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Project Name - Nepal Test Drive
Sunil Bajracharya(Himalaya College of Engineering)


In the world of technology and an age where technology is in common people’s hand, it is only justifiable that people adapt to use technology to do their common day task. As such I plan of an application that enables people to practice their road skills in a form of a questionnaire game. Basically, it is a game (say) called ‘Nepal Test Drive.’  

The game includes:

  • Some theoretical background of basic driving knowledge.
  • Set of multiple choice questions.

The game tends to teach people the basics of driving, road signs, etc. and helps them to actually better their theoretical driving exams. The game is intend to be fun and effective. The Questions that are going to be used in this app are going to be standard questions recommended by Department of transport Nepal.

Details of the Game

The game details are as follows:

Home screen

Home screen is going to be of a simple layout with nothing but a begin button. Other buttons such as exit, information,  setting could be in app bar.


Menu Screen

Menu screen contains buttons like


Test is one of the application modes. Here the user can take a driving exam as in a real driving license exam. This test is going to be objectives. There is going to be time limit. The examinee has to select appropriate option. The examinee can navigate back and forth the question as well as re-select answers like in online exams. The examinee can pause the exam. Pause causes the time to pause and freezes navigation until un-pause is done. The examinee can manually submit the final set of answers or the submission is done automatically after the end of the time limit. The examinee can quit the exam at anytime or restart the exam at anytime and has to  give the exam with the same questions.

The result of the exam will be published right after the exam is submitted. Here the examinee can see their progress report. The progress report will include the answers that they have submitted and the percentage that they have acquired. The correct answers can be represented as a green box and wrong answers to by a red box. On clicking on the red box examinee can see what answer they had given and what answer would have been correct.

Examinee can then restart the exam with same set of questions, quit to menu or take another exam with separate set of questions.


This includes the following modes :

1.Practice mode

In practice mode, user can shuffle through question with the privilege of show answers. The questions are limitless. The user can quit whenever they want.

2.Survival mode

Here users are asked series of objective questions. They will keep on getting new question until they have given the incorrect answer. The number of correctly answered question will be regarded as score. There is no time limit. Score is to be recorded and can be later viewed.

3.Signs and signals

This gaming mode will contain questions regarding road signs and traffic signals. The question will contain illustration which will help the user better understand and visualize road signals.

4.Time limit

In time limit, the user has to answer as many questions as possible under 3 minutes. The questions are going to be short and discrete.


References include the thorough process of how to get a driving license in Nepal and other details.


Score contains record of all your scores earned in test mode and gaming modes. This includes time of when you achieved it and the name of user  who achieved it.


Here user can get information on how to effectively use this application.

Target Audiences

We have all been there, when we are up to give our driving license exam.We concern with our friends, ask for parental guidance on how to or basics of driving. We try buying some random non-standardized driving book with cheap quality paper with much less guidance that lack illustration that actually tends to mislead what’s what.

This application is for anyone who intends to take up their driving license exam and are unsatisfied by the quality of the references they have to rely on. This can also be a fun addictive game for people just willing to pass time and learn about the driving rules of Nepal in the process.

This application is intended for anyone with a smart phone or an application running device. In today’s scenario where a lot of Nepalese are carrying smart phone without actually realizing its capability, this application has the potential to be an app that stays on their devices.

The illustration used in this app are going to be Nepali cartoons that are going to guide them throughout the applications. The localization is going to help them adapt to the application and create joy while using this app.

Early Feedback

"This would be a great application if it were to be implicated.", says Regan Pradhan, a friend and a third year Engineering student. I conducted a sample survey where I published my idea and asked if it would work ? Almost everyone liked the idea and responded that they would eagerly wait to use the app.



The application in thought is a common idea but has not been implemented in the local scenario.

In context of Nepal, the basic means of learning or preparing for a driving test is still reference to any known personal with experience and an unstandardized cheap quality guide book with lack of user-interface and illustrative guidelines.

Digitalizing the already existing guideline and test patterns not only makes the learning experience better but it also saves the effort of searching for the in the market, buying it in an unstandardized price. This not only saves paper but also saves the physical space occupied by the book. As a mobile app you can practice for your driving test anywhere and at any time and escape from the trouble of carrying an extra book with you everywhere .

Globally there is already a windows application called ‘iTheory UK Driving Test’ and others with a similar intend as this app. This app can certainly learn from it but not be too much similar. As per said before, this app is intended for Nepali users and included the guiding of the Road rules of Nepal alone.


Let us listen to a story of a common Nepali youth names Rashmi Malla. Rashmi Malla is a girl of age 17+. She is a Post SLC student and wants to learn how to ride the scooter that she is expecting to get from her father for successfully graduating her schooling.

Now Rashimi does not have any concept of the road signal or any driving related issues. Her relatives do not have the time to teach her the basics of driving nor she has any female friends who knows driving. She is afraid of what society would say if she started learning from her male friends.

She does not know where to start from or whom to concern. She had heard about guide books that could help her with her theoretical exams about does not know where she can find, borrow or buy the book from. She is unaware of the cost of the book and has doubt if the book would even help her or not.

She asks around and hears of an mobile application called "Nepal Test Drive". She finds the app in Windows Store and is amazed by the response that other people (like her who had no clue about driving) who were benefitted from the app. Here, she gets the self confident that she could also do it and downloads the app with a positive thought in mind.

In the app she finds something different from what she had planned. She finds a gaming environment instead of a study environment. The app tells her the basics of how she can get a license as well as the common know bouts that she initially did not know. The illustrations help her understand road signs better. She could practice different levels of exams and know her performance and have fun at the same time.

The best part is that she could use the app anywhere and anytime. She did not having to carry a book everywhere around or bother bothering anyone else to ask silly dumb question that would make her look stupid.

In the day of her theoretical exam, she confidently gave the exam and aced it.

She is so happy that she recommends this app to all her friends and her family. She stills uses the app for references from time to time and just because the app is fun to use.

Top User Stories

Basically the application users can be categorized as below:

Youths who have reached their legal driving age.

 A lot of young Nepalese youth such as our persona Rashmi are looking for a better and easier means of learning new things. They are looking for references that are easy to access, understand and implement. A lot of youth who have reached their legal age, look forward learning to drive and add driving as a personal skill. Youths crave for boring things like learning to be made fun and practicable. This application is one of those things that can help them.

Common people seeking to learn driving and take it as a profession.

A lot of common Nepalese people take driving as a profession. This application can provide a pathway to reach their goal. In easy steps they can take tests as many time as they want and level-up their skills.

Common people looking to pass time as well as learn basics of driving.

 This application can be a great time pass as well. Who does not like their minds to be challenged once in a while? This application integrates both fun and learning.

The main target is to involve as many people as possible to use this application and make them realize that gaming can be educational and the traditional old ways of memorizing books and guides is not the way of learning things.

This application can be an example of an effective digital literacy.

Business Model

The application has two versions a free version and a paid (full) version.


The free version allows the users to use the application in a limited fashion. They will be able to take tests but only as a fun gaming environment and this limited version will only include few of the theoretical references.

The paid version includes a much larger package. It will include all the features of free versions as well as many additional features. The users will receive a much larger references and various different modes of giving tests.

The price of the app could start at $0.5.

Core Technologies

The application is initially going to be on a windows phone platform then a Windows PC and surface platform. Later if required the same can be adapted in an android and iOS as well.

Windows Phone Platform

As we love windows so much, this app is initially going to be on a Windows Phone platform. This application demands easy accessibility and mobility and window phone is the best suited platform.


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