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Project Name - Multiple Small Projects

Nirmal Subedi(OCEM)

Don’t just sit back and wait for your community to get better by itself. You need to get involved!

The major concept of the Project is to Take Action, aware the people to get participate to solve the particular problem they face on their day to day life. In our country, we are the major problem of the situation that we don’t participate to solve the issue but sit back and wait for it to happen for various reasons. Almost in everywhere we used to face situations like corruptions, frauds, load-shedding problems, un-used natural resources, however We (People) just don’t care them but only thought for while that THIS IS IT, THIS IS NEPAL. So, the concept of the Project is to participate that particular person to get involved to resolve that issue by submitting them to the Government of Nepal or the Particular body or the Public. So that next time the problem might get solved or at least addressed.

We all complain about the living conditions in our cities. We charge the government for traffic-jams, polluted water and air, noise at nights. We see the problems like vandals, dangerous places, smog from factories but we do not do anything about it. Without our reaction it is not possible to change anything. Problems connected with pollution are common in the cites. We need to work with the government to get some resultPeople should get Involved in recycling schemes so there will be less rubbish to pollute environment. Moreover, the people in power can force factories to put filters on chimneys not to pollute atmosphere. It depends on us if mills will use environmental friendly production methods. When we stop using products of companies whose factories cause pollution as a result they will be forced to change their methods. Many people complain on traffic-jams, smog Caused by the noise of cars or big trucks during the night. To should avoid jams in the something to improve public transport. If the buses or trains were comfortable, people would use them not cars. Consequently we can ban cars in the centers what will make our cities safer and cleaner. Still we have left the noise, the only thing we can do is that prohibit trucks in cities. However not only pollution or cars is the problem. Another complaint of bigger towns and cities are vandals. Their existence is only our fault. We do not react when we are witnesses of vandalism or gang’s activity. People are afraid and they think that no one can handle with the social margin. They are wrong, with our help the police can fight with those who makes our cities dangerous. We can take some actions connected with monitoring of dangerous places, what will make our towns safer. Mentioned those problems are not all we have in the cites. There are still left pick pocketing, drug Dealers, thieves, mugging and many more. Luckily I think that for every issue there is a solution. We just have to admit that we have problems in our towns and try to do something about them.


So, the above concept clearly tells us that, almost of us don’t reply or get involved to the social problems we face daily because of time, money, job, and the careless. The current project I am purposing to the MIC Nepal and the CityApp is that, which includes all of the possible application to develop which might make our country or city better at the point of time. Because, the target audience uses Mobile phone or other social networking sites I've planned to develop multiple applications. If we put all the features in single application, and after the rest of the time, if application cannot successes which we are thinking now the whole IDEA might get failed. I am planning to give a user a Choice to select whether he want to include on such a single Application or not. Let’s see the table first:

Application / Project



City Info

- Users can view the City details. Which includes :

- City's Major Places

- City's Crime rate with the Location

- City's other related information's that can be useful.

The purpose of the current application is to give an opportunity to the users to learn about the Cities in Nepal and their Culture, Society, Problems, Crime areas etc.

City Enquiry

- Users may note the details and submit

- Users may capture the Image with details and submit.

- Users may capture the Video with details and Submit.

- The Details might be any of :

        - Person Name

         - Organization name or the Company

           - Product or Service Name

        - Etc and Details

- In many situations when we do face Problems. We can simple note it down on the Mobile phone with Image/Video or any attachments and can submit. Which gurantee the safety of the users also.

Help Me

- User can simply Push an HELP ME Button for Help.

- Application will track the Geographical Location of the Phone  and Submit the Detail.

- User can write any details if anything which might include location, or the kind of problem or anything.

- The purpose of an application is that, When anyone especially GIRLS/Woman in any society if faced by an Problems like harassments. But the target audience is not only Womans but any one, who are in trouble and need someone to care them right now.

Poll (Vote for Best)

- The application will give an Question with Possible Choice

- Users can submit their Best Choice.

- This can be used to make a Decision for the Public which they want. Like, Suppose a Question "Car parking should not be allowed" and the city is "Sundhara" then Public can vote it whether it is or not. This way they can involved in the Public Decisions. And, their decisions should respected.  The above question is only an Example. This might be very useful one in the future.

City Traffic

- The Application will gives an information about the Traffic rules or any information's regarding traffic of the City.

- Application will track the Speed of the Travelling user and alert if he/she cross the Limited Speed.

- Application could provide the Summarized City Death rates by Accidents with Vehicle types or any traffic issues.

- Application could submit any Lost information's of the visitors.

- And, if any things reported to traffic, that someone got something on the bus or road, It should be able to see by users.

- The application typically could help any vehicle holders.

- Because of an alert system, it can be useful to minimize the Accidents rates especially college students.

- Traffic information leads the user, they can avoid to go to heavy traffic area but the alternative ones, which might help to reduce the heavy traffic of the area.

- If anyone forget anything on the bus or travelling media, they can be submitted by application. So that, at the next station he/she can get their valueable thing.

- So, the Application can be used BOTH by traffic to give an information like if they Found something losted, or the Users if they lost something or want to enquiry whether it is safe or not.

We Club

- This is the Club Network Application.

- The Club chair person's can signup to from application

- Any members can also signup to an application

- Multiple Clubs can Create Events

- And, Those events are get notified to the Users.

- Events can be any Public Program or other.

- Multiple Clubs can integrated and will organize the program through the application.

- The Purpose of the Application is to increase the participants in the public events of the clubs around the Nepal.

- Because Clubs are already doing their best job to make our Country better, we can further more help them by creating this application. Which is Aimed to Help Multiple Clubs to Integrated together. And, notify each others programs to include much Help, participants etc.


- This is the Donation Program Application.

- Any Club or Public Organizations that need some donation can use the application. They can submit the need of donation details through the application with their Project detail.

- Also, the Doners can use the Application, they can see the list of their interested donation through the application and can submit the Donation details.

- This way, Any one want to Donate and anyone needs some donation can use the Application.

- Many programs are get organized daily by multiple Clubs or organizations. Since the clubs are not integrated together, they find difficulties finding the donations. By using this application, any clubs/organizations/person can help the programs of respective clubs/organizations.







- Application Can work Offline or online. If anyone submit an information which might require internet connection then too, it should be saved and when the internet connection available it should be submitted automatically.

Emotion or Inspirations

- According to the Type of Application : Application should provide the "Quotes" to develop an better human and So the City. Like an Traffic Application may provide an Quote or the quotes like this on the occasional interval like "Over speed may lead you to Death Penalty".

Security and Privileges

All the informations submitted by users should be privileged. They should feel safe.


The application may use extensively the GPS and Internet System and Sensors of the Phone.


Target Audience

The target of the Application to help the society is primarily concerned with the people around us. The final Products can be used by anyone who Love their own country or city. Currently, the audience could be any one of Nepalese People. Any person might get involved to make better city of their own.  However, the major probability that the application will be used by are Students or Young generation.

Currently there are approx 1396740 Facebook users from Nepal. And, using many other social networking sites. Nepal Telecom has 44% mobile users from Nepal which approximately cover 8595771 users and many other using other services. It means that, in current scenario almost everyone have got a communication medium with their own. So, the targeted audience from Nepal could be up to approx 35% users while the application getting almost matured.  And, the rest of the thing depends upon the project we are developing will get much highlighted or not means, if the proper advertisement get happened, almost everyone from Nepal will use the application. Because, everyone loves their country or city and want to be safe or want to know information about their city.


Early Feedback

As I'm already a Software Developer, my various friends suggested me these concepts. Their valuable suggestions leads me to write this Blueprint.


The Project is aimed to make a better social responsibility. And, it should be highly supported by the government body and the public. However there might already be an applications related to these. The current project will still get run and very useful. The proper Updates, and Features should be maintained and the project will obviously get ranked best among the competitors. Following are the Services which we might have to include are:

- Traffic System of the Nepal

- Police System of the Nepal

- Red Cross Society of the Nepal

- And various Government or non government sections.


Ms. Sabita Khatri


Sabita is a Commerce Student, she believes we should do better and the Society will be best. She uses a computer/mobile with internet connection, these are just tool to get surf the internet and have fun.

Key goals 

 As a student having mobile phone and Internet connection with typical interest of better social living. She can use our Application on her Mobile to make her city a better City/Society.

A usage scenario  

While travelling or doing something, she might get use our application. For her safety or for better society or the featured provided.

Mr. Rajendra Kandel  


Kandel is a Lecturer at Oxford College of Engineering and Management, he believes we should do better and the Society will be best. He had lost the Bag on the Bus and helpless sometime ago.

Key goals 

 He can use our Application on his Mobile so that the next time if anything happen he can inform traffic with in a minutes and have his things back.

A usage scenario  

While travelling, he might get use our application if he lost his valuable things. And, can report it within time.


Business Model

The primary concern about making multiple of project rather a Single project is obviously the business concept in my opinion. Because we make various social applications users can use anyone or multiple of them which they might feel they require rather they download a Single Packed application and they can't be able to use all the features. By providing multiple Social Application Like these (But only included very Few Above) we can first attract the customer. They will always be with us with any Single One Application. And, that Single application is enough to get involved with next applications. So that, multiple applications can earn multiple values. And, the Project or the Company will always be earning with any one or multiple best applications simultaneously.

Here are few of the other Concepts I've planned to include in my EACH project to earn and sustained the Project:

- May use Ad-sense System, in every applications.

- User may donate the Fund.

- Any government or non-government system can Help if the Application is only Specific not to Business but Better City of the Nepal and make Promised them.

The Usage Scenario

Each individual can use their own interested application and can help the Society or their-self.

Core Technologies

Following are the Core Technologies/Platform that can be used:

- GPS.

- Internet.

- Windows Phone Platform.

- Android Phone Platform.

- C#/Java Languages.

- Government Database Access

- Sensors of the Phone.


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