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Project Name - Project Heath For All
Nikesh Maharjan(Thames International College)


Our team is developing a personal health management system that basically allows people to access their health information from any part of the world any time they want.


The main problems that everybody is facing is unavailability of their past health reports anytime they want. Similarly every time they visit their doctors they have to carry their entire document with them, hard to find the written documents and not a follow up and lack of availability of past datas are the major problems.


Our project allows the users to store their every information online and their information can be accessed anytime from any hospitals that have used our service online. This will solve the problem like access of the patients data’s during the emergency like accidents and other regular checkups as well.


Our project will also solve the problems like when a patient travels to abroad, they don't need to carry their entire health record and can be gained just only accessing their account on our system.


Basic functions that our system will provide is access of the entire health records of a person anytime s/he wants who have access to the account. Our system would also help to track the health condition of the parents of patient so that it would be easy for doctor to find out if the disease is based on heredity.  Other than that our system would also help to keep track of the patient’s health and check if their current health status via various measuring systems like BMI,

Target Audience

Our main targeted audience are the hospitals. The hospitals implementing the system will be given access to the services and to every new patient visiting the hospital makes the new account to the patient and it is later updated as the patient visits the hospital.

Early Feedback
We had a short conversation with the doctors of certain hospitals as well as the management of the hospitals and the feedback which we received from them are:

It may be a bit of time consuming for the doctors to update the patient information regularly since there may be large number of patients. Likewise it may be costly for the hospitals to maintain a computer based system in every doctor's room.


Since its a first kind of product that a market will be using there is no direct products, companies that we will be competing till now if there arises another system similar to ours then there may be some competition but still we will be competing with the old file systems.

Since it is a total new product and our competitor is old file system there is a huge difference between the competitor and our product. Our management system will solve various problem that the old system is not still being able to define. The problems like global availability of data, real time updates of data are some of the key features that are totally different from our competitors.


This system is mainly focused for doctors so our likely users will be the doctors. In our system the doctors are only allowed to enter the information for their patients whereas the patients are only allowed to view their health information. Hence our system makes the work life of a doctor easier in case if any emergency situation occurs with the patient like car accident or any serious situation they can check it online.

Other than that we are more concerned about the old people who hardly remembers to take all the documents with themselves whenever they visit. Other than that old people also are not well managed when they have to manage all those documents. Our system would be really helpful for them since all they have to do is carry a card containing their username and password in their wallet.

Top User Stories

Everything has been easier.

Dr.Niranjan Bista, surgeon says that implementing this system it has been easier to handle all the medical records. Dr. Bista says, “Now when ever any patient visit all i have to do is enter their username and password and all the medical records are in my fingertips. I don’t have to go through all the old medical books and look for patient history, rather i would only search the required data.

Database has been easy to search

Mr. Rajendra Maharjan who has been working in making record of patient says that it has dramatically changed all the way we manage all data. Before we used to keep all the records manually but now it’s all digital. It has dramatically decreased our cost as well. We don’t need to print any of the books. Now all we do is create account for the users and provide them digital cards. it have also saved our time that we used to waste while searching all the old data.

Easy to handle

Miss. Loozala Singh says I don’t have to search my parents report every time i visit to some doctors for some surgery or any other uses. I can get all of my parents report with just one click and we don’t have to maintain the report also since there is no any possibility of losing their reports.


Health records has been made available on fingertips

Prof. Sujan kayestha has been in teaching industry since a decade. He says that now he don’t have to be worried about the medical history whenever he visit to doctor. He says that although it is a total new technology for us it’s quite easy to adapt and much easier since we don't need to update any of our data and doctor does it for us. And all we need to carry a card in our wallet and there is also no chance of losing our medical records.


Business Model

We generate the revenue by implementing the system to the hospitals. As this system expands it will acts as the basic needs of every hospital as it will take off the burden from the hospitals like managing data of each and every patients. We can sustain our product by providing various updates in a timely basis to them like taking doctor appointment without making a phone call, online payment to their bills, sync between the service and the calendar of the patient/doctor etc.

Core Technologies

The core technologies we will be using are C# programming language on visual studio express platform. For the database management system (DBMS) we are going to use SQL server 2012 express edition.


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