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Project name: Feel Safe



In this era, human being who has developed so many gadgets, introduced numerous technologies, is the one who feels unsecured where ever he goes, anywhere across the world. “No one is safe anywhere”, whether you are in group, alone, or you are on work. Nothing can change anyone’s mind but technology can help to sort out some of these problems like human violence.
This app can be best used in an emergency situation in any of the crimes either it be for a girl or a boy also during natural disasters. This app is for anyone either be any Business taikoon, or a normal person (male/female) who owns a smartphone. I believe this app can be a lifesaving app.
Therefore, the main concept of this app is to ensure the safety of not only women, but also for men anytime and anywhere in an emergency situation.  So “Feel Safe” wherever you go.

Target Audience

No one is safe anywhere. Each day there are issues to be heard, “A 20 year old girl raped…. “, “Doctor was killed for money…”, “13 year old boy kidnapped…” and many more of them. Each day, life is becoming a battle ground to survive. No one can trust on anyone whether it be a business, politics, or a normal person.
So, the target audience for this app is not limited, anyone who can use the technology and feel unsecured either a girl, a boy, a business taikoon or anyone from the world can feel safe wherever they are.

Early Feedback

Well this idea came up during our dev. camp. Only a medium was needed to broadcast the actual scenario and I finally got it.


VithU App is one of the competition for my project. But there are lots of new things that is included in my project like its target audience is not only limited for women, it’s for anyone who can use the technology. It will have interesting core features that will completely differentiate it with VithU app. And most importantly VithU app is not available on Windows Store.


1. Mr. Amit Agrawal, Being an entrepreneur, the founder of Sparrow SMS, he has to travel from place to place and work for late hours. He owns a smartphone can would feel great to use this app.

2. Mrs. Rachana Rana, an eye specialist has to work for the emergency situation whether it be a mid-day or mid-night. She would love to use this app so as to feel safe anytime she goes for her emergency cases.
Like them any other person can use this app and hence can feel safe anytime and anywhere they go.


Top User Stories
1. House Wife:
 Few days ago I got many threats regarding money else they would kidnap my only son. I was returning from the market with my son who is just 8 years old. While I was returning I found two men following us. As they were watching us from a long time and the way they behaved, I knew that they would be the one who had been giving calls and threats regarding money. Soon I found a place to hide myself and my child and quickly clicked on the panic button of the app. Soon my husband and nearby police were there for our help.

2. Teachers:
I was returning from my coaching center. I saw two men following my bike, they had masks on their faces. Their actions seemed like they are going to kidnap me as I had been given many threats for money. I accelerated and clicked the power button of my phone. Soon I got help from nearby police stations as a message including my location was sent to them and they were caught and finally I feel safe now.

3. Call Centers:
I work in a call center and it was 1:00am. I always felt very unsafe to travel in mid nights. That day I didn’t get any of the taxi and has to walk through the highway. Four dunk boys followed me, I was scared. They were teasing me. I quickly pressed the power button of the app, and started walking faster and within few minutes my guardians and local police came to that location and helped me from such a dangerous moment. I feel very safe after using this app.

4. Teenagers:
After the late night party, I was retuning back to my pg. I was with my friends (male) but all of sudden they changed. Their way of talking their behavior and the way they starred me. Yet they were my friends, I was scared, and totally lost. They never did so with me.  All of sudden I could just push the power button of my phone in hurry and started running to be away from them. Soon police was there to help me within few moment. Thanks who created this app for personal security.

5. Business Models:
There had been a long dispute between the partners in the company. We had many talks but nothing could change his mind. In order to get all the profits all alone my partner wanted to make his way clear so he kept an eye on me and followed me this night. Being alone this mid night in the highway I feel very unsafe. That situation was like a Tom and Jerry fight. In hurry I clicked on the power button of my phone and I was rescued by the local police in few moments. Thanks to the one who made this app.

Business Model

Well as the name suggests “Feel Safe” will be likely used by everyone because of its interesting features.
-Voice Recording facility that could be sent to the near ones if the mobile data is on.
-An sms will be sent in the following modes if clicked on the panic button for tapped on it:
* If mobile data is on, the app braches in sending a sms to the contacts that you enter during your app installation, “Follow my location” and a link will be sent to the receiver updating the new location every 2-3 minutes.
* If mobile data is not on, the app switches to sms sending mode and sends a text “I’m in danger, Please Help me” is sent to the contact that has been entered during the app installation through sms.
# If the message is not delivered or could not be sent, the phone will automatically dial to 100.
-Screenshots can be sent to the contacts with the location in the multimedia message Thus, these features are high enough to the maximum number of downloads. If there are high number of downloads, nothing can stop the company in earing a huge amount of money through this project.


Core Technologies

Basically this app is platform independent. This can run on any of the smartphones, androids or windows phone. Well the GPS tracking system can be used for this app also Map APIs, Here maps APIs can be used for tracking the locations.


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