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Project Name - My Energy
Utsav Shree(Institute of Engineering)


Theme: Home Energy Saving Solutions

With modernization use of modern appliances has increased, chiefly in city area. However, very few are aware about the energy saving methods – either by using energy efficient technologies or changing the usage habit. The very basic concept of this project would be providing basic energy saving ideas and solutions to the consumers. And as its lateral function, this project would retrieve energy and appliance data from the users, possibly with their usage pattern and result will be to provide specific instructions to the users regarding energy saving methods on specific purpose. Moreover, the target of this project is to collect a central data on electricity consumption of the users and provide energy saving and forecasting data that will be useful for other governmental and non-governmental bodies that are energy related.


As illustrated in above figure, the 1st stage of the application would be in form of a questionnaire or form in which consumers enter their appliance, energy usage behavior and other habits that could affect energy usage such as heating and ventilation. For an unregistered user, the app would provide basic solutions stored in application. For registered users, it would provide updated solutions in connection with the database. Thus, they would get valued service through it.  


The DBMS would store database collected from the users. This data base, on justified request from authentic source, will be provided for research works. In addition to that, the updates information collected from database will be shared with energy experts so that they can suggest new ideas and solution based on current data and queries from users.


Above table represents few categories of solutions that are provided to the users. As seen above, the solutions will be provided in three basic sections. With data on appliance ownership, it would suggest technology switching to energy efficient technologies and suggest energy saving tips. In other section, with database on energy usage behavior, it would suggest proper energy mix that would save energy and cost. On other hand, the database can be used to predict the energy requirement to each consumer on general basis so that they can also set target energy usage and plan for fuel storage requirement if required. Finally it would also suggest household behaviors such as in heating and ventilation such as to reduce energy required for those purpose. Moreover, it would also provide energy saving design concepts to those who want.

Target Audience

The targeted audience will be all household dwellers (however not limited to) in city areas.  This project will not only give them idea for energy saving but also cut them the burden of spending time for energy planning out of their busy life. On the other hand, the database management system will be core source to energy researchers and energy related bodies like WECS, AEPC etc. to be up-to-date with the energy current energy consumption scenario as well as the trend that is going on which will be helpful to them for R&D works. Moreover, the result of energy savings will also have a positive feedback on national economy for energy imports. Thus, it will be a win-win solution to consumer, supplier as well as nation as whole.



Early Feedback

I have put forward this concept of self-household energy management to a team of energy experts as well as some consumers my community. The energy experts were enthusiastic in idea of sharing such knowledge through a widespread media technology. They were more enticed by the fact that it application will also manage a database that would collect energy data, which is present case is very challenging job. Moreover, the energy saving activities means more reach of people to energy. On the other hand, the consumers were more concerned with expenditure savings. They are willing to spend ten minutes of their time to use the app that could save them good amount of money, depending on their consumption behavior. 

Their portentous feedback from them has inspired more to develop a working application and implement to the national level.


This app will be first of its kind in Nepal that suites the regional status quo. The business competition, if there was any, as in foreign countries, would have been the residential energy auditing firms that would provide such services with profit motive.


Priyanshu Adhikari, Local, Kathmandu

As of present condition, due to load shedding, I am not being able to fulfill my energy requirements due to constant load shedding. Moreover, the problem of LPG shortage is exasperating. It disturbs my daily work as well my professional business. Moreover, I have to still pay for the energy although I am not satisfied with the service delivery. The usage of inverters had visibly increased my electricity bill. Thus I would love to have some suggestions over my energy usage, at least save my money as far as possible.


Anita Prajapati, Energy Researcher

The idea of energy internet based dynamic database management system which overwhelming. I would love to subscribe to the database which would not only broaden my knowledge on current energy status but also help me in my research works on energy planning and policy analysis.


Top User Stories


Basant Chaudhary, Consumer

Expenditure Saving

It will be more than eager in saving my energy budgets. With limited energy supply, at least I can save my expenditure. Moreover, I can plan for my energy saving and set targets to reduce if I can know my potential energy usage and saving potential provided by the application.


Nepal Electricity Authority,

Electricity Generation Targets

It is evident that NEA is having problem in supplying enough electricity to consumers. Our demand projection is based on our supply today but we do not know in factual how much electricity is demanded by consumers. With the consumer data on actual demand, we can set hydropower development target to meet that demand. Moreover, the energy saving solutions will also reduce energy supply burden upon us letting flexibility to our production houses.


Nepal Oil Corporation

Fuel import and reserve margin

NOC is sole importer of fuels in the country. We have been facing lots of problem due to disruptions in supply and also the losses we have incurred. If we have consumption data and such energy saving solutions, the burden upon us will reduce in one hand and in other, we can plan our import for future as well as the storage of fuels.


Business Model

Since it is not targeted to be a business app, the firmware would be free. However, if not supported by any government or private bodies, the source of funding for database management would be collected from the distribution of data itself to the justified data inquirer.

Core Technologies

The application will not only be mobile based, but will also be web based such that it can be utilized by maximum users all over.



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