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Project Name - Vehicles Traffic Hub
Hem Sagar Pokhrel, Arun Munikar(Prime College)


Project named Vehicles Traffic Hub is aimed to store the data of the vehicles in cloud (any platform) which can be accessed via internet whenever and wherever we need. Such data acquisition can be achieved through other means like paper based system, computerized information management system but the alternative we found is cloud technology integrated desktop application and freely available windows phone application synchronized with each other. At present, it seems feasible for us to use internet to update data from the computer and mobile based applications. This project seems to be very useful as well as economical for the traffic system utility as it may cut off millions of rupees per year for the data management

Vehicles Traffic Hub (VTH) will be divided into two sections. One is the server side and another is the client side. In the client side, the User interface design and programming for desktop as well as mobile application will be done. In server side, all the logical programming will be done. All the necessary functions performed by the client side applications will be fed by the backend programming done in server.


Target Audience

Nepali Citizens who own vehicles or rent vehicles, Traffic Police and organizations doing research on related field will get direct benefits from this project. Some of the target audiences are listed below:

                  1. Traffic Police.
                  2. Vehicle Owners.
                  3. General Public.
                  4. Research Organizations.
                  5. NGOs and INGOs.
                  6. Related Application Developers
                  7. Data Engineers


Early Feedback

Couple of days ago, we were in Singhadurbar to attend Youth Interaction Program with topic “Relation between Youth and Police” in the program “Youth Talk Show” in Nepal Television. We personally presented the project idea/concept to SSP of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mr. Ramesh Kharel sir. We wanted to add his comment over here. “We accept the fact that Nepal Government is not fully adopted with current technologies. Every citizens need to continue small initiatives from the field they are involved in. I think your idea (if implemented properly) will gives a mileage to traffic management with increase in efficiency and productivity of traffic polices working in field. It will uplift government to one step ahead in E-governance. But did you think about probable side effects? What if Smart phone ran to a problem and internet is gone while working?  What if police begin to pass their time in social media stuffs? I am not demotivating you but you need to consider the fact and work hard for it.”

We also met an amazing person, Nepali singer Mr. Prakash Timsina, a blind person with deep interest in IT stuffs. According to him, such type of projects must be given priority by the government as well. He stated that he felt very happy to hear this kind of initiative from youths.

We had also presented this idea to B.Sc. CSIT coordinator Mr. Dilli Prasad Sharma sir, Prime College. His comment was. “This idea is unique and might address a solution for timeliness, effectiveness, and technology friendliness in Traffic Police. If application developed properly, your application might be purchased by Nepal Police or you might also present them as gift.”

Top User Stories


Let us take a case of busy place of Kathmandu valley i.e. Sorhakhutte, where traffic police working on main junction. If they found the vehicles breaking rules, he/she in current scenario, issues the penalty or warn the vehicle driver. This is done by issuing written bills. Being unknown about past details of respective vehicles, he/she might not be able to take right decision and deal correctly with the driver. Our system will let operational traffic immediately know the past records of vehicle. They can access all the details right from where they are standing through smartphone application. If the vehicle is sentenced very frequently they can treat then in proper manner.


Our friend Dharma Prasad, for the purpose of overseas work, once tried to print the details of his driving history. i.e. Historical record including when his first accident occurred, when was he blacklisted by Nepal Traffic police, what is the due amount he needed to pay  and so on. But it was difficult because of scattered and unmanaged file system. He/such peoples will get easier to generate report in soft copy as well as hard copy.


If a research organization request for the vehicles data and statistics then it’ll be easier. Traffic police station can simply generate report and statistical findings.


We tried to download traffic signals informations, rules and regulations and Traffic Acts for the project research. But informations retrieved from scattered sources made us difficult for right selection. Major of information were sourced from foreign countries. Traffic rules and regulations are also not widely reached to general public. Our application will let download related documents such as Traffic Acts, Traffic Symbols Information, Entrance preparation tips and sample questions for general public. Separate download section will be managed for this purpose.

 Business Model

 a. Advertisement



Figure. Application Users and advertisement plan

b. Data Commercialization

The data, patterns, statistical findings can be commercially sold but strictly under the legal terms and conditions of Nepal Government (if present).

c. Donations

Request donors to fund for cause. Donors might be general public, NGOs, INGOs, or any other research organizations etc.

Core Technologies

We will be developing project on windows platform for the first time. After all we will not be restricting our project to windows platform only. We are also planning to develop VTH for android and iOS users as well. For now, since we’re going for windows platform only, following core technologies will be used.

i.                     Microsoft .NET platform.

ii.                   Azure Cloud technology.


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