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Project Name - SAVE LIFE
Suruchi Maharjan (Academia International College)

Problem Statement:


Are you sick??Do you need to see the doctor immediately? Well, in our day to day life we go through many sudden and uncertain problems or accidents. This problems or accidents do not come warning you, it can happen to anybody, anywhere. For example, getting a sudden heart attack, fainting etc. So, whatever maybe the health related problems or any incidents in society it will bring the doctors up. We see crowd of people in every hospital  and health centers whether it is a normal ENT hospital, general hospitals or heart special  hospitals. You will find out the very first moment you will be sick and would need to see a doctor. The doctors are the ones who helps to extend the lifetime for the people all over the world. If we live longer, we can enjoy more things in life. So, during the case of emergency, if people knew the doctor’s they were looking for is available in their nearby hospital, they could easily get the checkup without wasting much time running to different hospitals finding doctors.

The use of computer technology and mobile application has greatly enhanced the medical field. Technology has changed our lives in so many ways that it is hard to perceive. If you look in the field of medicine alone, technological advances have allowed doctors to treat diseases and illness that were otherwise at one time fatal.



The concept about this application is very simple and very easy to use.
Doctor’s profile:
All the doctors can edit their profile in this app, which will contain the doctor’s name ,his/her qualification, duty time ,and the list of the hospitals and it’s phone numbers that he/she is involved. When the doctors are on duty they can select “on duty” option. This will be available to everyone who is using this app. Once the doctor finishes his/her duty, he/she can close this app.

Source of Information:
For all the other people who will be using this app during their emergency cases, there will be search option ,where they can search for a particular doctor by typing the name of the sickness. For example if a person has a fever, he can just type fever in the search option. So using this search feature, the list of the doctor’s name, qualification, hospital’s name, phone number and the time period they’ll be on duty will be shown. So accordingly, we can choose the nearby hospital, get the appointment and take the patient to that hospital.



Target Audiences

You never know when you will fall sick. So the people of all the age groups all around the world who are on emergency and immediately needs to see a doctor are the target audiences of my application. This app will also be developed targeting the blind people as well, so there will be a special sound effects for them to hear it.

Early Feedback

When I shared my idea about this application with my family, friends and even my teachers. They believed that this application is going to be very useful. Bad days don’t come knocking your doors, so we should always be prepared to fight with the challenges that comes in our way. Therefore, with the help of this application, in our emergency cases we can see where the doctors are available in the nearby hospital, get the appointment and immediately get the treatment as well. This app will not only be just a normal app, it’s going to be a life saver app.


As far as I know, this is the first health application which is developed to help people during their emergency cases. But yet there are always the group of application and software developers distributed all over country and they can probably create similar idea as mine. In that case, uplifting and maintaining superior status of my application can be a challenge.



The rich, poor, educated, non-educated, children, youngsters, adults, old people, and all the people who gets into emergency and immediately needs the doctor’s treatment can be benefited by my app.


Top User Stories

1.       Topic: life is saved 

Name: Toshina Shrestha

Occupation: Student


Due to high fever, my little brother fainted like several times a day that day. At night it was like 2am that his health was getting even worse. It was night time, so we were very frightened, then we used this “SAVE LIFE” application and came to know that one of the child specialist doctor was available in Kanti bal hospital, there was no taxis available that time but luckily one of our neighbor had a car so without wasting any time we reached the hospital and my little brother immediately got the treatment. I am so thankful to the one who has developed this app, as this app has really saved my brother’s life.



2. Your health, our concern

Name: Samina Timilsina

Occupation: Doctor


I am a gynecologist at Norvic International hospital. Since I am using this application in my cellphone, my patients are having way easy checkup. Through this app, my patients know at what time in which hospital I am available, so accordingly they make an appointment at the hospital and come to have their check. As being a doctor, it’s my duty to serve my patients as their life is my life. This app is really helping me to maintain a good relationship with my patients as well.


3.      Topic: Sudden heart attack

Name: Rajesh Kc

Occupation: Teacher


 My uncle is a manager at Sunrise Bank, Taukhel. It was at around 6 pm, my uncle had just arrived from his office. As he was about to enter the room, suddenly he had a heart attack. We all were very nervous and didn’t have any idea what we were supposed to do. My aunty started panicking and went to seek help from the neighbors, one of my uncle’s neighbor’s son was studying IT and he had this “SAVE LIFE” app on his mobile, using this app he searched the cardiologist available in the nearby hospital. So immediately, we called the hospital, got an appointment to meet the doctor and rushed to the hospital. It was an emergency case so my uncle was given special preference than rest of the patient, he got his treatment and was out of danger after some time. Our whole family is so grateful to the one who developed this app.



Business Model

We can sign a partnership with the doctors in our country. Do awareness program through advertisement, organizing workshops, seminars etc to reach to the people asking them to use this app. Since this app is health related we can have a deal with health organizations and also with the Government in our country. If we can buy a sim card at  Rs .100 then just by paying extra Rs.20 that is, at the total price of Rs.120,the consumers can get this app inbuilt in their mobile phones.

Model of my project:

Core Technologies

·    My project will be based on Visual Studio platform as far as possible. But all the peoples in our city don't use same phones and my application is for all the normal peoples, so this application will be platform independent. For updates and data transaction, internet access will be required.


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