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Project name: YOUR TAXI FARE

Aakesh Kunwar & Prakash Pokhrel(Kathmandu BernHardt College)


The concept is to track the distance travelled by a taxi through GPS and then to take out the exact taxi-fare according to the distance travel and the cost that is define by the law. We all know that the people these days are being cheated by the taxi drivers and I think this app will prevent you from being cheated from taxi-driver. Using this app we can trace the real time location of an individual and then it starts calculating the distance travelled by the taxi until it reaches its destination. After it has reached its destination it will give you your taxi-fare which will be according to the law. If the taxi owner refuse to take the amount and start yelling at passenger then he/she can immediately press help button through which traffic will get notification about the situation and can help passenger.

This app also include features like easy routes, cost from one routes to another.

Target Audience

It will include all the people who has GPS enable mobile phone. People these days are being cheated and we think app like this will help to stop that.

Early Feedback

When we explain this concept to few of our teachers, seniors and friends we got very positive responses and also came to know that they are expecting us to add some other features like the total cost calculating in the local vehicles according to the distance travelled by the users and to trace all the local vehicle from GPS which is somehow difficult. But we might include it in nearby future.


This app will have a competition with other apps like Taxi fares Nepal and Easy taxi. The differentiate feature of my app will be that it will contains every route of the valley and also tells the users the important fact of the place that user is currently passing until he/she reaches her destination.



1. Avishek Manandhar: -
Avishek is a student and he travels in a taxi but he is cheated many times as he has to pay different amount different time for the same route. He has downloaded YOUR TAXI FARE App and now he doesn’t have to ask taxi-driver for the cost instead Avishek handed him with cash showing his calculation in YOUR TAXI FARE app.


Top User Stories

1. Leonardo Dicaprio: -
Leonardo Dicaprio works in United Nation organization for women & children emergency fund in Nepal. Whenever he go to work he is always cheated by taxi driver which he understood after downloading YOUR TAXI FARE app. When he try to differentiate the cost, the taxi driver yells at him. Then he suddenly press help button of our app & suddenly traffic get signal &immediately trace where Dicaprio is through GPS & went to help him.

Now whenever Leonardo Dicaprio is travelling in taxi, he uses YOUR TAXI FARE app.

2. Bhanu Khatiwada: -

Bhanu Khatiwada is a taxi driver. Before he uses YOUR TAXI FARE app, he used to put meter in his taxi for total cost. The passenger used to comment on his meter that his meter runs too fast and start arguing about cost. But now he uses YOUR TAXI FARE app and whenever he has to go with passenger, he start to use our app because of which none of the passenger argues with him.

3. Manu Khadka: -

Manu Khadka is out of valley and she has come to Kathmandu to attend her friend’s wedding. She is unknown about the taxi fare in Kathmandu. But she is concerned about YOUR TAXI FARE app therefore she has downloaded this app to be prevent from being cheated.

Now whenever she travels in taxi she uses YOUR TAXI FARE app for fare cost.

4. Chirayu Kumar Wagle: -

Chirayu Kumar Wagle is a student and today he is going to appear his board examination. Unfortunately, he has limited money on his pocket and is hurry for his exam. He don’t have time to go to ATM so he take out his windows phone and open YOUR TAXI FARE app to know the fare to his destination. By one Tap he gets to know that his money is sufficient to reach his destiny. Business Model

Advertisement: -
We can put some ads about restaurant, Institute, offices etc. while travelling on the routes. The ads will be displayed on the basis of route being travel and the nearby restaurant, institutes and office. Through this we can get profit.


Core Technologies

·         Windows Phone Platform(Visual Studio 2013)

·         Expression Blend

·         C#/ Java

·         HTML5

·         RSS feed

·         GPS

·         Traffic Website


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