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Project Name - Safety Whistle
Yashasvi Raj Pant, Rumi Shakya, Gopal Kandoi, Anish Ansari


     Safety is one of the basic human rights. Everybody has right to feel himself/herself safe in any place/situation. As IT students, we think this as a serious concern and take this as a responsibility to contribute something in a security system of our country. So upon discussion, this app strikes in our mind.

This app is like a Virtual Safety Whistle. This app is made to feel secure to the users. In this app, user is allowed to enter as inputs: a) 2-3 Emergency Contact Numbers b) 2-3 Emergency Email ID's. If ever they are in a situation they feel threatened/require assistance, the user simply press the power button twice to activate the app, which will work in following way:

i.         If Mobile device is offline: The app take location Input from Mobile Database (Database saved when user was online or directly entered by user).Record the voice and video. Send SMS/MMS of video, voice and location to the given numbers. Start Help Alarm (if enabled) until user turn it off. After device become online, it starts tracking via GPS and send email as well as message to phone numbers.


ii.       If Mobile device is online: First this app track the Location via GPS. Then, it records the voice and video. After that it sends SMS/MMS of video, voice and location to the given numbers and also mail to the given emails .Also, it starts help alarm (if enabled) until user turn it off.


iii.      Gives user the information about the nearest police station according to the current location of the user and gives the direction. This will help the user to report any crime they have witnessed or if they feel any sort of insecurity.



Here are some of the images of how will the app look like


 Below is the flowchart which shows the working of our app.

Target Audience

  The crime rate in our society is increasing day to day due to political instability and many other factors. People are insecure after going out whether they will return safely. So, security demand in our society is increasing day by day .Considering the fact, our app can have wide range of audience. We have targeted all the people from city who carry smart phones so that they can guarantee their safety. In long run, we may implement the technology to the non-smart phone as well so that our range of audience can increase.

Being an app with the concept of public safety, the people from every age group whether they be men, women, children or the senior citizens can use our app for the assurance of their safety.

Early Feedback

We tried to get some feedback from our seniors, teachers, friends and also some entrepreneurs and software developers. So, we pitched our idea in front of them. We get unexpected positive responses from them. They said that our society is really in a need of such app. Also, they suggest us that we should try to implement it not only on smartphones but also in general phones and pcs, which we will surely consider.

Many of them were curious about the working process of our app. We explain them in detail about the concept and working process of our app.


As idea cannot be limited to the few persons, similar idea may have been stroked to the other people from other part of the world. So, we guess our app have to suffer from various competitors.

In international context, if we look to the future, our opponents could be a messaging apps like "whatsapp" if they implement similar features to ours which is hypothetical as of now.


           Mr. Barun Shakya is a busy businessman. He has to travel a lot of new places for his business. He read newspaper daily where he see a lot about kidnapping. He has always a fear about this in his mind. He thinks he can be a victim someday cause of his name, fame and wealth. As, he is a smartphone user he can be one of our likely users who can be safe to some extend using our app.

                       Ms. Radhika Lohani is a beautiful girl who works as a bank manager in a reputed bank. She has her office from 10 am to 6 pm. Being her office far from home, she always feel insecure while returning home. She can be our another likely user.

Top User Stories


Best Friend

      Mr. Ram Sharma is a normal smart phone user. One fine night, as usual he was returning home from office. Meanwhile, he faced an unusual incident. He was lonely in street while a gang of 3-4 person showed him knife and asked for money. He clicked the power button of his phone twice that activated the "Safety Whistle" app which send sms to his brother with location. His brother called the police as soon as possible and he was rescued. "This app is my best friend", says Mr. Sharma.

The Gang Fight

     The gang fight is becoming common in Kathmandu. Teenagers of today are easily influenced by the so called "DON" and start involving themselves in such activities. Mr. Raju Adhikari, while going to some place saw some serious gang fight within teenagers. They were using weapons and going to harm themselves. Meanwhile he used our app and found the nearest police booth and informed the police about it. The teenager became safe in this way and their parent thanks Mr. Adhikari.


The Alarm Power

   The night in Kathmandu is somewhat silence especially in narrow areas of the city. Ms. Sanjana Budhathoki, who works in call center, has to travel late night in the area. One night, while walking, a group of some boys tried to misbehave her. Fortunately, she had installed "Safety Whistle" into her mobile. She activated the app and alarm started ringing which alert the local people about the danger. Thus, she was saved.

Business Model

  Since, our project is focused for the sake of public safety, it is a low profit project. But as we know, no any project can run without funds we have some ideas for getting funds for the project. Some of the funds can be collected from the donation, as this project is based on public safety so people will be interested in providing donation for the project. We will also run the ad-campaigns for the projects, we may run in-app ads, ads on different websites and social networking sites, and this will help us a lot for our development because nowadays social media marketing has a great reach to customers. We will also collaborate with different NGOs and organization who are also working in the field of public safety through which we can reach to the customers.

Core Technologies

The project is targeted to smartphone users, so the main platforms for this app will be Windows Phone, iOS, Android phones etc. Initially we will develop the app in the Windows Phone using the Visual C# language. Ofcourse, our IDE for the development will be Microsoft Visual Studio.

The app will use the Windows Azure Cloud services for storing the informations given by the users and other important databases. The GPS system of the phone has to be used by the app for tracking the location of the user. For the displaying the user’s current location and the police stations nearby, we will use the Bing Maps API or the HERE Maps API.

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