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Project name: City Public Toilets Tracker



Kathmandu city is one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Technology has been integrated in each and every part of its citizen. Increased use of information technology has enhanced the productivity of peoples. Use of technology has mitigated various problems of the people. So, can the technology be helpful for solving the problems of city? Can we develop and use them in city? Surely we can do it.
Now, let’s talk about the main problem that is being faced by people of Kathmandu i.e Public toilet.  Development of public toilet is the main indicator of livability of any city. It is no exception for Kathmandu too. Being fastest developing city in the world, Kathmandu has very few public toilet services. It is very difficult for its citizens as well as guests(foreigners) for tracking down those public toilets.  Being frustrated to find proper sanitation facility in city can give negative feeling to its citizens as well as guests (foreigners).
This proposed project is design to address those problems (sanitation problems) and solve them through development of apps which can display the toilet location in the city.

Target Audience

The actual targeted audiences of this app are those people generally the tourist and the visitors who are new to the place and who are in ample search of toilets straightaway.


The main purpose of this project is to help those people we are in a need to search public toilet. So, rather than being commercial it is being developed for social purpose. So for the social purpose, we don’t think that we should have competition with any others.



1.    Ram Chandra Adhikari: He was a first time visitor to Kathmandu city. As he was walking around the Balkhu area, he had emergency to do short-toilet . he search the public toilet for 15 minutes but he couldn’t find it. He even requested the local people to do short-toilet in there toilet, but his request was turned down. So being not able to hold, he finally done short-toilet in Bagmati River.

2.   Prashant Bhatt: he was here in Kathmandu to make his MRP passport from MahendraNagar.  He stood in a queue from early six am in the morning too late noon. Meanwhile he was in the urgent need to toilet. As he could not track any public toilets nearby, he was unable long. So, finally he urinated in the nearby corner wall of foreign ministry.  

3.   Rahul Jha: with the aim of getting labor license to Qatar, he was here in labor department in Tinkune from Rajbiraj. As he was completely unknown about the place, the similar problems as above arise to him too.   So, he was also compelled to discharge his was in the nearby public place.

Top User Stories

Pradip Lama: I am a Mustang based business man. Due to my work I have to come to Kathmandu frequently for a day. Since, I am completely unknown about the town, sometime in hurry I could not find the toilets in the street.  So, feeling annoyed I even has asked some house owner for the help. But now LocateIT has helped the people like us to find the toilets near us at very short time.

Business Model
Actually the apps is for the purpose of social service, we have not planned for taking the huge profit from it. But, for the regular maintenance and update of the apps, a certain ads will be displayed.
Besides that, with the close collaboration with the respective municipality of the city, we will be tracking and allocating the location of the public toilets.


Core Technologies

The Apps public toilets will be developed for the mobile and web platform. Generally we have planned to develop the apps in Android and Windows Platform. As an alternative solution for the one not having smartphone we have also planned to develop the light web version of the apps, so that they can even acces it through the GPRS .

Other Technologies to be used:

·         Google Map API

·         JQuery



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