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Project Name - Medic On Move
Sanjesh Rimal(Xmonks technologies)


Medic On Move is an e-medicine concept, where the medical expert assists with the advices and  solutions for a cure of disease or problem, through electronic means. An application will provide with various aspects of health issues like, daily health tips, counseling, treatment procedures, health guidelines, emergency medication, live online support etc.


An information will be based on a local repository of personal system. A periodic update will improve with more accurate information, extra features and advanced analytical system that will recommend best alternative to user.



People are unaware of the correct actions or measures that should be performed during the medical emergencies; specially at the time, between occurrence of incident and case overtaken by the medical professionals, which has a greater significance in a patient's treatment. And People do not have time to visit doctor unless of emergencies; it's an unwilling desire. Thus, people have lack of knowledge or guidelines, on what to do with different health problems. There are many unaware and neglecting habits, which have adverse affects in health.



A project will feature the following basic functionalities.


§  Quote of the Day

A random health tip will be displayed every time user start an application.


§  Medic Recommendations

o    Recommendation on Disease Diagnosis/ Symptoms

An application will take inputs regarding the symptoms and other prior reports and suggest with the solutions.

o    Urgent Treatment

There will be different categories of urgent treatments. For example, what to do on dog bite or procedures for CPR.


§  Health Education/ Counseling

It is a forum regarding different health related education and counseling.


§  First Aid Pack for a Trip

 It is a guidelines on preparing first aid essentials for trek/ tour/ expeditions.


§  Outbreak Alert

Cautions and Alerts of Outbreaks, and techniques to avoid contamination.


§  Locate Medical Specialist

It consists of medical generic terminologies and locate the local specialists.


§  Live Medic

It is a live medical guidance and support, provided with the help of video conferencing.


§  Schedule Reminder

It is a personal health organizer, to manage doctor's appointments and medication time.





Proposed System Architecture



A project would be helpful to anyone with a knowledge to use a computer system. It is expected that user shall install the application in personalized digital system and update frequently.



The user will be benefited with various services related to health. It will definitely assist with various alternative at time for health emergencies and provide guidance to towards healthy life style.


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