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Project Name - :UnifyCity (Hands-in-Hands)

Srizan Sheila Manandhar (National College of Engineering)


We are now living in 21st century which is also known as era of technology. Everything around us are based on different types of technologies like mobile, televisions, etc. We are just a button click away from the world. This technology if used properly can become one of greatest blessing to the humans and if used carelessly can become one of the curse to the humans.


With the advancement in technology world is facing the major security issues as it has made the communication among the criminals even easier which is adversely affecting the civilians of every country. Due to easy communication among them they are able to escape from the police and the civilians. So my concept is if the corrupt people can use this technology for their benefit then why can’t the local people for their safety and well-being?


Lately security problem has become one of the major problem of Kathmandu as well as any other city of the world.  My project here deals with creating a network among local peoples and also the police and other service providing stations.  My app “UnifyCity” creates a web network among all the app users just like any other social networking sites.



 Let us suppose some accident has taken place in some area then normally other people come to know about this hours later or sometimes may be next day through news channels or newspapers. What if other local people come to know about these incidents within few minutes through some technology/app?  In this app people can update the status/ description of any type of accidents that has taken place in any place and this information will reach all the other active users within few minutes. 


Suppose a criminal activity has taken place in certain area then any app user can update the case in the app along with other description such as criminal’s look or anything that will flash the criminal’s identity among civilians so that people can identify the culprit and help to catch/locate their position. It will also be a great help to the police.


As we know united we stand and divided we fall so this app unify all the local people/civilians and also the civil servants that is police, etc.


Similarly, we can also use this app to flow information of different types of accidents such as fire, road accidents, etc. and also drinking water, rent house, etc.  availability so that needy people don’t have to search/scan different places for it.


Target audience:

 Technology has really advanced itself and people are becoming more and more dependent in these technologies. Nowadays, we find Smart Phones in hands of maximum local people. According to the latest Management Information System report released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), there were 400,000 new internet subscribers during the period mid-July to mid-October compared to 200,000 previously. A growth in the use of smartphones, attraction for social media, market competition, data schemes and declining data traffic are increasing the number of mobile internet users. So, the targeted audience for my app is all those smartphone users of the country.


Early feedback:

I had pitched my concept to some of my friends and also my family members and most of them gave a positive feedback.  “If this app becomes a reality then the police will get a great help in their work and people will not have to wait long time to get their hands on the culprit and also it will be a great help in time of need to people at various cases.” said one of my friend, Rupak Parajuli who is currently studying IT and is an event co-ordinater of IT-Club in Thames International College.



My competitors will be other social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. as they are also one of the main path for the flow of information. However, my project is different from them as it will not ask people to sign up. As soon as net is activated in the mobile or PC the status will get synced in the app present in the mobile and a preview alert message will be displayed in the mobile enabling people to get in track with the latest situation/condition.


Ramesh Kumar Shrestha (Civilian):

Ramesh is like any other civilians. He says that Kathmandu has become one of the most unsafe cities to live in past few years as the crime rate has increased in a very alarming rate. He has recently faced the theft problem and with the help of this app he was able to get his hands in the culprit. He checks the news/status feed to see if there are anyone who needs his help too.


Suresh Manandhar (Police):

As a civil servant his main duty is to take care of the safety of the people. However, in some cases, he finds that emergency cases come to his notice very late as a result of which he is not able to address the matter quickly. So, he constantly checks the app to see if there are any recent emergency cases.

Top User Stories:


1.       UnifyCity helped me catch the thief and get back my belongings (Shristi Shrestha- Smart Phone User):

I was travelling in Tripureshwor area on foot when a thief tried to steal my bag. I tried to resist but he forcefully took my bag and ran away with his friend on the bike. I luckily saw his face and also noted the bike color and one of the residents also managed to remember the bike number. Then I posted/updated the status along with the description of the thief and the bike and also where they were heading in east. Police came to the area after a long time. My hope to get back my belongings was gradually decreasing when suddenly after few hours I got the news that some local people managed to identify the culprits/thieves and they were now in custody of the area police. Now they are in jail and I got all my valuable belongings back. This app really helped me a lot.


2.       UnifyCity saved my area from getting destructed due to huge fire (Krishna Shrestha- Smart Phone User):

I live near Kalimati Bazar and one day a huge fire caught the bazar and all the nearby areas/ houses were nearly in its grasp. The local residents tried to put the fire off but it was so huge that their efforts did not help much. Meanwhile one of them called the fire brigade and also updated the status in UnifyCity. Reading the status many people came for help and they contributed a lot to calm down the fire and rescue the trapped people. Due to their efforts the condition did not get that worst and luckily fire brigade also reached fast. And with the blessing of god the loss remained comparatively low and no human life loss occurred.


3.       UnifyCity saved my life (Ram Maharjan – Smart Phone User):

I was travelling in a main road in a bike when suddenly a truck hit my bike. I lost the control of my bike and I crashed nearby a pole. The truck driver ran away and I could do nothing. The local residents immediately came for my help and took me to the hospital. They updated the status about the truck driver and also about need for help in the hospital that is blood, finance, etc. and within few minutes many people reached the hospital to help. On the other hand, people recognized the truck driver and handed him to the police.


Business model:

Like any other social networking sites this app will also make money from advertisements but my app is different from others as it will advertise for the benefit of the local people by the help of local people and organization. Besides addressing security issues of the city, my app will also have a separate category for updating advertisements like availability of drinking water in certain area, availability of house on rent, etc. so that the needs of people can get fulfilled from this app. However, this category will be listed in medium priority in order to ensure that local people do not get annoyed from the appearing advertisements all the time. All the advertisements made will be stored in the logs/ certain category of the app so that people can search for their needs at their time of requirement.

Besides it, it will be of great honor if this app “UnifyCity” is recognized by Nepal Police/Army so that it will create a mark in people’s mind that it is recognized and a standard app.


Core technologies:

The key platform for my project will be Visual Basic or C#.


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