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Project Name - Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)
Rajesh KC Khatri / Santosh Baidar(6 degree Production)

Service design thinking

Most of the Nepal government services have not typically followed the service design thinking principles, which includes:

1. User centered- service should be experienced through the costumer eyes
2. Co- Creative- all stakeholders should be included in the service design process
3. Sequencing - the service should be visualized as a sequence of interrelated actions
4. Evidencing - tangible services should be visualized in terms of physical artifacts.
5. Holistic- the entire environment of the service should be considered.
Source: Stickdorn/Schneider 2011 , This is service design thinking

The reason we have included the 5 principles is to create a preliminary mind set for researchers, designers, programmers, business firms and different stakeholders who will be directly involved in developing a product or service. Thus, it will create a value creation for the users and the developer.

Problem area
Since, the government hasn’t managed to include the target users in the process of planning phase. Eventually after the project has been implemented, the core users couldn’t find the service user-friendly and relevant. Isn’t it a big time for government sector to focus on the needs of the users ? So that it benefits the users, involving stakeholders, businessperson and the government sector .Why these users are always left behind after all the services are designed for them? Therefore, among different issues we decided to take further study of  (TIA) Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal.


Case Company

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal that handles thousand of national and international passengers daily. And TIA is only a gateway for the international passengers to enter Nepal. In the cutting edge of information and technology TIA has not considered to cater the needs of the passenger’s journey before departure and arrival within offline and online platform.

Research findings
Even though TIA has managed to provide a flight details inside the airport via display boards but they have failed to update the flight detail of the airlines in their official web portal.


source :



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The core concept of the solution is to create a user-friendly mobile application that addresses the Research findings in two different aspects.



§  The primary feature of the application will allow users to find the schedule of arrival and departure of domestic and international flights in real time.

  • It will give brief timetable of arrival, departure, status of flight (landed) and baggage.
  • Interactive navigation map to facilitate the internal infrastructure of Airport. i.e boarding gates, restaurant, duty free shop, bank, tourism board info, parking, taxi ,restroom, children playroom, VIP and Business Lounge etc.

This section on the app will focus on the Important information of the TIA from which user will be directly benefited.

  • Information before travelling (checklists)
    i.e passport and visas, security check, baggage control.
  • Costumers care – lost and found, Disable people, emergency.
  • Security guideline – Do and Don’t.
  • Forex and weather


By integrating the data from TIA air traffic control server it is possible to view the real time air traffic to any other permitted digital devices.

Target audience

The target audience for this application will be national and international passengers travelling through TIA airport. And the people who have came to pick up or drop their relatives and friends.


© 6 degree production



Early Feedback

After pitching the idea to our friends they found the application concept interesting and useful in context of Nepal. Our stress on putting users in the central part of the innovation process was also appreciated because unless users are not involved in the process it doesn’t create value to create a mobile application. But they were bit concerned about the technical and implementation part .


Since the development of mobile application has not been a major priority for the government sectors including TIA. So, the level of competition seems to be very few in this case and it has a tendency to attract different stakeholders and business. But comparatively TIA has a threat to compete with the rest of the airports from Asia who are providing much better services.



A backpack traveller

Name: Patrick Anderson
Age:  27 years
Marital Status: Single
Nationality : British
Occupation: Teacher

Patrick is a teacher who frequently travels around the world .He loves to learn the history and culture of various countries. . In his spare time he goes to the pub with his friends.


© 6 degree production


Technical Background:
He is not a techno geek but keep updates with the technological news. He uses Samsung S4 with lots of apps related to travel, games and news.


Money doesn’t matters to him as long as the product is worth to buy .


Patrick wish to have his journey pleasant and he wants a product that can help him guide and give information about the airport .

A time Conscious person   “

Name: Bharat Thapa
Age : 34
Marital Status : Married
Nationality: Nepalese
Occupation : Lawyer

Bharat is a lawyer in Nepal and he works at the District Court of Kathmandu. He often travels to various districts in order to help his client .His sister in law is studying in Australia since 2009 .In his spare time he loves to play football, go for hiking and read news article.


© 6 degree production

Technological Background:
Last month his sister sent him a smart phone from Australia. He has easily learned to use the mobile and download different mobiles apps .He has also a desktop computer in his home.

Goals :
Time and money matters for him and he is happy to use the product which make his lifestyle easier.

Wants :

Bharat wants a product that can help him to make his travel experience better .

User stories

Epic level

Character 1



© 6 degree production


Martin loves shopping. Once he was in Kathmandu and before going back home to Los Angeles he wish to buy some souvenirs at TIA airport. He arrived late at the airport so he decided to choose one of the duty free shops and bought a Pashmina shawl for his girl friend. He hasn’t got the idea if there were comparatively competitive price in other shops.

 If there would have been apps, which can give details of the product and price available in the duty free shop, then he might be able to choose various products and reasonable price before hand.

Character 2

Pallabi is very happy today because her brother is coming back from Australia after 4 years. She knew that the arrival time for the flight was 4:00 pm. She went to the TIA with her father and mother at 3:30pm. She was surprised when she knew that the flight would be delayed for 1 hour.


© 6 degree production

She won’t have a frustrating situation if she knew even early that the arrival time of his brother flight would be 1 hour late.

Character 3

Today Ramesh need to take Italian tourist group to Pokhara. As they arrived at the TIA they came to know that the flight was delayed for 2 hours because of the bad weather .So, they need to wait at the airport. Ramesh need to assist one of the Italian guy who had a difficulties to find the toilet .He knew that the Italian group were not happy with the services of the airport.

The group would have a better travel experience if they got the brief flight schedule and the interactive navigation map to find the services provided by TIA.

Business Model

One of the ways to generate revenue stream in the TIA mobile application is through advertising.


© 6 degree production

Business to Consumer (B2C)
The airport consists of various business firms who want to sell their products and services to the passenger.  These passengers could be benefited from the offers and services provided by the business firms through mobile application.

Business to Business (B2B)

The business firm could use this mobile application platform as a landing page to advertise their product and services. Whereas, TIA could generate revenue from the advertisement provided by the business firms.

Banner advertisement

Since various business firms have a high degree of financial capacity to promote their products and services .For ex the banner advertisement of travel agency, telecommunication, airlines, hotels, and duty free shop can be placed at top of the application content.

The users who wish to buy or contact can redirected to the website of these particular firm through the banner advertisement.

Note: The advertisement should be considered as a part of revenue generation and should not demolish the application content and users experience.

Pricing Mechanism

Fixed Price :
A business firms who wish to place the banner advertisement for certain number of month will have a fixed  price .
For ex : Rs 5000 per month

Dynamic Pricing :
A business firm who wish to place the banner advertisement for several months .


© 6 degree production


For ex : Rs 3000 for 15 days
              Rs 5000 per month
              Rs 25,000 for 6 month
              Rs 50,000 for a year


Core Technologies
-The key platform of the mobile application can be Windows, Android  IOS and web based .
-The GPS technology can be used to give the overview of the navigation of airport.
 (Separate airport internal navigation have to be design)
-The real air traffic data can be embed to the system of the mobile application.


We believe that this project has a higher scope and business opportunity if TIA and other involving stakeholder consider implementing in the future.




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