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Project Name - Watch Dog
Sagar Aryal(Abstract Creation)


We live in a city of million people. Taking account of the country’s unemployment and crime rates and assuming the minimum number that is practically possible, more than ten thousand residents of Kathmandu are unemployed. They say “An empty brain is a devil’s workshop”, well, when one has no job but a life to live, dreams to fulfil and probably some mouths to feed, bad and probably the worst of thoughts throw pop-up windows in one’s brain and one is compelled to read those pop-ups and act, even if one’s moral doesn’t permit.  Now let us consider, nine thousands of those jobless people are of really high moral grounds, who can starve to death but not trespass into one’s property and steal from someone else, this leaves us with at least a thousand potential burglars! And heavens, that’s a lot of burglars, and this count, I fear is increasing!

As we know security is the primary concern of every member of the animal kingdom. Deer fear the tiger and the tiger fears a stronger tiger. Give an excuse to poor old deer, they have always been eaten by carnivores, but the tiger, even if it in the top of the food chain, cannot help feeling insecure. Now coming to us, the social beings, who reside on the top of intelligence pyramid if there exists any, are probably the most insecure beings on the entire planet. Other animals only have to fear famine, drought, maintaining the mate and a predator, but we humans have some more things to keep secure. Those are the property we own, physical or intellectual, and the most we fear about losing, is money, or things that cash. So we humans are just some insecure animals. If you want to refute, go out on a weeklong vacation with your family, in a place 100 kilometers away from your home, leaving your house alone and locked. Come back to refute if there was a single moment you did not think about the gold chain in your locker or the new 32 inch LED TV you have bought.


As mentioned earlier, we are insecure animals, every member of the animal kingdom is, if I knew plants and PPLO’s and Fungus had emotions I would throw them too in the insecure list and shout out loud like Copernicus, “Every living being in the green planet is insecure.” So can we solve it?

- No, we can never help feeling insecure but we can feel a bit more secure and a byte less insecure! Oh yes we can, with the use of all the great technologies and some logic we humans developed. If we can make the use of security hardware, that is a few infrared light emitters, a few LDRs, a few IP enabled close circuit cameras, a working internet connection and a cellphone to run an app.

In this concept we use some (5-10) infrared LEDs coupled with LDR’s in front of the main door to create a mesh of infrared beam, three IP cameras are placed, one facing the entry of the door and the other two on the left and right of the door and an app is given to the user of the system that is connected only the system of IR mesh and camera installed in his/her house and an another version of app is given to the local police.

As the trespasser/burglar comes, he obstructs at least one IR beam, hence breaking the IR mesh created by the combination of LEDs and LDRs.  As soon as the mesh is broken, the IP cameras are triggered and they take the picture of the intruder, one of the face, one of his left and one of the right of his face, that is all of his facial and bodily attributes and those pictures are sent to the user and the local police with an alert.

This system helps to prevent burglary and trespassing and also helps to trace them. As the system also sends the pictures to the house/app owner, he/she can identify the trespasser, thus practically reducing the chances of false alarm to zero. This app/system could take security to a new level.

The basic system configuration and the operational flow are given below: 

System configuration:

Operational Flow:

Target Audience

This app targets basically everyone who owns a smartphone and some property he cares about. This system also helps local police to find the convicts of burglary. This system could also be upgraded with further more automated controls and improved security so that the financial, educational and health institutions and even the government controlled bodies could use it.  Hence, as everyone cares about hardly earned property and wants to feel secure about the safety of their house and lavishes, every human being who is not totally bankrupt comes under the target of this app.

Early Feedback

           This concept was talked about in a meeting with hardcore hardware guys in my workplace. Those folks seemed interested about the use of “simple” IR mesh to create a totally new security system, they thought it was an excellent business project and could generate a huge revenue when put into action. We could boast that it was a totally new and profoundly developed security system, help people feel safe when they’re out of their home sweet home and also generate some revenue.

           I also talked about the concept to an uncle of mine, who is a Police Inspector, he was overwhelmed by the concept and offered every help I ever needed.
I talked about this concept in a workshop held by your organization, someday, somewhere, and the reviews were very encouraging. After I talked out loud about the concept, the folks who dropped their jaws when I introduced myself as a dropout changed their face tectonics and I could hear them murmuring in the background, “Now, this is an awesome concept!” The country director too seemed to like the idea and encouraged me for further research in the use of IP cameras and in the overall concept as a whole, I felt enormously gratified by the encouragement he provided. Thank you sir!


      There are some apps like IP Camera Pro in the app space that can connect to IP cameras and show the real time images captured by the camera.  But none wants to want a live movies from three cameras placed all around his own door when he is in a vacation with his wife. Watching your own door is always boring! So as this concept even integrated hardware to it and gives the information the user needs at the time he needs it and also informs the local police about the trespassing, we have a big advantage and a slight X-factor above the existing apps and alarm systems that can just make an alarm sound when the trespassing occurs, without providing actual details of the trespassing.


1.      Mr. Ramehwor Prasad Rajput is a banker. He had his bank robbed about a year ago and that caused him loss of lots of property, dip in share values and reputation. Later it was found out that the trespasser was an employee who had access to all parts of the bank. He’d turned off the CCTV control system and robbed his own bank. The convict was found at last but it was too late to prevent the shares and trust go down. Now as this system is controlled by the smartphone itself, it wouldn’t be manually turned off. So had he owned the app a year ago, he could have saved himself and the bank a lot of loss and trouble.

2.      Mr. Abdul Mobin Sarif is a businessman. About a month ago he was in a vacation with his family. He returned home to find out he was robbed and the total loss amounted to around a million bucks, that’s a lot of money to lose! He did call the police for help, the police did try but sympathy was all they could give. Had he had the app, he could have saved the robbery and got his things back even if they happen unfortunately.

Top User Stories

1.      Abstract Uses a Watchdog
Abstract Creation, a group of people trying to do all the out of the box stuff of the world, is using WatchDog beta as the sole security system of their office. A lot of trespasses have been notified, not a foe is still noticed but the boss and the investor feel extraordinarily safe about the intellectual and physical property locked inside the darkness behind the office door. We folks at Abstract are also trying to expand the scope of the app to computer safety for notifying trespassing in one’s computer and remotely shutting the system down to prevent the theft of intellectual property in the system or the network.

2.      Operation Co-Op
Dhaulagiri Multipurpose Co-Operative is one of the biggest co-ops in my hometown. We secretly installed a test version of the system in their vault. After some time they did get a notification that their security guard was trying to trespass. They fired the guy and called me immediately, Mr. Jhimlal Neupane, the financial chief said, “You can never trust humans but this type of systems never make mistakes, thanks for choosing us to test your great system.” 

3.      Checking the Whistle
Mr. Keshab Gautam is an unmarried businessman. He owns a big house in which none but he lives. He has a lot of valuables in his house and whenever he makes any business trip he cannot stop worrying about the house, fear of being robbed is probably the biggest fear a human has. I did ask him to install the system, he did with reluctance and decided to check it when he’d gone in a business trip to Biratnagar. He called some of his friends to go to his house and boom it did work. He was one happy man, he apologized to his friend and called me immediately. “I can’t believe you freaks made it” was the statement he said. But later he did donate some heavy bucks for the further development of the project.

Business Model

This system will be the first thing you’ll want to invest on. You can know when the trespassing occurs and also know if the trespasser is a friend or a foe and can save your hard earned property from burglary. So if you really care about the gold chain in your locker or the new LED TV you bought you got to install this system in your home and the smartphone, see it’s something you really need. So it is kind of easy to sell this system. It is an out of the box security system that can not only save you from burglary but also help you find the burglar if the worst case happens. So even if we charge you tons of bucks, you would never hesitate to invest in your safety, hence this system can sustain and generate some revenue. We will charge reasonably but profitably for the system and installation to generate the revenue. Posting some ads in the app for earning some extra bucks is not a bad idea either.

Core Technologies

For the development of this system a hard-core knowledge of hardware and security systems, mesh-break knowledge of networking and a good application development ability is r


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