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Project Name - : Travel Guide

Manita Pote (IOE, Pulchowk)


In Nepal most of the people use public vehicles everyday to travel to their destination. Though the number of private vehicles is increasing in Kathmandu valley, still majority of people depend on public conveyance services. Similarly most of the people find it hard to travel to unheard places as they are unaware of the routes, travel fare, local vehicles available and from where to board them. Therefore people end up boarding the wrong bus and they get cheated on the bus fare which is a total waste of time and money. Similarly talking about air flight, whenever people have to travel by plane (either abroad or within the country) people have no idea which flight services are available, their fares and where to book them. So people don’t have much choice in this case.
     The main concept of this app is to take the current location and final destination from the user and display the different routes, local vehicles available, from where to board the bus, where to change the bus, total fare, average time (so that people can have idea about how  much time it might take) to reach the destination. The app will also have GPS tracking to track down the current location. For the air flight, the user will have to provide their destination and the app will display whether the air service is available or not in that city and if it is, which airline services are available, how much they charge and what are other services in addition to it. This app is not only applicable for Kathmandu valley but for the entire nation and the people traveling form one place to another. The service of the app will be available both online and offline.




Target audience:

All the people with Smartphone and internet service all over the country are the targeted audience. Since 80% of the people travel by local conveyance every day, this app hopes to be helpful for whole lot of people. Tourists (internal as well as international) also can be the audiences.


Early feedback:

There are many cases that people don’t have idea how to reach their destination by public buses mainly when they have to go to new place out of the valley or somewhere unheard place. Similarly there are cases of people boarding wrong bus and ending up in wrong place so this app hopes to help in such cases. As I share my concept with my friends and seniors, everyone was positive about it. “Great idea! I had much trouble finding the place back then when I first came to Kathmandu”, one of my friend said. Therefore the app hopes to be helpful for people of various fields.



Since no any initiation has been done in this sector through app so I don’t find any competitors. Though for air ticketing information there are many online ticketing websites so they might be the probable competitors.



v  Kumar Shrestha: He is a salesman. He has to travel to different places everyday and for this he uses public bus. “Once I board a wrong bus and had to get off on the midway. I had trouble getting to my destination” he said. Now he doesn’t have to worry about where the place is and how to reach there because he can now rely on TRAVEL GUIDE.

He finds the app very helpful in everyday life.


v  Richa Dangol: She is a news reporter and has to go to different places for reporting. She has to reach the incident site instantly. She also uses TRAVEL GUIDE. She claimed that the app had saved the time and money.


v  Mina Tamang: She is a student. She is from Dang. “I had a lot of trouble finding places and which bus to board when I first came to Kathmandu. Now I have no problem at all. I can also use TRAVEL GUIDE whenever I have to go out of valley” said Mina.


v  David Brown: He is a foreigner (natively British) currently touring Nepal. “I like to travel on my own. Once I end up in a strange place. I wasn’t getting good feeling about that place and I didn’t know where I was.  That time travel guide saved me it tracks down my current location and I entered my hotel location. I took the bus and reached my hotel.”David shared his story.


Business model:

This app works in association with the local “BUS SAMITIES” and air line companies so by partnering with different local BUS SAMITIES, airline companies and other organizations related to transportation we can make money. Similarly we can display advertisements of various travel agencies and airlines companies etc and also charge the installation cost. To make the app sustainable frequent amendments should be done.


Core technologies:

This application is basically targeted for windows, android and iphone cell phone users. Since the app display the different routes with the location to board and change the bus (local vehicle) so Bing map, Google earth will be heavily used. Similarly if user is unaware of his current place then GPS tracking system will be used to track down his current location and how he should proceed to reach the destination.


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