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Project Name - WAY: Know Your Ways Better

Wasim Khan (IOE Pulchowk)

Concept: The concept is to track the vehicles using GPS (of mobile or the vehicle). Using this app we could receive the real-time location of the user and send them relevant real-time traffic stats (traffic on their way to destination and on the destination).  Since, only GPS enabled vehicle make up only little traffic on the road we also track mobile users on the road.

 Tracking mobile users on vehicle: We can for sure differentiate between a smartphone user on foot and on vehicle no matter how worse the traffic is. We can say when a user is on the road and when not and adjust our traffic stats accordingly.

Target Audience: It could include all the people with GPS enabled vehicles and mobile phones all over the world. We can also include car manufacturers and sellers also as target group as they would like to know the usage patterns of their customers.

Early feedback: "The app would look scary if it included only GPS enabled four wheeler. Since it now includes the smartphone users as well it looks both nice and feasible. I would now love to try this app myself when it becomes ready," my senior brother quoted. He is currently pursuing Computer Engineering in IOE Pulchowk. My friends also had similar things to say.


This app directly competes with the mapping technologies like GOOGLE MAPS, BING MAPS because I intend to build this app on top of HERE maps. Using HERE maps gives me certain leverage as well. The thing that can differentiate this app is speed. The app won't keep refreshing the map but it will only refresh traffic stats. This map is not much complex and therefore will not cost much bandwidth for the users. Also since the existing traffic handling do not work wonders people might want to give us a try.


1.       Ramesh: Meet Ramesh, he is a journalist and his job demands travelling a lot. He uses his bike for that and WAY (app) as well. Whenever he is going somewhere he checks this app for the traffic on the way. In case the traffic is terrible the app also suggests alternate routes. This helps him reach places on time and gather more information than others who can't reach on time.

His old places are saved. He only needs to add new places.

2.        Bijay Khatri: He is a professor and uses his new i20 which has built in GPS navigation. Since it doesn't show traffic he downloaded WAY for the car and now he is aware of the traffic on the roads. So he can go places without bearing terrible traffic all the way. He believes that the app won't sell his travelling habits' data to any Travel Agency even though they offer location relevant ads.


3.       This app won't sell users data to any third party while still offering location relevant ads. User’s privacy is respected. 

4.       It will offer traffic stats for the routes user needs and suggest alternate in case of terrible traffic.

5.       People won't need to add the same places to this app time and again.

Top User Stories  

§  Way Saved Me ( Sulabh Shrestha -owns a car )

I had WAY pre-installed on my car but I'd never used it. I had to a party and was already half an hour behind my schedule. My friend called me to confirm if I was coming. Of course I was. I asked him how I can come because the traffic wasn't going to ease for the next half an hour. He then asked me if I had this WAY installed. I said yes. "Hell, then you should use it. It suggests alternative routes and gives real time traffic stats." It worked. I never knew there were such short routes too.

Intent: There can be short and long roots (for worst case) people are unaware of. This app is intended to help people with this problem.

§  This is such a money and time saver (Abhishekh Pathak -owns a bike and uses WAY on mobile)

Initially I was using the-one-who-should-not-be-named Maps for traffic and location tracking but it was heavy on my mobile's RAM, filled my phones memory and was even worse for my mobile's data plan. It was such a data eater. Then my friend suggested me this app. I am way too happy now with WAY. This apps is very light and consumes very little bandwidth saving me money and time when I travel.

Intent: This app intends to remain light on phone's spec and data consumption.

§  Thanks for respecting my Privacy

The prying eyes of the tech giants who keep tracking their users bugs me. I want some privacy and WAY understands that. Thanks for the toggle button (WAY (ON/OFF)).

Intent: Letting users choose if they appear in the traffic stats to respect privacy (and at times not consume bandwidth)

§  I don't own a vehicle but it's still helpful

I know the short-cuts in the city but I can barely predict the traffic condition when I need to travel in buses and micros. So I use this app to let me know where there is traffic and choose buses accordingly. Plus it’s too simple to use. WAY rocks!

Intent: This app can be useful even to the users who do not own any vehicle. It even increases the efficiency of this app because their mobile acts as a virtual GPS of the vehicle they board.

Business Model  

We can make money by partnering with real business. We could display their ads on the map when relevant. Like if you're passing through Jamal the app could tell you that there are great book shops around where you might like to shop. Or we can say, “There is a coffee shop nearby. You could enjoy coffee till the traffic eases."

 We can partner with vehicle manufacturers and reach a deal on sharing the vehicle usage pattern without compromising user privacy. 

Core Technologies  

It is not a platform specific solution to traffic but I intend to work on top of HERE MAPS & WP OS considering the kind of charisma and market HERE MAPS hold and the prospect of growth on the WP platform. Proper implementation of GPS technology is critical to this app.


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