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Project Name - Dasharath Update
Sumit Gautam(Orchid International College)


Sports have always been great influences for adults and many other sports fans in Nepal. The Dasharath Stadium is the one which provide lots of sports facilities and important events in Nepal. Since for its initial phase Dasharath Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Holding 25,000 spectators, of which 5.000 seated, it is the biggest stadium in Nepal. It is named after Dashrath Chand, one of the martyrs of Nepal.


The stadium is currently used mostly for football matches and cultural and entertainment programs. Three Star Club are tenants of the stadium. It has floodlights installed, to facilitate matches and events in the evenings. Most of Nepal's national and international tournaments are held in this stadium. Nepal's primary football division, Martyr's Memorial League, is also held in this ground every year. As Nepal's biggest stadium, the Dasharath Stadium has hosted many important events. The 2012 AFC Challenge Cup and the 2013 SAFF Championship where held here, with the Halchowk Stadium hosting some of the matches as well. Apart from sports, numerous cultural festivals and musical events take place here. Noticeable, the 2011 concert of Bryan Adams was held in this stadium, being the first rock concert featuring a global music icon in Nepal. 

Problems related to the Dasharath Stadium

With my personal experiences I find the stadium is in harsh condition. Some of the major problems are listed below.

·        Lack of proper maintenance

·        Since its development the stadium has only been renovated Twice i.e. on 1988 A.D and on 2011 A.D.

·        There is no proper system of buying and selling of tickets for matches and events held on the stadium.

·        For huge events which take place on the stadium locals have to wait in a long queue for buying tickets.

·        Many sports fans and local are unknown about the events taking place in the stadium.

·        Lack of proper weather forecasting.(for example if the climate is worst then locals and sports persons have to be well prepared for such types of climatic situations).

Solutions with the help of technology

 The problems listed above are common and national level problems which can be minimized with a proper management system. The basic concept is all about developing a Mobile App that makes people aware about the events that is currently taking place in the stadium or going to take place. Additionally online ticketing system can be made through a mobile apps, this point is the most in case of international events such as concerts of huge artists. Recently the stadium had successfully lunched concerts by Canadian star Bryan Adams during that time if there would have been a mobile apps then it would have helped a lot for the organizers for selling their tickets to the local and foreigners. Barcode readers so implementation of some sorts of coding can be done to recognize the online purchase system of tickets which is more easier and technical comparing to traditional type of producing a ticket during the entrance

 Features of the app (Dasharath Updates)

·        Online buying and selling of tickets of events taking place.

·        Use of barcode reader technology for online buying and selling of tickets and help to recognize them in the time of stadium entrance.

·        Includes mapping and weather forecasting system to make audiences as well as the sports persons or performers.

·        Can also allow audiences for making an online bidding system which increases public participation to promote the players as well as the organizers self-confidences. 

·        Includes the schedules of games and events that is to be held on any particular date on the stadium.


Target Audience

Since the project is all about the Dashrath Stadium so, my main targeted audiences will be the local people, sports persons, event’s organizers. With proper and well implementation of the project will have a good impact on audiences, local’s sports and music fans as well as the organizers of the particular events.


Early Feedback

As I am a student I shared this concept with my friends, teachers and  my elders and I received lots of positive vibes which eventually made me write about this concept.



Ramesh Khatri:  Meet Ramesh Khatri he is in his middle teen and he is fond of sports. He himself is a footballer and currently playing for Three Star football club. His daily routine starts with his morning wash-ups and gets ready for his training session. Sometimes his training session gets cancelled due to climate for which he has to call the authority for each and every time. So if he could have used “Dashrath Updates”. He could easily know whether there is training session on the following day or not.


Hari Karki:  Hari karki lives in Bhaktapur. He is a MBA from a well renowned university of Nepal. Though for his academic career he is always interested in sports. Some time he goes to the stadium to get live experiences of the games going on the stadium. So he gets exhausted because of the ticketing process made by the management team in the stadium. He is also unknown about the match fixtures that take places in League matches. So if there is some kind of apps like “Dashrath Updates” then it would help him a lot .He could easily get the schedules and purchase tickets according to his will.


Top User Stories

Ravi Lama:   Hello!!! My name is Ravi. I am a worker and have a tight working schedule, although I love sports and staying up to date with the latest news about sports. I also like watching the matches live going on to the field especially on holidays. So it impossible to get live updates of matches during other days except holidays. But with the discovery of the “Dasharath Updates”  ho now do not need to visit to the field for watching the matches,  additionally he can  also have sports updates and different other events  taking place on the Dasharath Stadium in his mobile phone.



Sajita Kunwar: Hello!! I am Sajita Kunwar, I am an athlete. I have a regular schedule for my training session and should attain the stadium every morning. In my earlier days I had to always make a call to the concern authority for enquiry of my training session whether I have to attain the training session or not. But with the discovery of the “Dasharath Updates” now I can easily along the page and know my schedules for training session and also other events taking place on the stadium.


James Adam: Hello! People my name is James Adam and I am originally from Canada. Currently I have been living in Nepal for about 3 yrs and I am always overwhelmed about the hospitality that I am getting from beautiful people over here. I am also influenced by the Nepalese music and cultural programs since its arts and crafts is a part of my study I like to visit musical shows and cultural program once in a week. It was very difficult to get proper information about the cultural shows that are to be held in the Dasharath Stadium but after I come to know about “Dasharath Updates” it very easy for me to know about cultural shows going to be held and also events that is to be launched by the Stadium.





Business Model

Since my project “Dasharath Updates” is mainly focused on providing social services rather than business motive, so for the initial phase the project expenses are to be managed by the concerned authority. In case of the popularity of the Apps it can collect revenue from the android stores and ios stores. The sponsor agencies can also make a advertisement system through the “Dasharath Updates” and earn revenue which later on can be used for the renovation of the stadium itself. If the successful launch of the project takes place then the project is believed to be termed as a onetime setup project which later on operates on its own.


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