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Project Name - Easy Traveling
Saroj Dhakal(Orchid International College)


Since Nepal is a developing country, so many people face different problems due to the lack of infrastructures and technology. Many peoples face different problems while we have to travel from one place to another. Such as where to go for booking the ticket, what is the cost of ticket, when the bus will depart, whether there is a sit on the bus or not, what features does the bus provides, etc. So many people face these problems during the time when they have to travel from one place to another.

So the main concept of my application is to provide information to the users about different services of the traveling vehicle, such as ticket cost, when will bus depart, etc. and main thing is that booking the ticket online so that they should not face the problem of waiting for ticket, which will save their time.

This application also includes the map of different roots of different vehicles so that a traveler can know about from where he have to take the bus, from where the bus will go i.e. root of bus, etc.


Target Audience

Anyone having smartphone can use this application by just downloading it from app store. The peoples who are very busy in their jobs and unable to go to the ticket counter and stay on the line can use it. We can say that it can be used by anyone from any place of Nepal.

Early Feedback

Many people are facing the problem for booking their tickets and how to get the information about the vehicles while travelling to different places. When I told some of my friends and relatives, everyone got excited about it. One of my brother said “Wow! Very nice. This application will be very much useful for me and all other peoples”. I also talked to one of my neighbor and he said that it could be very useful to all peoples and mostly to old or sick peoples who cannot go up to the ticket counter. So I hope that it will be very much useful to everyone.


Many people who are doing the service of selling the tickets of different traveling agencies would be my competitors. My application is totally different from my competitors because if we had to buy the tickets from them it will take a lot of time to go to the place where they sell the tickets and wait for it. So my application will help to save a lot of time.



Khem Bhandari is a businessman. So he has to travel to different places for business purpose. When he have to travel for long roots he face in buying a ticket. He said that “Every time when I have to buy a ticket, I have to the booking counter and buy the ticket, which is very boring and it also spends my time”. But now he should not take tension because he can just book the ticket by selling at his home itself by using this application.


Top User Stories

A Manager Says:

Ram is a manager of a bank. The bank has got its branches at different parts of Nepal.  So Ram has to go to his different banks on certain time interval. Every time while buying the tickets he faces a lot of problems. But now his problem can be totally solved with the help of this application because he can just buy the tickets by staying at his office.

Lekhnath Khadka:

He is a student and one of my friend. He faces a lot of problems while buying a ticket, such as waiting for a lot of time and standing on line, especially at the time of occasion. Then also he didn’t get the ticket. When I told him about this application, he said that “Oh! It’s nice, it will help me a lot while buying a ticket when I have to go home.”


Anil Adhikari:

He is a student studying at Kathmandu. Last month his mother came to visit Kathmandu. The friend took his mother to different place and lastly it came a time for his mother to return back to her home. Anil booked the ticket at the ticket counter by asking that the bus is comfortable or not. The man on the counter told that the bus is very comfortable but the man was not true, the bus was old and his mother had to face a great trouble on the way. But now he doesn’t have to worry about it because he can find detail information about the vehicles on this application.


Business Model                                

Since this application helps the different traveling agencies in booking their tickets. So we can take some percentage of cash on selling per ticket and also can do advertise of different travelling agencies and ask money for the advertisement. We can also add the phone numbers of the bus owner so that someone also can call the owner for different enquiry and book the tickets and charge some minimum amount for the phone number.


Core Technologies

Bing maps is used for locating a booking counter and different places. HTML and ASP.NET are used for developing the application.




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