmandu is most rapidly urbanizing city in the South Asia. As Kathmandu is the capital city, people from all over Nepal are centralizing here. Despite of its small area population size in this Kathmandu valley is increasing day by day. Though Kathmandu is the capital city, urbanizing process is being taken haphazardly. In one hand urbanization trend is haphazard and other hand number of vehicles is also increasing despite of its no proper road.

The number of vehicles in the country has grown 15 times in the last two decades. According to DOTM (Department of Transport Management) the no. of vehicles has reached 11, 26,763 is the last 8 month of the current fiscal year from 75,141 in 1989-1990. The first year of the decade 2001- 2010 witnessed 28,880 new vehicles added every year. Among 11, 26,763 vehicles plying in the country, two-wheelers constitute two-third of them. The new vehicles were mostly bought by people in the central development region (Janakpur, Narayani and Bagmati zones). The number of motorcycles and scooters registered in the country is 8, 39,683, followed by car, jeep and vans (1, 19,059), power trailer (61,582), bus and minibus (34,223) and pick-up vans (9,215). Heavy vehicles like crane, dozer, excavator and truck counted 47,290.

Mostly Vehicles bought in the central region especially Kathmandu. Due to unplanned road routes, unplanned urbanization and large number of vehicles, Kathmandu valley is facing day to day many parking problems.

So, this app is centralized in solving the parking problems through the smart phones. Because about 75% of Kathmandu people are using smart phone and most of them are automobile owners specially two wheeler (Also private cars, taxis).

Our smartphones are equipped with GPS/A-GPS system that can pinpoint the user’s app that can pinpoint the user’s location by the use of GPS/A-GPS, place in it take from google or Bing and display different parking places nearby users. Also this app gives the information about the parking place whether it is full or not, whether it is government or non-government. On doing so, automobile owner become safe from cheating and also they can manage their valuable time, as we know how valuable the time is. This app may be very helpful in solving the problems of traffic jams also. Because the roads are not wide, if someone parks on the road, there would become no way to pass through, at this time, this app solve the problems by parking the vehicles in appropriate parking places.

Target Audience

Almost all the traffic system is targeted by this app. Because if we park properly, we as well as others also cannot face the traffic problems like traffic jam, accidents and so on. Beside this, private vehicle owners like taxi, two wheelers, and car owners can feel this app very helpful as they have to move different unknowns public peoples, vehicles owners and traffic systems are the target audiences of this app.


Early Feedback

I talked to my friend about this app. At first he said, “This application is not so useful because there are Bing map and google map also shows the location.”  I told him that those map only shows the location but my application will shows both location and parking place, which helps to save users time. And he said this app is really very useful because it can help all the people but not only the app users. When my teacher heard about this, he was excited and said, “It is very nice application, it will help me and all others users to know about the parking place”.


This may be the first app regarding to solve the parking problems. This app could not be popular earlier, when people realize the present problems related to traffic, there will be no people to reject this app.


Sansar KC is a business man. He lives with his family in tinkune. He has to go to different place with his children. He himself goes to different known and unknown places for business activities. During such time, he faced problems of parking because in unknown places no one can know about the parking place. But now he should not take tension because this application will help him to know about the parking place.

Top User Stories

1.  Awesome app Keep It up

Mr. Kamal Devkota is the bachelor level student of CA. He has his own bike. He does not face parking problems in his collage. But when he goes for shopping .the parking areas are sometime full and at this time he feels this app is really most useful because he got the nearby parking locations through this app.

2.  Taxi Driver

Ram Babu Tiwari feels this app is very useful for him. As he is the taxi driver he has no fixed place to stop or stay He has to go to different place as per passenger wants .so he should know the about the parking places nearby different places where he is. And this problem is being solved by this app .so he is grateful to this app and app developer.


3.  Raju Oli  

He has his own bike and he used to drop different goods to different places. Most of the time he had to stay to different places for a time. During this, he feels this app is really solving his problems of parking and manage his time and money as well.

Business Model

This app is not developed for business purpose rather it is to help the general public people. This app primarily focuses on manages of times and other transportation meshes. But if some organization wants to buy or will use it for business purpose, then they can buy it for certain amount of money.

Core Technologies

This concept can be implemented in the form of a web application which will be designed using ASP.NET. Further this can be extended to be supported by mobile devices. We will need C#.NET to develop window phone application. For location, we will need to use Bing Maps


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