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Project Name - Our Health, Our Concern.

Samira Sharma(National College Of Engineering)

Problem Statement:

Population of Nepal is about to reach 3 crore. With the increasing population, new health problems are emerging each day. We see crowd of peoples in every hospitals and health centers whether it is a normal ENT hospital, general hospitals or heart and neuro hospitals. Most of the patients in those hospitals seem to be unaware of the cause of their disease and most of them even lose their lives due to lack of proper treatment. Talking about lack of treatment here, I am not trying to mention quality of service hospitals are providing, I am talking about less concern of peoples for their diseases.  So, lack of awareness of the disease and its treatment method in time is seen to be a great problem.  


As its always known "Health is wealth", the concept is to aware the people all over the country about the symptoms and remedy of the health problem. This application will possess information of the symptoms and remedy itself as well as use user input as data. Every people who is affected by any simple or complicated disease can see for the prevention methods in this application and can enter the symptoms they suffered and also enter the homemade or medical solution they used. The information will be available offline too and internet is only required to make updates.  If certain symptom is seen in a person and he /she is speculating a disease, he/she can be sure through this application and in case of problems like no clinics or health centers nearby, can use this app to get emergency solution of their disease.


Target Audiences

It's never known who gets affected by disease because disease does not make choice between rich and poor, educated and uneducated peoples, etc. Thus all the peoples who are suffering from the disease and even are normal at an instance are the audience of my application. Moreover, medical students and professionals can also share and get the information about new symptoms seen in different parts of city which will ultimately increase their intellectuality. Hence, the normal peoples around us and peoples related to medical fields are the target audience of my application.

Early Feedback

Taking glance at today's condition, I have seen peoples curious to know about the disease in easier way so when I talked about this type of application to some population group, most of them seemed positive and explained that it would be great enough for them to get health information on own hand. They exposed that this can be a best initiative to solve health problems easily.


As far as I know, this is the first application in our city to share information about health issues. But yet there are always the group of application and software developers distributed all over country and they can probably create similar idea as mine. In that case, uplifting and maintaining superior status of my application can be a challenge.


The doctors, medical students and professionals as well as normal peoples who need to get information about the diseases in their daily life will be benefitted by my application.


Top User Stories

 Topic : My daughter got emergency aid

Name: Basanta Paudel

Occupation: Teacher


            I have a daughter who is a patient of asthma. She takes a daily medicine and an inhaler always remains with her. One night, when we were having her birthday party dinner with friends, she got an asthma attack. When I searched for the inhaler, I came to know it is finished. I knew no other way to help her. Hospital was not nearby. I was feeling helpless. Soon, one of my friend told me about the home remedy and I used it. This made her feel comfortable. I was surprised to see my friend knowing about the prevention method because neither he nor any of his family member is patient of this disease. Then, I came to know about this application. Immediately, I downloaded this app to my phone and yes, this is helping me a lot.

2. My professional career is flourishing

Name: Shiva Koirala

Occupation: Doctor


                I am ENT doctor at TU teaching hospital. In my medical career, I have come across many patients. And there is no doubt, the symptoms of disease are new most of the time. Sometimes I used to get confused whether the symptoms seen in patient is actually due to the ENT problems or something else. This used to create trauma. Once, I came to know about 'Our Health, Our Concern' application and I started using that. Updates from doctors all over city has increased my understanding.  Believe me, this application has helped me to solve the maximum number of problems and I am being close to my patients.

3.      Topic : My study is getting better

Name: Arjun Sharma

Occupation: Medical Student


            I am medical student at Kathmandu Medical College. I used to learn about the diseases through books but always used to think about meeting peoples and learning from them. This application has helped me to learn about the disease through people's experience. Moreover, I have got to know about lots of prevention methods that I don't get from the books. This has made my learning better.


Business Model

We can sign a partnership with medical organizations to pay amount for letting their employees and students download this application. Moreover, we can use advertisement method to enhance our business through this application. Advertisement will be purely of medical centres around the cities including their location and treatments they provide. Since this application is mainly being built looking after the normal citizens, those peoples will be provided with this application making deal with the government.  



Core Technologies

·    My project will be based on Visual Studio platform as far as possible. But all the peoples in our city don't use same phones and my application is for all the normal peoples, so this application will be platform independent. For updates and data transaction, internet access will be required.


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