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Project Name - Loadshedding-"No Tention"
Sujeet Acharya(Orchid International College)


Kathmandu is the city with high population, people from each and every corner of the country are living here. Since problems arise with the population, there are lots of problems faced by people of Katmandu. There must be equal hands of the people to solve these problems , as being a part of Technology(IT) student , I have a technical method to minimized little problem . As we all know that Kathmandu is upgrading into the city of darkness (loadshedding), i don't think that i can remove the loadshedding but i believe that my concept can surely minimize the problem of load shedding.

In this era, electricity has occupied its space on the basic needs of human beings. We just can't imagine our life without it but at the same time in our city there is insufficient electricity, which has changed people's daily routine.

Description of the Project:

Since loadshedding is the burning issue of the Katmandu, i have developed a concept to minimize the loadshedding with our own effort. As my concept deals with loadshedding, my apps contains a schedule of loadshedding and the group (loadshedding area) can be selected by user them self also the apps can find the group by user's GPS co-ordination. But the schedule of the loadshedding is not the main deal. As often loadshedding occurs at night time, so the persons forgets to turn off their lights, TV, fans/heater and other different electrical equipments and this app helps people just to turn off those equipments. Within a couple of minutes of loadshedding this app alarms, since the app contains loadshedding schedule, and notifies people to turn off those equipments , since most of the people's mood will be off after began of loadshedding they  will forgot to turn off .  There will be a question during the alarm that "Have you turn off??" and user will have two options, "Yes" and "No, Later". If user selects option "Yes" , then it is good else then again when loadshedding ends then again it alarms , so that user can turn off their equipments or they can wake up and do their left jobs in lights like charging their mobile, laptop ,etc. This might be a simple concept but we our self are the main cause for the loadshedding. There are lots of people who don’t turn off their equipments suddenly after loadshedding so their equipments will run while night/day after the end of loadshedding .So when many people do so, the consumption of electricity will be high and again loadshedding will be added . Hence if such app is in practice instead of increasing it will help to decrease loadshedding

Some features for this app

·         Loadshedding group can be selected by user.

·         User can find their location and the group by GPS.

·         Schedule must be auto-update.

·         User can select their alarm ringtone/vibration.

·         User can disable the notification for a fixed/certain day .

·         Warning before loadshedding and congratulation after loadshedding.

·         Auto change to the group that you are in.




Target Audience

The major targeted audience of this application to those people who are being suffered due to the loadshedding. Every people can use this application because nobody wants loadshedding to be increased and nobody wants to pay more money.



. Barun is an officer. He arrives home at 6 PM and he lives alone. Usually, when he is in home he watches TV a lot but due to loadshedding he is not able to watch TV.

One day after office in home he began to watch TV with lights on but suddenly loadshedding started and he fell asleep as it is. But at night when loadshedding ended the TV and the lights were on . In morning when he wake up there was again loadshedding and he didn't know that his lights and TV were on , so he went to office without turning them off . And the days went on like this , he used to forget to turn off the lights and TV . During the end of month when he saw the electric bill he was shocked and then he realized that he was being careless and want someone to help him out. So in this situation this app would be more useful.

Top User Stories

. When I talked about this application to other people, I found such feedbacks;

By a Student,

 I usually study at night but due to loadshedding i even can't study well. When light goes off, i fall asleep without turning lights off and i even sometime forget to put alarm to wake up so my plan for studying gets ruin. I found this app perfect because I needn't need to be worry about alarms and lights because it notifies me as my wish with a single click.

By an Officer,

 When i return from my office , i can't use my laptop for more than 4 hours due to loadshedding .I usally forget to keep my laptop on charge and then I can't even use it before i am in office . If this app get launch i will be the first user to use it , because i found it very fruit-full to people like me . With the help of this app i can get my laptop charged when there is no loadshedding and even I don’t have to remember to keep alarm by checking the schedule of the day.


By a Businessman,

For a person like me mobile and emails are more important to expand the business. But do to the loadshedding my link/communication to the dealers has been decreased which has directly affected my business. I want this app to launch as soon as possible because it will make me easy to charge my mobile when there is no electricity and i can send email even at the middle of the night and i don't have to remember the schedule and manage the alarms. It will be vey thankful to me if it gets launched.


Business Model

From the business point of view it can be done by advertisement. When it gains popularity the demand of advertisement on it will be high. Advertisement can be done in audio format like in while giving notification and while ringing alarms. It can be also made web-based and application based. In both ways advertisement can play model role for the business model.


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