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Project Name - Solar Home Plan
Utsav Shree(Institute of Engineering)


Theme: Solar Home System Design

The core concept of the project “Solar Home Plan” (SHP) is to develop a solar home system design app that would calculate the required capacity of solar home system according to customer requirement. The app will contain three basic steps within it – viz. Input, calculation and output. The first step is to enter energy requirement which can be done by estimating type and number of appliances that are used. The precise calculation subroutine developed by team of experts will calculate the system capacity required. As extended service for registered users, it would provide more detailed information such as detailed and precise calculation of system design, better solutions for their requirement, various system options, installation service as well as installation packages from willing companies.

As shown in illustrated figure, the customers who subscribe the app will have to enter appliance they use into the system. System with internal calculations will give the approximate system design. If customers are satisfied with it, they can move to further choice, either they can approach local dealer of their choice, or they can get quality service from registered companies. The company will design the system in detail and provide then the sales and correct installation service. There will be a database management system to maintain data of the customers, the installed systems, companies and other registered users.

Target Audience

The targeted audience will be the people who intend to install solar PV systems in their home. This project will give general idea to people the average required system capacity. The valued users will get more detailed information on system design and installation. This project is also targeted to include the recognized solar PV installer that would boost their business as well as provide reliable service to the customers.

Early Feedback

I have put forward this concept to current users of solar PV systems, the non-users who intend to install the system and few related companies as well. The current users wished they had such application beforehand and still wants to cross check if that their system is as per their requirement. The intended users who are confused what to install and which company to choose were also eager to have such information. Moreover, the companies are also very enthusiastic as this would be an opportunity for them to flourish their business and also their reputation.

Their portentous feedback from them has inspired more to develop a working application and implement it.


This app will be first of its kind in Nepal that would be distributed to all internet and smart phone users. The business competition would be the other reputed companies that install solar system. But a network of experts and recognized related companies would be a core effective factor for its reputation and reliability.


Luna Manandhar, Local, Kathmandu

“I am, as others, is victim of NEA’s load-shedding. This has not only disturbed my daily household activities but also my professional activities. I am currently using inverter system that uses electricity for charging the batteries.  But this has not only increased my electricity bill but also unreliable electricity supply sometimes causes battery not to be fully charged, which is again disturbing. Thus I am intending to install Solar PV system for my house as a power backup system in instance. If the system cost is within my budget, I am ready to install total solar hone system. But I am confused by so many kinds of suggestions from various companies that I had visited. I am also confused in which installer to trust. Thus, I am confident, this app will guide me well to calculate my requirement and suggest me right company for the proper installation of the system and good after sales service. “


Ashish Bhattarai, SolaPower Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“It is core problem these days. Customers are confused even in our expert advice as they are misled by small companies that promise them cheap systems. It is harder to convince them on the cheaper long term cost and after sales service, which other companies also hoax to provide. With such an app, which would create a network of expert entities, not only we can boost our business, but also customers will get quality service and renewable energy dissemination program would be effective.”

Top User Stories

Suman Shakha, Intended User

Safe from deceit scheme

I intend to install Solar PV system for my home use. But after consultation with various companies, my confusion grew more on what system should need to install.  With this app in my smart phone, I am now able to see my approximate system requirement. With subscription as valued user, I am now able to get detailed information and guidance from the company on my matter. Moreover, with confirmation that the companies are recognized, I am confident on their service and the product quality.


Ultimate Alternative Energy Pvt. Ltd

Business Opportunity

Our company has been providing renewable energy solutions for nearly half a decade. But our customers seem to be confused as they also consult other companies that might have misled them. The customer, obviously, want cheaper system cost. But in such condition, they usually install low system capacity and ignore our expert suggestion. Moreover, with emerging companies, and small scale business, we are not able to make a hold in market as competition is ever growing. By subscribing to this app, we have now reach to all smart phone and internet users. Our business has bloomed and we are able to provide our quality service to more and more customers, making them energy self-sufficient.

Business Model


The chart above represents the business model for the app. A freeware for unregistered users will give static calculated system requirement in approximate value. Whereas registered users have benefit of selecting and contacting the registered companies at their nearest locality and get their valued services. The registration for customers would take some minimum amount for the valued services provided. In addition, not only users, but also other external bodies like research individuals and agencies can get easy and reliable data on solar home systems in expense of much lower cost than that by survey. And, the suppliers, who are registered to the app looking for probable buyers of their solar product, can get reliable market and vice versa. This is win-win situation for both supplier and buyer. The Solar companies, suppliers and research agents can join the network with systematic charges. Hence it will be business platform for the companies. Thus, the project would sustain itself with the charges gathered from the users of the app that includes all customer, solar companies, suppliers and research bodies as well.

Core Technologies

The application will not only be mobile based, but will also be web based such that it can be utilized by maximum users all over.



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