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Project name: Raktadaan

Pukar Maharjan(Kantipur Engineering College)



In Nepal, road accident is one of the major cause for increasing annual death number. In most of cases, victims need a lot of blood urgently, but how someone can collect the required blood instantly. Calling relatives, friends but not sure to find the matched blood, there may not so much time to publish at media too. Not only in accidents, during child birth, operations and in many cases, matched blood is required. Then what to do?

Here is the solution, Raktadaan. In this project, we can use two platform, Phone app and Web. Through both, we can create a platform for directory of blood donors. Anyone with age of blood donation, can join the directory with certain information like blood group, address, contact details, etc. Thus, there will be a huge directory of various blood groups.


Any person who needs blood can search through our app and website. Search will result the available bloods at hospitals and individual blood donors (members in our directory), so needed person can contact wherever he/she feels easy. Mostly blood-bank and hospitals may not have availability of required blood at the time, basically bloods like O-negative, White blood, etc. so the easy search make the person reach the nearest availability.



Target Audience


Since all human need blood either child or old, either male or female. So, our project will be useful for all people of all age and all sex.  In case of the app user or web user, I think it will be all except children who are supposed not to carry mobile phone.

Our project will be both mobile based and web based so the area with the availability of internet can use our project. For example, a person at Dhangadi needs A-negative blood, then he/she can search our directory using location based (filtering) i.e. search will result the availability of blood at his native locations.

Thus, our project depends on internet and the mobile (windows) users can get service in their own mobile.


Early Feedback


I have discussed with my friends and senior person and all of them gave positive response and want to use this project in reality. I think, there could be rare people who doesn’t want this project since this project is for us, for them, for our relatives, our friends and for all Nepalese.




I don’t need to compete with other, rather I believe in best service. If we can provide best service then other will compete with us.

But in business, there will be competition obviously. In this case, we can promote our business through Social network, through media, and through some social organizations.




Every person who need urgent blood for an accident victim or any patient, but can’t find inside his/her admitted hospital then he/she can use this project for searching urgent blood donors and hospitals or health centers where the required blood is available.


Top User Stories


Last week my grandma has been admitted to Patan Hospital, the doctor said that she need White blood but there were no stock in that hospital so I need to rush to Red Cross at about 5pm. And everyone know the condition of road during office time. It took me more than 2 hours to get blood and reach back to Patan Hospital. I was lucky that, that blood was not so urgent, but what happens if that was an urgent and what happens if that blood was also shortage in Blood Bank.

So, I think if this project comes into reality, It will help many people who need blood urgently.


Business Model


Actually, Raktadaan is a low profit business which comes under social service. But we know that every social service need proper funds to run it. So we should be able to earn from our project too.


For that, I have some income source as below:

1.      Donation

2.      Ads in Website and Mobile application.

3.      Co-operating with Organization

Donation: For this great project, I think there will be many people, organizations and companies to donate for us. A happy person who get blood on time with the help of our project does not think much to donate for us. For this, we can use online payment gateway in Nepal like eSewa and bank deposit. For small donation, we can collect from mobile balance transfer, which will be helpful for our call service, since most of blood seekers may need to contact us. 

Ads: We can run ads in website from various Adsense service like Google Adsense, Yahoo Adsense, etc. Also local advertisement of hospitals, medical colleges, medical manufacturers, etc. So we can earn heavy income from it.

Co-Operating with Organization: We can also cooperate with different organizations like Red Cross, NGOs, Hospitals to run this project more effectively.

How will your project make money? If it provides an ongoing service, how will that service be sustainable? If there are critical partnerships you must make for your business model to work, describe those here as well. 


Core Technologies


The project Raktadaan will be available for both web user and mobile user.  But the base of our project is website. All the information will be stored in website. The mobile application will be connected to website through internet, and all the information will be from website.

Users can register through both website and mobile app and become donor. Blood seekers can get the required information about the donor for free and without any login. But the information about the donor will be exposed according to donor, can be public or secured (need login).

In mobile app, if the user’s mobile has GPS, then the search in the result will give priority to the donors at his/her location first. The app will use GPS to find the location of user. Similarly, in website also, user can allow Geo Location for better search result or user can filter the search result by choosing the location from given option.

Since our mobile app does not need too much advance technology, so the app will be designed for all version of mobile OS (such as from Windows 7 to latest version of Windows Phone OS).


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