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Project Name - I Architect
Saurabha Shakya(Institute of Engineering)


In today’s concept everyone wants their home of their own choice. Not only the color but the exterior design with each and every small detail can be changed of their own desire. The main concept of this app is that people can design their own building exterior with their own choice of exterior details. The details can be the verandah rail design, the column style, cornice design, window style, door style etc from the help of this app people can be self architect. The user just have to put the picture of their ongoing construction or constructed exterior building picture from the required side view and just run the app in the picture to change the building design according to their required exterior design. This app is not only applicable for Kathmandu valley but for the entire Nepal. This service of the app will be available both online and offline. As offline app, it would provide limited static information. Whereas, online users will get updated design solutions and registered users can get more detailed service.

As a side benefit, the system will create a network of expert architects with scope for them for getting design assignments at their hands with just a click. 



Target audience:

All the Smartphone user and internet service all over the world can use this app even in their laptop. The users who want to build their building or can also give suggestion to people for the design who is building their house are the main target audience. People will like this app because for each and every detail of design they don’t have to ask the architects or their neighbor, family members for the suggestion, they just can decide by their own what they want. Not only the client but they architects also can use this app on the site itself to give the idea to the client how the building will look like.


Early feedback:

Many people doesn’t understand the technical details so they can only understand the when its 3D or in picture form. Some people say that even says that if they could design of their own desire in the picture and view it in picture form it would have been easier, which was the reaction by my client whenever I meet them. It’s a great idea that clients create their own building of their design  so that they are sure what they want and don’t need to take suggestion to people if it looks good or bad and also don’t need to take risk of designing by not being sure how it will look. By the help of this app even the architects will be free from the complaining from the clients, because clients are usually very confuse what they want and also confuses their architect. And also in the site architect can also use this app so that they can also give new innovative and correct decision to the client.




There are many app been made for the interior design but there are no app for exterior design being done yet. Since, during designing user can also download different picture and use the detail from different picture in their own building picture just as in Photoshop. So there is no current competition for this app.


i)                     Ravi Sherchan:  He is the manager of one of the light manufacture in Nepal. He had earned lots of money and now he is building his own house in bhaisepati. He was much tensed because they design which the architect brings he didn’t like and also he was unable to explain the architect what he wants. But by the help of this app now he is very happy because not perfectly but this app helped him to give the idea to the architect what he exactly wants. And now he uses this app even to give suggestion to his friends who is building their houses as an advisor.


ii)                   Ar. Ambika Shrestha: She is a well known Architect, who has done lots of designing work in both exterior and interior. Sometimes she get very tired while dealing with the clients while explaining and understanding their concept. But now she thinks that by using this app she is very relax because on the spot she can explain the design and give suggestions to the clients.


iii)                  Mrs. Timila Bajracharya:  She is a housewife and she just uses this app and she found it very useful. By the help of this app now she is designing her own house external façade and the construction work is going on. Now she is very happy with this app.


Business Model:

The team associated with some Architects and Computer engineers makes and updates the app then it is circulated through the designing students, students are the main target audience. The use of this app through students we get the idea and comments of this app. When the app is successful then it is circulated through architects then common peoples and specially housewives. It is also promoted through advertisement in TV and internet via.

As financing source for sustainability, the users will have to register and they will be provided valued service by the team of expert architects. The architects within the network of the system will have benefit of getting outside job through this app.

Core Technologies:

This application basically targeted for windows, android and iphone cell phone users.  In using this app, mostly camera, photos via gallery or google image is used and photo editor is used.


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