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Project Name - : Women's Safety App

Nikita Kumari Barnawal (IOE, Pulchowk)


Women are adept (proficient) at mobilizing diverse group for a common cause. They often work across ethnic, religious, cultural and political divides to promote peace. We are all aware of importance of women’s safety, but we must realized that they should be properly protected. Women’s are not as physically strong as men, in an emergency situation, a helping hand would be a relief for them.

The best way to minimize your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime (robbery, sexual hassault, rape, domestic violence) is to identify and call on resources to help you out of dangerous situations.

The most common and constant companion for any one today is their smart phone. Whether you are in immediate trouble or get separated from friends during a night out and don’t know how to get home, having these app on your phone can reduce your risk and bring assistance when you need it. These app can be helpful for all the women throughout Nepal.

Thus, the main concept of this app is to ensure the safety of women at anytime and anywhere. During an emergency, it can be hard to think straight; however, having such app in your phone is the only immediate solution to inform your loved ones and that the authorities are able to pinpoint your exact location in seconds.

Target audience:

The risk of women security is becoming poorer in the country like Nepal. So developing such app would play a keen role in personal security in one hand and the other hand, it would help in the development of society and nation as well.

 The target of the application is concerned with all the women throughout Nepal. Not only women, everyone can used this app for personal safety. It would include all the female workers, college students, teenagers and people of any age group.


Early feedback:

As the project of idea came in my mind, I discussed it with senior sisters, friends and teachers and all of us gave a very good response to this application. They said that this would be the best way to provide personal security for every people (especially women). This app would also provide freedom for all women to travel anywhere and they would love to use this app.



This project is aimed to provide personal security to women. So it is like to highly support by government, crime stopper representatives and many more. This app definitely would going to be the best ranked app among competitors due to its several unique feature:


It will record voice sound around surrounding for 1minute and send these record and text a message to recipient number.

Even if the user in trouble doesn't have a internet connection at that time, the recording will be saved and will be automatically sent to the saved mail id, that is no user interaction is need.
Also if you don't have range at the same time, then also the SMS is automatically sent when you are in range. Again no user interaction is needed.
Isn't it amazing?

One more thing is that the "recordings" are saved hidden in the device.
i.e. even if you don't have internet or range the recording the message, and your location at the time of trouble are saved in the Mobile for later clarification.

Even the person in trouble doesn’t have to look at the phone once he tap the button.
Everything else is done by the app. Help will come fast at you. No complex set up is required. i.e. keep simple and be secured.


Miss Richa Adhikari: Being a civil engineering student, she has to travel many places for her survey camp. She uses smartphone. she can use this app and feel secure, whenever she is out of her comfort zone.

Miss Puja Thapa: she works in Kantipur F.M. she has night duty. Her life is full of risk. So she can use this app.

 Like, Miss Puja there are many women who work far away from home so this can be used by all those women.

Top User Stories:

Rachana subedi: once I had been to my friend birthday party and I was late while returning home. On the way to my home, some of boy started to tease me and follow without taking any moment, I just pushed the button and within few moment local police arrived at the arena and I was rescued. I am very thankful for those people for making such app for our security.

Anu Dangol: I had been to Pokhara for the first time. I reached at 6pm. As I got out off bus and just had walked some distance, I felt like somebody following me. When I turned back, I saw two guys were following me. So feeling unsecure, I tap the button on the phone and just after 3 min police came there and they saved me from those bad people and helped me to reach my destination. i couldn’t even  imagine what would happened to me if I didn’t have this app. I feel really fortunate to use this app.


Business model:

This app would more likely to make money due to its unique feature of recording. Significantly, in case of data being not available, the app switches its mode of tracking to the sms mode where data about your location is sent out to the server of an app through sms. So due to its unique feature, people are more willing to download this app and as the number of user increases, nothing stops the company or project from earning.


Core technologies:

This application will be basically targeted for smart phones, android phones, windows phone and so on. The unique feature of this app makes the project more strong and effective.


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