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Project Name - Solve Unemployment

Sanjita Sharma(National College Of Engineering)

Problem Statement

Unemployment has already reached out of its limit and it  has stated the following problem in the city :

•   Unemployed people engaging themselves in unusual works such as smoking, gambling ,etc due to free time.

•  Due to unemployment problem, city is loosing its skilled manpower.

•   Also capacity and resource utilization has completely stopped due to unemployment in the city.

•   No employment means no access to money so poverty rate has increased .

•   No fields and platform for the people to show their qualification and hidden talents.

•   With the problem of unemployment, dependancy rate increases which affects the economic growth of the city.


The main concept of the project is to "Get info, be employed and uplift your life and career".  Among the many problems appearing in city, unemployment is found to be at the peak. Not only the unskilled manpower, even the skilled manpower has to roam all over in search of job. With the increasing population, the capable and educated people are being high but the placement is same as before. So this problem has arose. Also for the unskilled people different training programmes are being conducted by the government and NGO's to make them self-dependent and capable. But many of them are unaware about it. So to make people aware about the different fields and possibilities is the main target of the project. The different section has targeted for the skilled and unskilled people so that they will get knowledge about the job and training of their kind. By this app, they can update themselves with different organization, agencies, national, multi-national companies and kind of vacancies they provide for both educated and uneducated one. 


Target Audiences

As this project is related to info about vacancy and training to the unemployed, it is targeted to all those people who are willing to have job for their better future. No boundaries and limitation are set, as audience could be a highly skilled educator or a normal uneducated people. Categories are set according to the post they required. All the company that provide information about vacancy and the job seeking people are targeted..

Early Feedback

With reference to the critical condition created due to unemployment in today's world, I was inspired to work in this project. Also, while discussing it with my friends, seniors and normal lay man people, they all believe it will be the best project after completion. They talked that since it is beneficial to all the people, it will help them a lot.


Since the project is targeted to reduce unemployment in cities, my app has to compete with the various project and programme running to reduce it. Such as :  One City.One Hire Program, Gray Administration, Urban Youth Employment etc. This programmes are trying to solve out the problem to some extend and has created challenge for my project. But being an app about the information about vacancies and job oppurtunity, it will remain updated and lots of people will get benifited than any other project. So I believe my app will bring drastic change in my city with top rank.


1.    Sita Gurung : She is the fruit -seller at the roadside of Kalanki. She belives that she can do better to upgrade her family life if provided any training based courses such as stitching dresses, textile works, typing courses, customer service, factory based skills etc . But she is unknown about the training happening in the cities. So, she can use our app to get info about the various training programmes.

2.    Ramesh Dhakal : He is an educated man holding Bachelor Degree in Arts. His recent plan is to work as a Assistant teacher at one of the reputed college. But he is unaware about the status and features of various colleges. So, he can be updated by using our app and get a right place for him.


Top User Stories

•    Lead me to the right destination (Prasansha  Baral - Got a right job)

Even after holding the degree, I was not able to get the suitable platform to work. Some has low expenses, some has unmanaged maintenance. So, I was highly frustated by this. But after using this app, my life has just taken a turn. It provided me the right destination to work.


•   Uplifted life from fruit- seller to Cook (Ranjita Dhakal- Flourished life-style)

Being a fruit- seller, it was difficult for me to fulfill all the requirements and needs of my family member due to lack of money. But after listening about this app, I came to know various training programme launched for the people like us. And, now see today I am a renown cook of hotel. So this app has just changed my life.


Business Model



Core Technologies

Since it is an employment reducing app so can be used by normal people too. So this app will be somehow platform independent. Programming language used will be C#/Java. For designing part, visual studio shall be used and it will be targeted to all the phone users. Such as: Windows, Iphone,  etc.


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