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Project Name - GPS in ambulance
Sudarshan Tamang(Orchid International College)



                There are many facilities in urban areas, so people migrate from different places (rural areas) to urban areas (cities) in order to have better life. But due to these there has been huge increase in population. Hence people can’t get  proper facilities ,as they require. One of them is health services. There are number of health organization, hospitals, clinics etc. but the most important services provided by this organization is ambulance services.

                Ambulances are the transport used by hospitals or medical centre for the people so that they can use it to get to hospitals from houses through one call. But in urban areas like cities, town, these facilities is not provided properly by the people.

           So, in order to increase the use of ambulance and decrease the time  for it to get to patients house and bring patient  to hospital  ,I have come up with this new concept. I’m an CSIT student ,so wants to solve this problem by means of computer.


As I mentioned above, I have one new concept which can help in providing health services to the people.

What’s the concept?

            The concept is to provide an application to all the ambulance.

Application ? Yes, application. Application that provides all the information of roadways and is traffics, distance between hospital and patients house.

Some features of this application are:

Ø Provides information about traffics, road, of the highway through which it’s passing through.

Ø Provides GPS of roadway which it have to go for getting to patients.

Ø It also provides numbers of ways and shortest way to the patients house.

Ø If there’s a traffic jam/strike/demonstration then it also provides information to the driver and warns it to go from next highway.

Ø After setting the full address of the patients house, this application can take you to that address in short period of time without any obstacles.

Ø This will also tell you how much distance you have travelled any amount of fee (in case of bus, taxi)

These features might help important transport like ambulance, fire brigade, public/personal transports to reach their desired destination without having to ask anyone.





Target Audience

            This application will be developed for the important transport like ambulance, fire brigade etc. But it can be used for other transportation as well. Like

v Ambulances

v Fire brigades

v Public transport (bus,taxi,micro)

v Motorcycles

v Tourists while traveling


     Not only for transport like ambulance and fire brigade it can be used by other public and private vechiles. Even be used by people who have to travel a large distance most of the time.

Early Feedback

                 Some asked question:

Ø What does your application do?

o   My application provides all the information of roadways and traffics, distance travelled, taxi fee etc. and most importantly it saves time

Ø Who are the main targeted user?

·       Ambulances

·       Fire brigades

·       Public transport (bus, taxi, micro)

·       Motorcycles

·       Tourists while traveling


               In this competating world, one can’t get success without competition. In building this application , I also might get some competition from different software developer and application developer. Since as I have described features of my application, I am sure that my application can be better than those. My application contains features of many application as it shows the way of the road, shows taxi’s fee, gives info about traffics. So i think my application can compete with the leading application of its type.

Business Model

          Since, this application has been targeted for the use in health services. We can do business deal with the health services. But I would like to give this application to health fields for the trial use. After the feeds back from the user of this app, we can do business related to this field.

Core Technologies

        Since, this application has been targeted to be used in computer and windows phone. So, the core technologies used in it must be programming languages that supports windows phone. Some of them are:

Ø .net




Ø Win32

Ø Visual studio

And many more…….





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