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Project Name - Save Money
Ashok  Khanal,  Sabin Bajgain , Siddhant Shrestha  Ujjwal Raj Thapa Magar(Orchid International College)


We all know that, in our country more than average people are middle class and couldn't offer the expensive goods or say couldn't afford modern technology. So, our team of four members have decided to make a site which will facility people to sell and buy goods.

One who wants to sell their stuff will be able to contact with buyers directly through our site.


The main emphasis of our project is to facilitate people to buy and sell the second hand stuff in reasonable price. The one who cannot afford modern technology or expensive stuff first handed will be facilitated with second hand stuff which they can afford and which will fulfill their demands.         The main function of our project is to establish communication between those who want to sell their stuff and those who cannot buy stuff in brand new. If the criteria of buyers matched with the stuff that is on sell, there will be communication between buyer and seller so that both users will be satisfied. We will work as mediator between buyer and seller for exchanging stuffs.

We will also facilitate users with the first handed goods in reason-able price with the help of some importers and exporters whom we are linked with. We will provide goods directly in the hand of consumers from dealers with very marginal profit so, both of users will be benefitted. This all will be possible with the help of our site.  

Target Audience:-

Mostly students are more affected by the problem of finance crisis due to which their demands are suppressed and are having problem in their daily life. Due to the finance crisis they could not afford modern technology and are back warded in the technological sites.

The main target of our project is to create equality in the development of technological sector all over Nepal. As per our plan we will develop a web site which will work as intermediate factor. At first registration is the key factor .our project will be implemented in such way that the user of one city can communicate with other user of same city. Our project will manage different platform for the people of different cities i.e. there will be platforms for each cities differently. There will be all seventy five district managed orderly, inside which there will be the main populated cities. So that people of a city would be able to communicate with other people of same city. This will save the time of users and will make them easy to have transaction. All the important description of items to be sold should be updated along with the photos and the condition of the stuff he/she want to sell.


The main objective of our project is to make the communication between users to have the transaction of stuffs as per the requirements .

There are many and more sites handling  the same procedure till date but, after using them I felt some incomplete features such as they are not based on the real time i.e. if we want to buy the item that have been published in the site then, at first we should confirm ourselves that the item said to be on the sell is been already sold or not. That means this sites are just profit motive not the service motive. Also if we want to have  search for a electric product, we should go through whole sites product one by one. Which is really tedious and time consuming. This will create bad image of such sites on users view and the users participation will also be limited.

After facing this all problems on other sites, we conclude to develop such site which will not only be  profit motive but also provide satisfactory service pack to the user. We will update our site in every time so, it will be real time. As per the requirement of user we will search the stock stuffs , if any in our site then we will make communication between both buyer and seller and help on making transaction.

There will be separate platform for first hand stuffs and second hand stuffs, which will make an efficient choice for the user. Also there will be separate platform for the different categories of stuffs such as, all electronic stuffs will be separately managed and inside which every items will have separate platform. for e.g. inside electronics platform, there will be separate platforms for mobile, T.V, laptops, desktops. This will make site convenient and easy for user to handle .Even though semi-skilled users will be able to have transactions easily.

This factors will make our site advanced then other and will be competitive  with other.


For the success of any business users are the essentialities. user are back bone of the business. For the satisfaction of user, programmer should be always ready to make program convenient or as per the user requirement. This project is to fulfill all the demands of the user and based on the real time. If any user from any place of Nepal want to buy stuff (any stuffs) either first handed or second handed. He/she will be facilitate with the required condition.

Let say, if any student want to buy books but, he doesn’t have sufficient money to buy first hand books. Then, he can visit to our site and firstly check whether the required stuff is there or not, if yes then he can communicate with the owners through our site .If there is not then, he can leave the requirement message on the wall of site .In spite of this also he couldn’t get the required material, in that case we will contact to the dealers and provide his requirement in the installment payments system. We will be the mediator for this whole process. We will be always ready for users easiness. We will make good relation with the dealers, businessman, and users.

There will be separate place for separate stuffs so that, users will not be bothered to search the required stuff.

If any user have got the second hand computer or his/her monitor is damaged and the stuff is just occupying space then, in such case also user can take help of our site to make some money form that stuff. They can sell the parts separately such as, microprocessor, hard disk, ram, mother board. The one whose hard disk is not working properly can buy hard disk in cheap price. And other user having ram problem can buy ram. This is the way our project will help the user from any side we can.   

Business model:-

The main objective of our project is to provide efficient service to the user .In other hand we also want to earn profit so that we could increase our business world-wide. For this purpose we have a simplest technique. Users who want to make his buying and selling transaction with the help of our site should have an account on our site, and to make an account valid he/she should firstly deposit some amount of money on  our account through bank transaction. After that we will provide a unique code to the user, with the help of which they can make their account valid. And on the time of buying and selling the users should provide us 0.50% of the amount to our company, they are making deal with. It will not be the big issue for the user to give very small amount of money.

Lets take an example, if a user want to sell his cell phone in second hand and fixed the price at around Rs 6000,and buyers also agreed to buy on same price. Then a buyer should give 0.50% of amount to us as well as a seller also have to give 0.50% of the amount he gain from a buyer to us .A buyer and seller have to give around Rs 30 from each, which is not big amount in comparative to the transaction they made. In this way, if the transaction of around Rs100000 is done with the help of our site daily, then we will earn around Rs 500.i.e around 15000 per month. It is just a small scheme. When the publicity of site will be more, there will be more users which implies on the increasing of income.

In same way for the first hand stuff buyers there is also the same rules for buyers, but for the case of seller he/she should provide 5% of the profit to our company. Lets take an example, if the price of a stuff is Rs 10000 in the market but, with the help of our site buyer can directly contact with import export business man directly he/she will be able to have same stuff in reasonable price. So, user will be happily agree to give 0.59% of price he paid. In case of business man, he will have publicity with the help of our site and need not to waste his time on dealing. He also can have deal with other shopkeepers through our site so, he also will  be happy to give us just 5% of profit he gained.

We will give advertisement through our page so that we can earn profit.

Early feedback:-

We talk about our project with 10 people 8 people suggest us our project is too good and they advise us make it familiar with every generation for their requirement. Rest of 2 suggests us we are not connected with internet so it is not used for us. So we think that we  become success in our project   

Core technologies:-

The key platforms is publicity, co-operation of exporters and importers, team work and real time management for the peak success of our project.


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