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Project Name - Knowledge About Knowledge
Samundra Sharma Pandit(New Summit College)


Main problem now a days is not the lack of institute or college or any other seminar, workshop or other such programs where we can get knowledge or training but main problem is that we don’t have any knowledge which is the best for us or finding where that actual training, class, course or workshop is running which is the easy way to access it.

So my concept of knowledge about knowledge is app which will deliver exactly that. I t is an informational app where we could set profile with interests and all other details which will help track which type of training and workshops etc. that are associated or link with it.

Though that profile we can post and receive notification about the workshop, training and classes and we can share whole community of interested people.


Target Audience

My estimation of target audience would be over 16-60 age group as these age group people would be engaged in learning and spreading as well as educational institutions.

Early FeedbackI have asked 3 people of 3 different age group here is what they mean to say:

Rajesh Rai (age 16)

Oh great idea I always wanted to learn guitar but was not sure where to? Will it also give such classes information?

Suresh Manandhar(24)

It seems nice but have you thought about how you will store the data it will be a large database.

Damodar Pandit (57)

You have generated a nice concept. It may help me to promote my class.


I don’t see any competition up to now.


Rajeev subedi is an It pro who want to learn about server virtualization but doesn’t know about where he can get the training . At the same time he creates a profile in our app. Another person Pradeep post training session on virtualization which can be posted exactly targeting certain interest or age or professional group and which comes as notification to Rajeev subedi who will attend the event if he thinks it is important to him.

Top User Stories

Rajesh Rai (age 16)

Wants is interested in computer graphics and learning guitar. He posts his profile of interest age and other personal information. The app analyze his data and suggest him to some institutions, workshops and He will also have a way to contact an expert in that subject. And also he will get notification if something new comes up. There was a workshop on classical guitar which he attended which will be out of reach from him without this app.

Suresh Manandhar(24)

Wants to learn photography he gets suggestion for the cases he joins. Which would be a out of reach project for him.

Damodar Pandit (57)

He runs a training institute. His student are increasing due to this app coz he could send a paid notification to all 20000 interested people when he has a new session so that he has thousand applicants every month.

Business Model

First of all ad and in this app you can target specific user group. And second we can use data collected for paid surveys without reveling personal user data.

Core Technologies

There will be two level of technology used this is an app so desktop, laptops and mobile devices are at the front end.

And a Database Server at the backend to store the data will be used.


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