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Project Name - Time savior with security
Shaba D.C(Kathmandu College of Management)

Nowadays everyone is in a hurry of reaching to their destination. No one wants to waste even one seconds anywhere specially waiting for a long time in a vehicle for going here and there. That is why there is a rapid increase in the trend of buying and owning one’s own vehicle. We can see at least one scooter, bike or car in every house. But that does not mean everyone has a transportation facility that they own themselves.


Therefore there is a huge demand for public transportation everywhere. There are various public transports plying from one area to another around the city. Buses, micro buses, taxis and tempos connect almost every area of Kathmandu in huge number, making sure that all people are served well. They also have a set rule of making sure that in every 5-10 minutes there is a vehicle of each route. But due to high competition between the drivers and the conductors to have the highest income and more customers and due to traffic jam, the vehicle arrives very late. Even after waiting for more than half an hour, the public transport doesn’t reach the stops, wasting a lot of time of the public.


Let me introduce to a new app to help you know where the public transport of that route has reached so that you will be able to save your time, do all the work and schedule your work according to the timings of the public vehicle reaching the nearest stop. There will be a GPS tracking system fed in all the public vehicles (Global Positioning System). There are 30 satellites constantly orbiting the earth. The smart phone navigation device will make constant contact with 4 of these satellites and will find out location. These GPS will be fed in all the public vehicles which will help us receive the signals in our phone and other devices providing us the information about the vehicle of a certain route according to our destination and time of leaving from the current place.


People without a laptop or mobile or gadget, which cannot download this app, can have the location and time entered on our website and can have the public vehicles time of arrival at the nearest stop which will take you to your destination.


Now after you get the public vehicle that will take to the current destination, it is not always safe and secure. So for the safety and security of the public there will be CCTV camera. The recordings will be directly linked to the police station and the footage of past one will be recorded in case of anything stolen or any wrong behavior.

Target Audience

This app will be used by all the people who use public transportation and have devices with GPS, where the option of downloading app in available. Also the tourists who have come here and who have to use the public transport are also the target audience. Early Feedback

I had shared the idea about my app only to my sister and one of my friends. My sister gave me the idea to include the safety and security part and my friend suggested me to make maximum use of GPS in this app. It will be having the advantage of monopoly market. Competition

This is a new idea so this app would not be facing any recent competition, but it can have other competitions later.


Mr. Manish Khadka, who is a top student of marketing, had an interview in Chaudhary Group but he was not able to reach there in time. As punctuality is the most important feature of a management student, he was rejected for the job.

He was late not because he didn’t leave for the interview late but because he could get a vehicle on time. So this app would have helped him to leave earlier than he used to.

Top User Stories


Title: Manage time to get all work done

Mahesh Chhetri, a recently appointed manager of Maharajgunj branch of Nabil Bank, does his official work in time and he is very punctual. And due to many other factors he was shifted to Jamal Branch. He lives in Budhanilkantha and now the distance of his office from home is far away. So as he spends a lot of time in to wait for a bus or micro which is not packed enough that he has to stand all the way to home or to college. Slowly he started being less punctual. But after he will use this app, he will be able to manage his time. He will be less tired as he doesn’t have to wait for a long time because he already knows when the vehicle, that will take him to his destination, will arrive at the nearest stop.

Title: Get more personal and family time

Sony Gurung, a BBA student, is involved in various event management programs in her college. She lives in Dhapasi and her college is at Sundhara. So she spends a lot of time waiting for the micro that her from home to college and college to home and with the time she spends in the events, she is not being able to spend much time with her family, relatives, friends and herself as well. She comes back home tired, does her college works and take prepares for tomorrow, eats and then sleep. But after she will use this app she will be able to manage time in a better way and take out at least one to two hour daily for her social life as well.

Title: Ensured safety and security

Shuvaa Joshi, a woman, who loves wearing original jewelleries but she has a fear of getting it stolen as she has to take public bus to travel. So she had stopped wearing original jewelleries. But now she can use the original jewelleries because the public vehicles will now have a CCTV camera which will be recording the activities going on in it. So her jewelleries are now safe, at least in the public vehicle.

Business Model

As it is a social app, the user will not be charged any amount to download it but we can advertise other apps and earn from it. Also after various feedbacks from the users and well-wishers, if the app can be innovated into a new version or a new level then some but very less amount can be charged.

Core Technologies

For this app Visual Studio or jQuery can be used with the GPS tracking system and CCTV camera system.


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